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Papers from the Mass-Observation Archive at the University of Sussex
Part 4: Topic Collections on Social Welfare and the Beveridge Report, 1939-1949


Detailed Listing

TC 2: Three boxes
A collection of papers representing public views and aspirations concerning future society and the measures proposed by various planning agencies to match them. The collection includes data from the M-O Reconstruction Surveys of 1941 and 1942, and questionnaire and Directive replies on future hopes and expectations. The material is extensive in scope and includes employment, politics, urban development and housing. Related material exists in the ‘Post War Hopes’ collection.

TC 2, BOX 1: RECONSTRUCTION 1941-42 (16 files: A-P)
2/1/A: Survey on reconstruction-September 1941
Questionnaire on reconstruction, planning regionalism, New Deal, social security
Interviews held in Cricklewood, Hendon, Bloomsbury and Euston
2/1/B: Survey on reconstruction-September 1941
Report of results. Additional reports. Indirect comments

REEL 49, TC 2, BOX 1 (continued)
2/1/C: Results of M-O directive, September 1941
Report on response of Panel to questions on where they would like to live, 21.12.41. Tabulations of results
2/1/D: University of Manchester: Planning 1941
Two reports from the School of Architecture, Division of Town and County Planning (Research Group on Rural Planning). Letter 8.5.41
2/1/E: National Council of Social Service
Interview with Secretary, Major E Sandford Carter, 22.10.41. (Observer report)
Report paper (2) Community Centres and Associations Survey Group, 15.9.41. Consideration of new towns v housing estates and development of communities
2/1/F: West Midlands Group on Post War Reconstruction and Planning
Progress reports: April 1941; July 1941
2/1/G: Political and Economic Planning (PEP)
Papers, reports and correspondence 1941
2/1/H: A National Atlas for Britain 1939-40
Papers and reprints
2/1/I: Assorted extracts from books and newspapers on plannning 1941-42
(Includes Hansard)
2/1/J: Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey 1941
Memoranda Nos 1-17, excluding 3, 13, 16
Confidential papers on demographic, economic, historical and political aspects of reconstruction
2/1/K: Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey 1941
Progress reports Nos 1-6
2/1/L: British Association
Conference: 'Science and World Order', 26-28.9.41
REEL 49, TC 2, BOX 1 (continued)
Report from Observer 30.9.41
Letter from Solly Zuckerman to TH 3.10.41
2/1/M: Garden Cities and Town Planning Association
Conference at Oxford, 28.3.41-31.3.41
Programmes and revised programmes
List of delegates
Correspondence and booking arrangements
News cuttings
Papers for discussion
2/1/N: 1941 Committee
Report on Bedales Conference on reconstruction 25.9.41
2/1/O: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 1941-42
Report, Reconstruction Committee
2/1/P: 1940 Council (a council to promote the planning of the social environment)
Material relating to 'Living in Cities' exhibition
Reports on research

TC 2, BOX 2: RECONSTRUCTION 1941-43 (12 files: A-L)
2/2/A:"Inquest on the Planners"
Article by Richard Fitter (RF) (no date)
"Note on some current reconstruction surveys"
Article by Richard Fitter 7.4.41
"Present Position of Social and Economic Research"
Article by Richard Fitter (no date)
2/2/B: The Housing Centre
Invitation to meeting
Handout on the Centre
Report of lunch time meeting 14.10.41
2/2/C: Conference Reports/Policy Papers
Federal Union Conference 27.9.41
'Europe after the War': observer report
Bath Reconstruction Conference 9.9.41
Observer report
Association for Planning and Regional Reconstruction
"What makes a community ?" (paper)
National Parks Association of Great Britain
Policy statement 1941
2/2/D: M-O on Reconstruction
"Planning-for what?" 17.10.41
"Field Work on Reconstruction" 13.10.41
"M-O work on Reconstruction" (no date)
"M-O's Housing Survey" 29.11.41
"Ideas about jobs after the war"
"Attitudes to Housing and Reconstruction" 4.9.41
2/2/E: Miscellaneous Correspondence 1941-42
2/2/F: M-O Questionnaires and Directives 1941
Drafts and final versions of reconstruction survey questions
2/2/G: British Association for the Advancement of Science
Conference: 'Scientific Problems in Post War Reconstruction', 20-21.3.42
Programme and discussion papers
2/2/H: Extracts from M-O Diaries 1942
Comments on reconstruction, Cripps, MOI films, Service pay
REEL 50, TC 2, BOX 2 (continued)
2/2/I: Maryport Post War Reconstruction Group
Report from local observer, February 1943
2/2/J: Special Questionnaire 1942
M-O study in London: What people hope for in the post war world
2/2/K: M-O Report on Reconstruction
Jobs, money, hopes, fears and expectations; Basis of political trends in the Army; Religion and the future
2/2/L: Reconstruction Survey 1942
Tabulation of results. (M-O)

