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Rare Printed Works on the History of Psychiatry

Part 1: Sources from the Hunter Collection, Cambridge University Library

Contents of Reels


Hunter d.67.2

Francis Pereauld, The Divell of Mascon: Or a True Relation of the Chief Things which an Unclean Spirit Did and Said at Mascon in Burgundy (1679)

Hunter b.70.1

Franck Telltroth, The Lunatick: A Comedy (1705)

Hunter d.70.

John Lewis, A Companion for the Afflicted (1706)

Rare Books: Richard Mead, Of the Power and Influence of the Sun and
Syn.7.71.44(16) Moon on Humane Bodies; and of the Diseases that Rise from Thence (1712)

Hunter d.72.25

A Description of Bedlam: With an Account of its Present Inhabitants, Both Male and Female, Showing the Cause of their Confinement, their Different Humours and Intervals of Mirth and Melancholy: Taken from their Own Mouths, and Published for Universal Instruction and Entertainment: To which is Subjoin’d, an Essay upon the Natures, Causes and Cure of Madness (1722)

Hunter d.95.20

Charles Perry, An Essay on the Cause and Nature of Madness (1723)

Hunter d.73.14

David Bayne Kinneir, A New Essay on the Nerves, and the Doctrine of the Animal Spirits Rationally Considered (1738)

Hunter b.77.5

St Luke’s Hospital, Reasons for the Establishing and Further Encouragement of St Luke’s (1751)

Hunter d.75.20

John Bond, An Essay on the Incubus, or Nightmare (1753)

Rare Books V.15.311

John Monro, Remarks on Dr Battie’s Treatise on Madness (1758)

Hunter d.77.36

A Narration of the Sufferings and Relief of a Young Girl, Strangely Molested by Evil Spirits and their Instruments (1775)

Hunter d.78.35

Benjamin Faulkner, Observations on the General and Improper Treatment of Insanity: With a Plan for the More Speedy and Effectual Recovery of Insane Persons (1789)


Rare Books Syn.5.78.28(7)

George Townsend, The King’s Recovery, a National Mercy: or a Call to Britain’s Gratitude (1789)

Hunter c.79.16

William Pargeter, Observations on Maniacal Disorders (1792)

Hunter b. 79.15

St Patrick’s Hospital – Charter, 16pp (1798)

Medical Library Journals:

G. G. Brown, ‘Letter to the editor giving “the following good effects of cold in madness”’, in Annals of Medicine, 1800, pp488-91

Hunter c.80.22

Joseph Mason Cox, Practical Observations on Insanity (1804) 180pp

Hunter c.80.40

William Maryan, Memoires pour Servir a L’Histoire et a L’Etablissement du Magnétisme Animal (1809)

Hunter d.95.16

Arnold Thomas, Observations on the Management of the Insane, and Particularly on the Agency and Importance of Humane and Kind Treatment in Effecting their Cure (1809)


Rare Books 8850.c.227:

Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, Bibliomania; Or Book Madness: A Bibliographical Romance in 6 Parts (1811)

Hunter c.81.3

James Parkinson, Mad Houses: Observations on the Act for Regulating Mad Houses (1811)

Hunter d.95.21

Charles Dunne, The Royal Sufferer… Malady of the Sovereign (1813)


Hunter c.81.70

Charles Atkinson, Retaliation: Or Hints to Some of the Governors of the York Lunatic Asylum (1814)

Hunter c.81.84 7

J.W. Roger, Surgeon, A Statement of the Cruelties, Abuses and Frauds which are Practised in Mad-houses (1815)

Hunter c.78.63

Catharine Cappe, Thoughts on the Desirableness and Utility of Ladies Visiting the Female Wards of Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums, from The Pamphleteer, London (1816) pp372-84

Hunter d.81.52

John Waller, A Treatise on the Incubus, or Nightmare (1816)

Rare Books VII.10.131:

John Haslam, Considerations on the Moral Management of Insane persons (1817)

Rare Books VII.25.43:

Thomas Mayo, Remarks on Insanity (1817)

Hunter c.81.8424

John Haslam, A Letter to the Governors of Bethlam Hospital Containing an Account of their Management… (1818)


Hunter c.82.7211

‘The Case of Matilda Betham’ (1821)

Hunter b.95.12

The Retreat at York – Sketch of Origin, Progress and Present State of the Retreat (1828)

Hunter c.83.59

Charles Dunne, Brand’s Lunacy Case: A Full Report.… Horrors…Practised in Private Madhouses and the Frightful Powers Delegated to the Mad-Doctors of the 19th century (1830)

Hunter c.83.52

George Tate, A Treatise on Hysteria (1831)

