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Part 2: Manuals and Text Books, F-Y

Contents of Fiche

Fiche 128-129:

A E B Fielding, Farm management; a handbook for farm pupils.

London, 1914?

Fiche 130-132:

George Fletcher, The principles of agriculture: A syllabus and notebook of a course of lectures on the scientific principles underlying agricultural practice….

Derby, 1892.

Fiche 133-146:

Robert Forsyth, The principles and practice of agriculture, systematically explained.

2 volumes, Edinburgh, 1804.

Fiche 147-151:

W Fream, Elements of agriculture: A text book prepared under the authority of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

3rd edition, London, 1892.

Fiche 152-153:

William Wallace Fyfe, Agricultural science applied in practice, forming at once a text book and concise source of scientific and progressive instruction.

London, 1859.

Fiche 154-155:

William Hogg, The new complete English farmer; or, the whole body of husbandry made perfectly easy. London, c1780.

Fiche 156-172:

John Houghton, A collection for the improvement of husbandry and trade. Consisting of many valuable materials relating to Corn, Cattle, Coals, Hops, Wool, &c: with a compleat catalogue with several sorts of earths…; full and exact histories of trades…; an account of the Rivers of England, &c….

3 volumes, London, 1727.

Fiche 173-180:

John Laurence, A new system of agriculture; being a complete body of husbandry and gardening…. London, 1726.

Fiche 181-184:

James Mitchell, Sketches of agriculture; or, Farmer's rembrancer….

London, 1828.

Fiche 185-191:

J Mortimer, The whole art of husbandry: Or, the way of managing and improving of Land. Being a full collection of what hath been writ, either by ancient or modern authors; with many additions of new experiments and improvements…. (Heavily annotated by a contemporary of Arthur Young).

5th edition, 2 volumes, Dublin, 1721.

Fiche 192-195:

John Nordern, The surveiors dialogue, very profitable for all men to peruse, … but especially for all Gentlemen, or any other farmer, … also, the true and right use of the manuring of grounds…. And a sixth booke newly added, of a familiar and pleasant conference, betweene a purchaser, and a Surveyor of Lands….

2nd edition, London, 1610.

Fiche 196-198:

Thomas Skilling, The science and practice of agriculture.

Dublin, 1846.

Fiche 199-201:

J Smith (attrib), Profit & pleasure united, or The husbandman's magazine. being a most exact treatise of horses, … cows, … sheep, swine, goats, and all other domestick cattle: With directions for their breeding and ordering…. together with easie and plain rules and methods for improving arable and pasture lands, …. To which is added The art of angling, hunting, and the noble recreation of ringing. and making fireworks.

London, 1684.

Fiche 202-204:

Willliam Somerville, Agriculture.

London, 1912?

Fiche 205-218:

Henry Stephens, The book of the Farm: Detailing the labours of the farmer, farm steward, ploughman, shepherd, hedger, farm labourer, field worker and cattleman.

3rd edition, 2 volumes, Edinburgh, 1877.

Fiche 219-220:

William C Taylor, An agricultural notebook to assist candidates in preparing for the science and art and other examinations in agriculture.

London, 1885.

Fiche 221-224:

R Hedger Wallace, Agriculture.

London, 1895.

Fiche 225-232:

Henry J Webb, Advanced agriculture.

London, 1894.

Fiche 233-239:

John Wrightson, The principles of agricultural practice as an instructional subject.

London, 1888.

Fiche 240-261:

Arthur Young, A course of experimental agriculture: Containing an exact register of all the business transacted during five years on near three hundred acres of various soils; … with other subjects of importance to the Country Gentleman and farmer… in near two thousand original experiments.

2 volumes, London, 1770.




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