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Part 2: 1800-1918, Sources from the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Contents of Reels - Part 2


William Leask: True manhood: a lecture, 1848. 48.1422
George Morris: Man’s manhood: a lecture, Canterbury, 1848. 48.1313
Hugh Stowell Brown: Manliness, 1858. G. Pamph. 2369(7)
John Brookes: Manliness, 1859. 270 c.60
William Landels: How men are made, 1859. 1419 f.840(5)
William Landels: True manhood: its nature, foundation and development, 1861. 250 c.17
William Kirkus: Manly strength: a sermon, 1863. 100 m.1(19)
S S Pugh: Christian manliness, 1867. 141 k.149
Robert G Swayne: Christian manhood: a sermon, 1869. 100 i.68(33)
John Caird: Christian manliness: a sermon, Glasgow, 1871. 100 i.10(11)
William Crosbie: Manliness: an address, Derby, 1876. 260 g.367(7)
John Brookes: Manliness and culture, 1878. 270 g.774
Henry R Heywood: Manliness: a sermon, Manchester, 1878. 100 k.53(17)
Thomas Hughes: The manliness of Christ, 1879. 141 j.446

James Baldwin Brown: The home in its relation to man and to society, 1883. 24727 e.1
J B Figgis: Manliness, womanliness, godliness, 1886 (2nd edn). 100 f.267
John W Diggle: Godliness and manliness, 1887. 1419 e.175
J A Atkinson: Christian manliness: a sermon, Bolton, 1888. 100 e.573(1)
William J Dawson: The making of manhood, 1894. 26520 e.95
Horace G Groser: The kingdom of manhood, 1897. 26520 e.133
Silas K Hocking: The culture of manhood, 1898. 26520 e.148
The Gospel of Work and Self-help

Thomas Carlyle: Past and present (Book 3, chapters 11-12), 1843. 43.128
Samuel Smiles: Self-help, 1859. 270 c.321
Samuel Smiles: Character, 1871. 270 g.342
H H Almond: ‘Sermons by a lay head-master’, The idler no Christian (pp 149-164), Edinburgh, 1886. 100 e.267a


Rules for the behaviour of children, Birmingham, c.1840. 26520 g.29
The Eton system of education is vindicated: and its capabilities of improvement considered, Eton, 1840. 34.472
The book of Rugby School: its history and its daily life, Rugby, 1856. G A Warw 4°23
The children’s wrong: a book for Christian parents, 1864. 26236 f.1
G N Banks: A day of my life: or every-day experiences at Eton, 1877. 251 c.560
Herbert A James: School ideals: sermons preached in the chapel of Rossall School, 1887. 100 e.352
G N Banks: An Eton boy’s letters, 1901. 2532 e.158

Harrow School: Existing customs, 1903 (3rd edn). G A Middl 8°396
Rugby School: principal rules respecting discipline, games, locking-up etc, Rugby, 1908. G A Warwick 8° 160(13)
Essays on duty and discipline: papers on the training of children in relation to social and national welfare (1-30), 1910. 26236 e.42
Essays on duty and discipline: papers on the training of children in relation to social and national welfare (31-40), 1913. 26236 e.63
Public school life: Eton, by an old Etonian, 1910
W Teignmouth Shore: Public school life: Westminster, 1910
Archibald Fox: Public school life: Harrow, 1911
H H Hardy: Public school life: Rugby, 1911

Advice Books for Boys and Young Men

Isaac Taylor: Advice to the teens: or practical help towards the formation of one’s own character, 1818 (2nd edn). 260 g.342
Isaac Taylor: Character essential to success in life: addressed to those who are approaching manhood, 1820. 8° N4(3)BS
William Cobbett: Advice to young men and (incidentally) to young women in the middle and higher ranks of life, 1829. 26520 e.486
John Angell James: The young man’s friend and guide through life to immortality, 1851. 100 z.242

T S Arthur: Advice to young men on their duties and conduct in life, 1855. 270 c.18
T S Arthur: Advice to young ladies on their duties and conduct in life, 1855. 270 c.17
John Angell James: The young man from home, 1871 (new edition). 270 g.391
James Baldwin Brown: Young men and maidens: a pastoral for the times, 1871. 100 w.87
Harvey Newcomb: Youth and its duties: a book for young gentlemen, containing useful hints on the formation of character, 1873. 260 g.255
Robert Philip: Manly piety: a book for young men, 1879. 141 m.722