Hunter c.83.95

George Farren, Essays on the Varieties in Mania, Exhibited by the Characters of Hamlet, Ophelia, Lear and Edgar (1833)

Hunter c.83.133(10)

Robert Fuller, An Account of the Imprisonment and Sufferings of Robert Fuller (1833)

Rare Books Pam.6.83.278:

Sir William Lawrence, The Hunterian Oration (1834)

Rare Books VII.30.232:

Thomas Mayo, An Essay on the Relation of the Theory of Morals to Insanity (1834)

Hunter c.83.133 5

W.A.F. Browne, Observation on Religious Fanaticism: Illustrated by a comparison of the Belief and Conduct of Noted Religious Enthusiasts with Those of Patients in the Montrose Lunatic Asylum (1835)

Hunter c.83.96

Joseph Gaitskell, On Mental Derangement (1835)

Hunter c.83.133

Memoirs of the Celebrated Eugene Aram, who was Executed [N.26.13] for the Murder of Daniel Clark in 1759, by Lee Scatcherd (1838)

Hunter c.84.181

Thomas Laycock, An Essay on Hysteria (1840)


Hunter c.84.64

Richard Patermoster, The Madhouse System (1841)

Rare Books R.19.17:

Edwin S. Rickman, Madness, or the Maniacs Hall; a Poem in Seven Cantos (1841)

Hunter c.84.120 (22)

John Crawford, Observations on the Expediency of Abolishing Mechanical Restraint (1842)

Rare Books 8300.d.1584:

M. La Beaume, On Galvanism, and its Extraordinary Efficiency in the Cure of Stomach, Liver, Nervous, and Other Disorders of Long Continuance (1842)

Hunter d.84.55

Edward O. Hocken, An Exposition of the Pathology of Hysteria (1842)

Hunter d.84.14

William Lang, Mesmerism, its History, Phenomena, and Practice (1843)


Hunter a.84.1

A Bill to Amend the Law Concerning Lunatic Asylums, and the Care of Pauper Lunatics in England (1846)

Hunter c.84.1208

Winslow Forbes, On the Incubation of Insanity (1846)

Hunter c.84.107

The Evidence Taken on the Inquiry into the Management of the Fishponds Private Lunatic Asylum (December 1848)


Hunter c.84.60

Thomas John Graham, Observations on Disorders of the Mind and Nerves (1848)


John Conolly, Familiar Views of Lunacy and Lunatic Life on Management of… Derangement (1850)

Reading Rm XIX.21.46:

Pearce’s Poems by a Prisoner in Bedlam. Ed. John Perceval (1851)



Articles on Reform in Private Asylums (1852)

Reading Rm VII.8.62:

James Foulis Duncan, Popular Errors on the Subject of Insanity (1853)

Hunter d.86.44

Joseph Elmar, The Lunacy Regulation Act (1853)

Hunter b.99.22

R. Oliver, ‘Opium in Mania and Dementia’, in Medical Times and Gazette 1853, Vol. 7 (73-76)


Hunter c.85.884

Report of the Private Institution for the Education of Idiots, Imbeciles, Backward and Eccentric Children: Barre, Massachusetts (May 1853)

Hunter b.99.33

J. Conolly, ‘Characters of Insanity’, in Medical Times and Gazette 1854, (309-310)

Hunter c.85.877

Isaac Ray, Insanity of George III, in American Journal of Insanity, 1855

Hunter c.85.10

Thomas Laycock, Correspondence and Statements Regarding the Teaching of Clinical Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, 1855-1857


Robert Gardiner Hill, A Concise History of the Entire Abolition of Mechanical Restraint (1857)

Reading Rm IX.24.13:

Joshua Burgess, The Medical and Legal Relations of Madness; Showing a Cellular Theory of Mind, and of Nerve Force (1858)

Reading Rm IX.15.19:

Sir Arthur Mitchell, The Insane in Private Dwellings (1860)


Hunter c.86.6323

Insanity Considered in Relation to the Ordinary Physician and General Practitioner (1861)

Rare Books W.21.1520:

Henry McCormac, Metanoia: A Plea for the Insane (1861)

Reading Rm VII.16.19:

John Millar, Hints on Insanity (1861)

Reading Rm VII.30.1425:

David Skae, The Legal Relations of Insanity (1861)

Hunter b.99.22 J.

Conolly, ‘Recollections of the Varieties of Insanity’, in Medical Times and Gazette 1862, Vol. 2, (2-4)

Hunter b.86.4

John Thomas Banks, The Writ “De Lunatico Inquerendo” in the Case of Jonathan Swift (1863?)

