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The Scottish Missionary and Philanthropic Register, 1820-1842, is a major source of information about the activities of a wide variety of missionary groups in the middle of the 19th century.

It was published monthly by the Scottish Missionary Society, which represented both the Church of Scotland and the Secession Church. Each volume follows the same format, providing details of:

Home Proceedings – covering fund-raising, the selection of mission fields, records of missionary training and accounts of the activities of British missions such as the Edinburgh Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in Ireland, the Jews’ Society and the London City Mission.

Foreign Intelligence - Initially there is a great deal concerning their work in the Caucasus, Persia and Turkey, but over time, the Indian and West Indian missions gain increasing prominence and towards the end there is also an increased amount of attention paid to missions in Africa and Polynesia.

Activities of other missionary societies – This is a key feature of this source and is coverage of groups such as The African and Asiatic Society, The American Baptist Society, The Basle Missionary Institution, The Frankfort Jews’ Society, The Netherlands Missionary Society, the Society for the Support of Native Preachers in India, The United States Colonization Society and The Wesleyan Missionary Society.

Each volume is well indexed at the front and this will help scholars to mine this material fully. This source will be of interest to all those studying world history, ethnography and missiology.

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