(7 files: A-G)
2/3/A: Reconstruction questionnaire 1942 File missing-February 1991
2/3/B: People's Homes 1942
Typed draft
2/3/C: Post War Questionnaire 1942

How people see London after the war (6 qs); Tabulations; Interviews
2/3/D: Reconstruction Survey 1942
Interviews in Bolton and Glasgow
File E: Reconstruction Survey 1942
Interviews in Chester, Somerset and Cardiff
File F: Reconstruction Survey 1942
Interviews in Fulham, Putney, Aylesbury, Surbiton, Holborn, Paddington, Islington
File G: Reconstruction Survey 1942
Interviews in St Pancras, Camden Town, Kilburn, Marylebone, Kings Cross, Hyde Park, Notting Hill

TC 3: Four boxes

This collection is largely the product of a series of M-O surveys of family size and behaviour.

A survey of women's attitudes to family size was conducted in 1944 in the London, Gloucester, Kent and Oxford areas, and also among women working for Osram Ltd. The questionnaire includes work, future hopes, number of children (or the number hoped for), attitudes to careers, housing, religion and birth control. Approximately one thousand women were interviewed. The 1947 survey was conducted in London and includes comments on weddings, family size, parental control, sexual behaviour, engagements and divorce. This survey and the Ideal Family Survey, 1949, involved interviews with both men and women.

TC 3, BOX 1 : FAMILY SURVEY 1944 (10 files: A-J)
Each file contains replies from women (and men in 3/1/H) on questions of family size. The questionnaire covers work, future hopes and plans, hoped for and actual number of children, hopes for marriage (if single), attitudes to career, what life will be like after the war. Questions also include housing, age, family size, reasons for having children, religion, birth control (1,000 interviews)

QQ replies : Bethnal Green; Poplar; Shoreditch
QQ replies : North Circular Road; Harlesden; Neasden; Paddington; Hampstead
QQ replies : Marylebone; Hammersmith
QQ replies : pilot questionnaire and Bermondsey

TC 3, BOX 1 (continued)
QQ replies : Chelsea; Fulham; West Kensington; North Kensington; Kensington Gardens
QQ replies : Gloucester; Swansea
QQ replies and letters : from women workers at Osram Ltd
QQ replies : men and family size
QQ replies : Kent and Oxford women
The questionnaire (various drafts plus final)
Appendices I-III for Britain and her Birthrate (typed)

TC 3, BOX 2 : FAMILY SURVEY 1944 (15 files: A-O)
3/2/A: Observations and overheard comments
Material additional to 1944 qq including
interviews with mothers in Marylebone clinic (July 1944)
overheard comments
attitudes to small families (Chelsea)
interviews with older women
observations of family behaviour
3/2/B: Summary of directive replies and bulletin 1943
Based on responses to M-O national Panel to questionnaire on marriage
3/2/C: Miscellaneous notes and personal accounts 1944, including letters to M-O
Jokes and humour

