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Paintings and Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum


Introduction to the Microfiche

The paintings and drawings are organised on the fiche in broad chronological and regional groups (for details please see the contents list). Within each section the objects are arranged according to Museum number – alphabetically by prefix and then by year of acquisition. A fuller explanation of the numbering system can be found below.

Within the fiche there is an eye-legible title frame to indicate the beginning of each section and on the header strip are the names of the sections at the beginning and end of each fiche.

The printed catalogue is arranged in the same order as the fiche and each entry gives the relevant Museum number and fiche frame reference. At the end of the catalogue is a concordance, arranged alphabetically by Museum number, giving the fiche frame reference and page number of each item.

Using these retrieval aids, it should be possible for the user to locate either details of a picture when browsing through the fiche or find the photographic image of a particular object when using the catalogue.

This is the first time such a large and unique collection of art from India has been photographed and published. Indeed, it is the first time that many of these objects have been seen outside the Study Room of the Indian and South East Asian Collection of the V & A Museum. This has been an exciting and interesting project and we at Emmett Publishing would like to thank Deborah Swallow, Rosemary Crill and all the staff of the Indian and South-East Asian Section for their willing and patient assistance in the task of producing these microfiche.

Editor: Anna Emmett

Assistant Editor: Jake Emmett

Photography: Julius Smit, David Gee, Rob Caunt

Catalogue design and typesetting: Rob Caunt, Chris Emmett



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