Rare Books Sm.3.34:

John Conolly. A Study of Hamlet (1863)

Hunter b.99.34

R. Ellis, ‘A Model Hysteric’, in Medical Times and Gazette 1863, (341-342)

Hunter b.99.22

R. Ellis, ‘Persecution for Keeping an Unlicensed Lunatic Asylum’, in Medical Times and Gazette 1864, Vol. 1

Hunter d.86.10

Adam Addison, On the Urine of the Insane: A Contribution to Urology (1865)

Reading Rm V.23.46:

James Foulis Duncan, The Personal Responsibility of the Insane (1865)

Hunter c.86.64 3

Francis Skae, Climacteric Insanity in the Male (1865)


Hunter c.86.50

Thomas More Madden: On Insanity, and the Criminal Responsibility of the Insane (1866)

Reading Rm VI.28.47:

Henry Maudsley, The Physiology and Pathology of the Mind (1867)


Hunter d.86.49-51

George Manville Fenn, Mad: A Story of Dust and Ashes (1868)

South Front, Flr 3 P300.c.155.1

Henry Maudsley, ‘Opium in the Treatment of Insanity’, in The Practitioner, 1869, Vol 2 (1)

Hunter c.89.55

Sir John Tuke, A Plea for the Scientific Study of Insanity, (1869)

Hunter c.87.5424

Sir John Tuke, A Pathological Classification of Mental Disease (1870)

Reading Rm IX.3.11:

Robert Lee, A Treatise on Hysteria (1871)

Hunter c.87.54 5

Sir James Coxe, On the Causes of Insanity (1872)


Reading Rm IX.4.52:

Sir J. Russell Reynolds, On the Scientific Value of the Legal Tests of Insanity (1872)

Hunter c.87.5

James T. Sabben and J. B Balfour Browne, Handbook of Law and Lunacy (1872)

Reading Rm V.32.10:

Hugh Campbell, Nervous Exhaustion and the Diseases Induced by it (1873)

Hunter d.87.34

Mrs Eugenia St. John (Martha Eugenia Berry), Bella, or the Cradle of Liberty. A Story of Insane Asylums (1874)

Rare Books 8300.c.458:

J.M Charcot, Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System (1877) (3 volumes)

Hunter d.88.41

S. Weir Mitchell, Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System, Especially in Women (1881)


Hunter c.88.13

Edward C. Spitzka, Insanity, its Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment (1883)

Hunter d.88.39

Fat and Blood; an Essay of the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria (1884)

Hunter c.88.9

Handbook for the Instruction of Attendants on the Insane (1885), 2nd ed.

Hunter d.88.23

Anna Agnew, From Under the Cloud; Or, Personal Reminiscences of Insanity (1887)

Hunter d.88.1

J.Leonard Corning, A Treatise on Hysteria and Epilepsy, with Some Concluding Observations on Epileptic Insomnia (1888)


Hunter d.88.495

William Sinovlet Playfair, On the Limitations of the So-called “Weir Mitchell treatment”, Lancet, January 7, 1888.

Rare Books PB.7.458:

S.G Lushington, Barrister, The Lunacy Acts Amendment Act, 1889

Hunter c.89.55 3

Mad Doctors by One of Them: Being a Defence of Asylum Physicians Against Recent Aspersions Cast on Them, and on Examinations into the Functions of the Lunacy Commission, Together with a Scheme of Lunacy Reform, (1890)

Hunter d.89.55 2

The Mad Musings of Tom O’Bedlam (c.1890)

Reading Rm I.17.17:

Daniel Hack Tuke, Reform in the Treatment of the Insane. Early History of the Retreat, York (1892)

Hunter d.89.30

Walter Tyrrell, Nervous Exhaustion, its Causes, Outcomes and Treatment (1893)

Reading Rm V.21.67: Winslow Forbes, Mad Humanity: Its Forms, Apparent and
Obscure (1898)


Hunter c.90.39

Rules for Nurses at the Retreat, York (1902)

Reading Rm VII.10.109:

Thomas Savill, Clinical Lectures on Neurasthenia (1902)

Hunter d.90.25

Alfred T. Schofield, Nerves in Disorder: A Plea for Rational Treatment (1903)

Reading Rm 1.6.42 [326:3.d.90.8]:

Pierre Janet, The Major Symptoms of Hysteria (1907)

Hunter d.91.12

Autobiography of a Neurasthene (1910)

Reading Rm 310.d.91.32:

Sir Grafton Elliot Smith, Shell Shock and its Lessons (1917)


Reading Rm 310.c.91.95:

Ernest Jones, Papers on Psychoanalysis (1918)

North Wing 721.c.94.44:

Flr 1 Poems of John Clare’s Madness, ed. Grigson (1949)

South Front 326:3.c.95.574:

Flr 3: William Parry-Jones, The Trade in Lunacy (1972)



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