3/2/D: Letters to Birth Control Clinic (Marie Stopes) 1944
17 personal letters requesting advice
3/2/E: Birth control leaflets and booklets
What birth control is. FPA. January 1944
"Families in the Future" by Kathleen Bliss in The Christian Newsletter, 23.2.44
Married Women's Association Questionnaire
Since the War. Mothers' Clinic. Lists of caps, diaphragms etc
What Birth Control Means. FPA
"Psychosomatic Medicine and the Declining Birth Rate" by James L Halliday in The Lancet, 12.5.45
Quarterly Leaflet of the Church of England Moral Welfare Council
"Birthrate and Housework". Letter in The Spectator, 1.9.44
Family Planning. FPA
The Mothers' Clinic. Handout
The Voice of Experience. Birth Control Advisory Bureau
Of Special Interest to Married Women. BCAB handout
Duplicated standard FPA letter
Pamphlets on home and family
Newspaper cuttings 1944 on family life, birthrate, contraception
3/2/H, I:
"Why women don't have more children". 1945. JG Ferraby. M-O, article from 'The Reluctant Stork' draft
"Sex, Morality and the Birthrate". 1945. JG Ferraby. M-O . Article

"Birthrate : Symptoms and Causes". 1945. Article
Empty Quivers. Family Book 1944
Galley proof copies. Probably the basis for M-O publication Britain and her Birthrate

REEL 54, TC 3, BOX 2 (continued)
Draft of Empty Quivers. Draft typescript
Tabulations of Family Survey 1944
Miscellaneous material relating to preparation and interpretation of 1944 survey
Handwritten ms on population decline. Unsigned. Undated
Pamphlet "International Union for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems"

BOX 3 : FAMILY 1947-49: Matrimony Questionnaire 1947 (11 files: A-K)
3/3/A: Interviews with single, married, divorced or widowed women in London boroughs. March 1947
Attitudes to weddings, family size, early sexual behaviour, parental control, engagements, sex education, divorce, single/double beds, going out with men and lovers, control of money etc. Approx. 100
Interviews with men. As above
Questionnaire and notes on matrimony survey. Typed extracts from replies
Matrimony Survey : analysis sheets
3/3/E: :
Family 1947. Cuttings etc. on child neglect and juvenile delinquency
Family 1947. Material about marriage bureaux. Printed papers
Analysis of adverts for partners in Matrimonial Post.

3/3/G: Family 1947. Organisations and events
Material from Marriage Guidance Council
Material from Family Planning Association
Material from Sex Brains Trust
Material from The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child Material from The Society for Sex Education and Guidance
Births, marriages and divorces. Figures
Abortion, suicide and illegitimacy. Personal notes (no sources indicated)
Family 1947. Engagements
Weddings (1939 account)
Family 1947. Notes on research paper (?) "Marriage" by Hamilton 1924-28

BOX 4: IDEAL FAMILY SURVEY 1949 (6 files: A-F)
Family 1949. Replies to questionnaire on ideal family from women (drawn from M-O Panel and also doctors)
Family 1949. Replies to questionnaire on ideal family from men (drawn from M-O Panel and also doctors)
Family 1948. 8 interviews from Survey of Housewives, from Eva Hubback (not M-O)
Family 1949. Ideal Family questionnaire and notes and tabulations

HEALTH 1939-49
TC 13: Six boxes

Topics covered include the effects of war on health, proposals for a state medical service, reviews of press coverage, and blood donations. Details exist of the 1949 National Health Service Survey, the Survey of Chemists Shops (1949) and Dentistry as a Career Survey (1955).