[Thomas Hughes]: Notes for boys (and their fathers) on morals, mind and manners, 1885. 26520 f.11
William J Dawson: The threshold of manhood: a young man’s words to young men, 1889. 26520 e.51
Frederick A Atkins: Moral muscle and how to use it: a brotherly chat with young men, 1890. 26520 f.60
Robert Baden-Powell: Scouting for boys: a handbook for instruction in good citizenship, 1908. 38483 e.7
The Boys’ Brigade manual, for the use of officers, Glasgow, 1913 (Special edition). 13217 f.15

Domestic and Family Relations

John Aikin: Letters from a father to his son, 1793, 1800 (2 vols). Vet. A5 e.1283, 1284
How to make love, Dublin, 1820. 2806 f.24(3)
The father and son: a tale, by a friend to a youth, 1824. 24. 341
G E Sargent: Home Education, 1854. 260 g.215
How to choose a wife, 1855. 100 g.49(1)
Letters from a father to his son (signed J A M), 1869. 250 i.3(19)
A father’s advice to a son: a letter, n.d. 1419 f.1901(17)
Father and daughter, 1886. 1489 f.1558
A father’s letters to his son, 1911. 1419 e.1811

Fashion and Etiquette

John Harris: An essay on politeness, 1820, 3rd edn, ed by James McKnown. 8° M58(11) BS
Etiquette for gentlemen: with hints on the art of conversation, 1838, 2nd edn. 38.87
How to shine in society, or the art of conversation, Glasgow, 1860. 38099 f.2
The gentleman’s manual of modern etiquette, 1864. 247895 g.2
The man of the period: a companion to the ‘girl of the period’, 1868. 250 k.17(18)
The gentleman’s art of dressing with economy, by a lounger at the clubs, 1876. 268 c.454
Manners and tone of good society: or, solecisms to be avoided, by a member of the aristocracy, 1879. 268 c.538
How to behave: or, etiquette of society, 1879. 247895 g.9
The manners of the aristocracy, by one of themselves, 1881. 268 b.260

The golden rule readers: manners and morals, 1898 (Books 1 & 2). 3987 e.93
Etiquette for gentlemen, 1900. 247895 e.8
Manners and rules of good society: or, solecisms to be avoided, by a member of the aristocracy, 1910 (32nd edn). 247895 e.25
Men about town, by F O L, 1912. 25611 e.1738

The Gentleman

Kenelm Digby: The broad stone of honour, or rules for the gentlemen of England, 1822. 8° T139 BS
William Roberts: The portraiture of a Christian gentleman, 1829. 26520 e.499
Advice to a young gentleman on entering society,1839, 2nd edn. 39.2
The English gentleman: his principles, his feelings, his manners, his pursuits, 1849. 49.997
James Fitzjames Stephen, ‘Gentlemen’, Cornhill Magazine (vol 5, 1862, pp 327-42), 1862. Per.2705 d.213

James H Friswell: The gentle life: essays in aid of the formation of character, 1864. 270 g.64
J R Vernon, ‘The grand old name of gentleman’, Contemporary Review (vol II, 1869, pp 561-80), 1869. Per.3977 d.58
William Davies: A fine old English gentleman, exemplified in the life and character of Lord Collingwood, 1875. 210 k.387
A Smythe-Palmer: The ideal of a gentleman … , 1908. 26520 e.247

The Working Man

Household truths for working men, 1857 (new edition). 1672 f.19
Man’s duty to his neighbours, in a series of eleven prize essays, 1859. 270 c.105
Derby working men’s association: seven essays by working men: Helps and hindrances to home happiness, 1860. G Pamph 2373(9)
Social science: being selections from John Cassell’s prize essays by working men and women, 1861. 250 b.226

