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Papers from the Mass-Observation Archive  at the University of Sussex

Part 9: Shopping and Self-Image, 1938-1965

Technical Note

Our microform publications are prepared and produced in accordance with recommended and established guide-lines for the production of microform of superior quality.  These conform to the recommendations of the standard guides to good microforming and micropublishing practice.

Attention should be drawn to the nature of the original material.  These records feature many common problems such as showthrough, curvature, staining and variable inking.  There are some crumpled and torn pages.  News clippings and photographs cause different problems for filmers due to their size and tonal range.  There are also large tabulation sheets, which have often been written on with light pencil.  Every effort has been made to minimise these difficulties and some openings are microfilmed more than once in an attempt to bring out all the features of the original.  Nevertheless these original characteristics present difficulties of image and contrast which stringent tests and variations of density cannot entirely overcome.

The most responsible care has been exercised in the filming of this unique collection and every effort has been made to ensure that this microform publication meets the standards established by  the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).



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