(14 files: A-O)
13/1/A: Health and Medical Services in Wartime 1939 - 42
Informal comments on how war affects health
Report on a visit to New End Hospital, Hampstead by an M-O investigator (15.12.41)
Report by PF (M-O investigator) on a week spent in University College Hospital, (June 1940)
Ministry of Health form for notification of civilian casualties admitted to hospital (1940)
Report from medical student (1939) DH Norman
Health in wartime - overheards (1940)

13/1/B: State Medical Service
Cuttings from newspapers and typed extracts from medical journals on health and proposals for a State Medical Service (1939)

13/1/C: Blood Donations
Report from donor 24.7.40
Report from NW London Blood Supply Depot on the transfusion service (1940)
Assorted letters (1940)
13/1/D: Correspondence 1943
Letters and papers between Mass-Observation and Central Council for Health Education on the possibilities of an M-O Health Survey for the CCHE
13/1/E: General Health in wartime
Health QQ, March 1943
Replies to nine questions asked in London about the effects of war on health (sleeping, special foods, shortages of food, fitness, medicines). Questionnaire enclosed
Analysis sheets
13/1/F: Hospitals QQ, April 1943
80+ replies to 5 questions about experience of hospitals and the way in which they are funded and organised. Questionnaire enclosed
13/1/G: Reactions to Health Poster March 1943
Replies to questionnaire about poster on hygiene and health
13/1/H: Dentists May 1943
Indirects (open ended interviews) with people about visiting the dentist. Approx 50 short comments; reports on results
Analysis charts

13/1/I: Medicine in Wartime 1942
Report on taking medicines based on Directive replies from panel

13/1/J-M: Health Survey 1943
M-O plans - assorted papers and drafts including questionnaire about doctors and attitudes to a state medical service
Investigators' notes on Health Survey 1943
General impressions gained during survey
Analysis charts for Health Survey 1943
Doctors 1943
199 indirects (open-end, informal interviews) with people about their use of doctors and their attitudes to a state-run system of health care

REEL 57, TC 13, BOX 1 (continued)
13/1/N: Press Cuts 1943
Reactions of doctors and BMA to Beveridge Report taken from national and provincial press
Ancient Order of Foresters - Health Insurance, Sept 1940


Questionnaire replies


Questionnaire replies

TC 13, BOX 4: NATIONAL HEALTH SURVEYS 1949 (5 files: A-E)
13/4/A - C:
Questionnaire drafts and replies, Survey 02
April 1949. Attitude to the state medical scheme; improvements and problems; feelings about GPs; cost of the NHS; access and availability of nursing care; spectacles; specialists; medicines; dentists
Questionnaire drafts and replies, Survey 07 July 1949. Use of doctors, illnesses, general health
Analysis and coding of the above survey
TC 13, BOX 5: National Health Service 1949 (4 files: A-D)
Material used for Meet yourself at the Doctors 1949

Panel replies to Directive April 1949 and Special Directive on NHS June/July 1949
Please note that these further replies are so damaged that access is not possible
Experience of NHS, June 1949. Analysis of Panel results. M-O Bulletin July 1949. Report on NHS survey
2 Christian Science booklets

TC 13, BOX 6: Survey of Chemist Shops Feb. 1949 (BO/1) (10 files: A-J)
Interviews with public on their knowledge and use of local chemists; opinions of services offered by chemists. Surveys carried out in London, Newton Abbot, Bolton and Winchester
Draft and final copies of qq, include damaged copy
Instructions to Investigators
Maps of town areas
Coding and analysis of results
Further coding sheets and analysis
Survey BO/2 QQ
QQ replies from Newton Abbot
REEL 61, TC 13, BOX 6 (continued)
QQ replies from Winchester
QQ replies from Bolton
QQ replies from London

Survey of Dentists 1955 (M-O 244)
Commissioned by the Dental Board to investigate lack of popularity of dentistry as a career

Detailed interviews with education and careers personnel on choosing dentistry as a career

Interviews with students about career choices
Interviews with dentists about a career in dentistry
Coding and analysis sheets