[Thomas Wright] A journeyman engineer: some habits and customs of the working classes (pp184-203), 1867. 232 f.43
The father’s meeting: half an hour’s reading for working men, 1873. 1419 f.1316(19)
Working men and women by a working man, 1879. 270 f.692
Sexuality and Purity
Alfred S Dyer: Facts for men on moral purity and health, 1884. 26521 f.7(1)
Richard A Armstrong: Our duty on the matter of social purity: an address to young men, 1885. 26521 e.12(1)
A lecture to young men on the preservation of health and personal purity of life, 1885 (1st edn). 26521 e.6
James Barker: A secret book for men, Brighton, 1888. 26521 e.13(2)
John H Kellogg: Social purity: an address, 1891. 26521 e.13(8)
Edward Lyttelton: Mothers and sons: or problems in the home training of boys, 1892. 26225 e.1
Edward Lyttelton: Training of the young in laws of sex, 1900. 26236 e.14

Health and Sport

Pierce Egan: Boxiana: sketches of ancient and modern pugilism (vols 1 & 2), 1824. 34867 e.300

Pierce Egan: Boxiana: sketches of ancient and modern pugilism (vol 3), 1824. 34867 e.300
The boy’s book of sports and games … by Uncle Charles, 1850. Vet A6 f.323
The laws of football as played at Rugby School, Rugby, 1862. 38457 f.20(17)

Every boy’s book: a complete encyclopaedia of sports and amusements. Edited by Edmund Routledge, 1868. 268 b.46
‘Athletics’, Saturday Review (vol 27, 27 March, 1869 pp 413-4), 1869. N.2288 c.8
Lesley Stephen, ‘Athletic sports and university studies’ Fraser’s Magazine (NS. vol 2, 1870, pp 691-704), 1870. Per.3977 e.200
Edward Lyttelton: ‘Athletics in public schools’ The nineteenth century (vol 7, 1880, pp 43-57), 1880. Per.3977 d.66
H H Almond: Sermons by a lay head-master ‘The consecration of the body’ (pp 165-76), Edinburgh, 1886. 100 e.267a
Rugby rhymes, rough and ready: with Mr Jingle, Cupar, 1893. 280 f.663(12)
Tom Sayers: Boxing: or, the art of self-defence, Manchester, 1905. 38467 e.8
F G Aflalo, ‘The sportsman’, Fortnightly reviews (NS. vol 81, 1907, pp155-67), 1907. Per.3977 d.59
Rules of golf, Edinburgh, 1913. 38463 e.28(18)

Heroic and Military Manliness

Thomas Carlyle: On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in history: lecture 6 ‘The hero as king’, (pp 316-93), 1841. 41.110
Captain R Compton Noake: War Songs, Edinburgh, 1860. 280 r.506
Major R Compton Noake: The bivouac, or, martial lyricist containing songs, epigram, and poems, 1871. 280 j.294
S S Pugh: Tales of heroes, 1873. 221 g.74
Major R Compton Noake: The British army: A challenge to the War Office Actuaries: exposing the misstatements made to induce parliament to pass the Short Service Enlistment Act of 1870, the reasons why there are so many desertions and the army so unpopular, from the soldier’s own point of view, 1875. 200 h.118(27)
Francis Paget: A word to soldiers about Christianity and manliness, 1889. 1419 g.111(22)
Geoffrey Drage: Eton and the Empire, Eton, 1890. G A Bucks 8° 46

Boys of the Empire: a magazine for British boys all over the world, 1900-01. Per 2533 c.5

Boys of the Empire: a magazine for British boys all over the world, 1901-02. Per 2533 c.5

Boys of the Empire: a magazine for British boys all over the world, 1902-03. Per 2533 c.5

‘B-P’: The hero of Mafeking. Tit-bits monster penny books, 1907. 2288 e.488(2)
How to become a naval officer (revised edition, introduction by Sir E R Fremantle), 1909. 26325 e.24
Herbert B Gray: The Public Schools and the Empire, 1913. 2624 e.56
Sir Robert Baden-Powell: The young knights of the Empire, their code and further scout yarns, 1916. 38483 e.42
Henry Newbolt: The book of the happy warrior ‘Chivalry of today’ (pp 272-84), 1917. 2221 e.39
The scouts’ book of heroes: a record of scouts’ work in the Great War. Foreword Chief Scout Sir Robert Baden-Powell, 1919. 22281e.1070



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