TC 19: One box only

Research carried out into the availability of day nurseries and the kind of care offered. The collection includes polemical literature, interviews with nursery staff and associated administrators, newspaper cuttings and correspondence about the type of facilities provided.
19/1/A: Day Nursery Survey 1941-42
Handwritten report on survey and letter to TH, London (MT) 3.2.42
Typed report "The Demand For Day Nurseries" (Mass-Observation) 11.3.42
Handwritten guide to the survey, with linking pencilled reference numbers (MT)
Government circulars with handwritten summaries (MT) 1941
Handwritten reports on demands for nurseries and factors affecting demand (MT) 21.1.42
Handwritten reports on West Hampstead and St Pancras nurseries (MT) 23.1.42
Handwritten interviews with: Medical Officers of Health and Press Officer for MoH, Hampstead, Enfield, Walthamstow, Wandsworth, St Pancras. Matrons of two nurseries, Wandsworth and Camden. Chief Health Visitor, Wandsworth. Organising Secretary of Nursery School Association. (MT) January-February 1942
Typed diary extracts
Three handwritten indirects
Handwritten miscellaneous notes
19/1/B: Day Nursery Survey 1941-42
Handwritten QQ January 1942 (MT)
50 handwritten responses to QQ, West Hampstead, Wandsworth, St PancrasJanuary 1942 (MT)
Handwritten report on QQ and analysis 1942
Typed sheet of report 1942
19/1/C: Day Nursery Survey 1941-42
Newspaper cuttings and typed extracts from newspapers and Hansard 1941-42
19/1/D: Day Nursery Survey 1941-42
Handwritten reports on day nurseries, London, Coventry, Chester, Cardiff, Leeds 1941-42 (PN, VT, CF, MT, IC)
19/1/E: Tom Harrisson-Miscellaneous Correspondence 1941-46
Letter and typed report of meeting on women's welfare 1941
Correspondence with Aneuran Bevan, Woodrow Wyatt and others on grants to day nurseries and closure of nurseries, 1945-46

REEL 62, TC 19, BOX 1 (continued)
Typed extracts from Hansard, 1945-46
Typed interview with Mr HJ Ryan, Assistant Secretary MoH (TH) 22.10.46
Attendance figures for day nurseries in Northern Ireland, September-October 1946
19/1/F: Miscellaneous Publications
Publications from Nursery School Association including 1 copy of Nursery World and cuttings 1935-46
19/1/G: Miscellaneous publications and newspaper cuttings
Publications including MoH Reports, Planning (PEP) and British Medical Journal, and cuttings on nurseries, mothers in work, deprived children and care of children, 1945-46

TC36: One box only

Material collected during the Worktown project in Bolton (1937) about WEA classes, educational facilities for unemployed people, summer schools etc. Also included is information on evening classes in London (1939); information on Oxford University; Goldsmiths Teacher Training College; attitudes of students, including leisure activities; miscellaneous papers on Universities, evening classes.


36/1/A Adult Education
Handwritten observations of Bolton Unemployed Welfare Association class (LT) November 1937.
Handwritten and typed observations of WEA classes and meetings Bolton, Manchester (ZB, WH, TH) 1937.
Handwritten copy of essay for WEA class on Industrial Revolution Bolton 1937.
Handwritten report from holiday camp for unemployed men : Selnec Camp, Edale, Derbyshire, (unemployed Bolton man) 1937.
Handwritten copy of letter to editor of Bolton Evening News about stay at camp, August 1937.
Miscellaneous - photographs, postcards, printed programmes and pamphlets from camp, 1937.
Handwritten report on Durham Summer School - for unemployed and employed men and women, 1937.
Miscellaneous printed information about Summer School, 1937.
Miscellaneous pamphlets, minutes of meetings, notices of lectures, letters from WEA and other organisations; Bolton, Norfolk, Dorking, Yorkshire, 1937-40.
36/1/B Evening class survey - 1939
Typed summary of survey, London (KB).
Typed reports on Chelsea Polytechnic, Wandsworth Technical Institute., Charts and letter from Principal of Battersea Polytechnic (KB).
Typed reports on Commercial Institutes - Marlborough, Hammersmith, Fulham and Munsters Women's Evening Institute (KB).
36/1/C Survey of Oxford University 1937-41
Typed synopsis of survey - 2 copies, one with handwritten notes, (HH, BW) 1937?
Typed survey of Oxford University - the effect of the war, (HH) 9.7.41.
Handwritten analysis of overheard conversations and letters (letter about observing people in baths) to T. Harrisson (HH).
36/1/D Goldsmiths College Survey - 1947
Handwritten background information on college (EG) 10.6.47.
Handwritten replies to QQ on social life - 110 women, 90 men. Subjects include hobbies, time devoted to various activities i.e. drinking, smoking, snogging, (EG) 1947.
Handwritten report on social life QQ (EG) 1947.
Handwritten replies to QQ on newspaper reading and voting habits (question on fashion and skirt lengths asked to women only), 121 women, 92 men, (EG) 1947.
Handwritten report on newspaper and voting QQ (EG) 1947.
Printed report on marriage survey (EG) February 1948.
Printed report on capital punishment survey (EG) June 1948.
36/1/E Universities - miscellaneous
Typed list of university debates and outcome, October 1939 - February 1940 (LE) 29.5.40.

REEL 63, TC 36, BOX 1 (continued)
Two printed notifications of debates Glasgow University, February 1940.
Miscellaneous printed, typed, handwritten material; application for training college grant, correspondence with Education Department.. NUS application form for vacation work, list of books for teacher training course (sent in by volunteer observer) Durham, London, 1940-42.

Handwritten report on Bristol University election (ML) 17.10.47.
Handwritten report on Sheffield University Rag, unidentified, undated.
Handwritten personal letter about life at Neville's Cross College, Durham, undated.

TC 40: One box only
A small collection of responses to an essay competition organised by the British Legion in 1944. Related analysis shows directions of interest and opinion under several group headings, including employment, education, economics and reconstruction. Related information may be found in the ‘Reconstruction’ Topic Collection.

TC 40, BOX 1 POST WAR HOPES (4 files: A-D)
40/1/A: Essays
Subject: "My Ideas and Hopes for Post War Conditions/ How the British Legion can help me to realise them/Post War Planning and Reconstruction";
27 essays, handwritten and typewritten, from men in the Forces, various parts of UK, March 1944

40/1/B: Essays
Subject: "My Ideas and Hopes for Post War Conditions/ How the British Legion can help me to realise them/Post War Planning and Reconstruction"
plus 1 acknowledgement, typewritten cc from Secretary, Public Relations Committee, British Legion HQ, London
26 essays, February-April 1944
40/1/C: Essays
Subject: "My Ideas and Hopes for Post War Conditions/How the British Legion can help me to realise them/Post War Planning and Reconstruction"
plus 1 acknowledgement from British Legion HQ, London
10 essays, inc. 1 sent from RAF base in Ceylon

Subject: "My Ideas and Hopes for Post War Conditions/How the British Legion can help me to realise them/Post War Planning and Reconstruction"
plus 1 acknowledgement from British Legion HQ, London
24 essays

Analysis sheets
2 typewritten ccs-3 pages, analysis of total entries for Essay Competition, showing emphasis of interest and main trends of opinion under following group headings:

National Affairs

International Relationships
British Legion

and percentage of emphasis in relation to:

wages and pensions
British Legion
Politics and Economics
International relationships
Trade and Commerce
Town and Country Planning
Public Utilities

Responses to a questionnaire commissioned by Eric Biddle of the Public Administration Clearing House, Chicago, USA 1941-42
TC 44: One box only
This material derives from a survey of public administration carried out in 1942 on behalf of Eric Biddle of the Public Administration Clearing House, Chicago, USA. A number of British administrative bodies were questioned on aspects of their wartime function and experience. Their responses are included with copies of the survey document in various stages of completeness.


Series of graphs depicting social changes "hoped for" and "expected" after the war, in Jan 1941 and Sept 1942. Duplicated
Typed report on the aftermath of town blitzes. M-O. 19.2.40
Interim reports of National Institute of Economic and Social Research, May/June 1940. Public opinion surveys on "home front" topics

Typed correspondence from Biddle to TH, 13.4.42, enclosing copies of
a questionnaire on British labour supply and training
a questionnaire on organising manpower
a questionnaire on housing for war workers
memoranda: suggestions of questions to be included in the survey
Typed lists of questions, sent to the Public Administration Clearing House by American public bodies, to form the basis of the questionnaire. (2 copies)

Typed lists of suggestions for dealing with questions on pp 10-21 of the questionnaire. (RF) 4.6.41
Handwritten transcripts of interviews with public officials and administrators of voluntary welfare bodies. (RF) June/July 1941

Typed letters to persons consulted and their replies (mainly typed). (RF)
Handwritten list of institutions approached in reference to various questions. (RF)
Typed extract from Biddle questionnaire Q10/1-18/3a
Handwritten notes, checklists, etc. preparatory to first draft of survey. (RF)
Correspondence from TH to RF referring to public benefits legislation
Letter from TH re. Local Information Committees
Note on Family Allowances (Labour Party Conference 1942) 29.5.42 (DB)

Handwritten rough draft of questionnaire and replies. (RF)

Handwritten rough draft of questionnaire with keys and appendices. (RF)

Typed copy of rough draft
Key to headings of sections
List of consultants
Key to consultants
Cuttings file
File of documents cited (RF)

Typed draft with document key


Typed draft with document key (for Joan Clarke)

TC 53: Four boxes

This Topic Collection consists of replies to a March 1942 questionnaire on social services; pamphlets, press-cuttings and miscellaneous reactions on the publication of the report; planning material on the Voluntary Social Services Enquiry 1947; publicity material, reports and ephemera dealing with voluntary organisations; material on social service surveys of Dunster and Luccombe 1947, and also proposals for new social services and papers on human needs in planning 1947; replies to a questionnaire asking for definitions of terms e.g. charity, social service etc; interviews, reports and publications on Friendly Societies 1947; and questionnaires on attitudes to social services and voluntary work 1947.

TC 53, BOX 1 : BEVERIDGE SURVEY 1942 - 1943; BEVERIDGE 2 SURVEY 1947 (9 files, A-I)
53/1/A: Social Service Questionnaire March 1942
Typed and handwritten replies to a 6 point questionnaire about social services ie old age pensions, sickness and unemployment benefits and opinions about post-war developments. 50 replies from areas of London 6.3.42 (EG, PJ, LB)
Tabulated results of questionnaire
Summary by DB 6.3.42

53/1/B: Reactions to Beveridge Report 1942
Handwritten and typed indirects and informal interviews. Approx 80 general reactions to publication of the Beveridge Report, December 1942, from Bookham, Kilburn, Streatham, Bolton. (CG, FHB)

53/1/C: Miscellaneous Reactions to Beveridge 1942-44
Handwritten social service questionnaire about welfare benefits, analysis and replies integrated, 6.3.42 (DB)
Typed report on post-war securities, M-O bulletin about social security aspirations, December 1942
Typed indirects about voluntary social service from volunteer panellists, undated
Handwritten informals, reactions to the Beveridge Report from Epsom 1.1.43
Typed news extract about meetings held by Fire Brigades Union to discuss Beveridge Plan 2.3.43
Handwritten note on reactions to Beveridge report 16.12.42
Handwritten report on Labour Party open meeting about Beveridge Report 17.1.43 (FR)
Press cutting; report on BMA discussions about State Health Service Daily Herald 22.9.43
Handwritten indirects about BMA meetings 6.12.44 (NA)
Handwritten questionnaire devised and carried out by volunteer observer 9.12.42

53/1/D, E: Comments on Beveridge Report
Handwritten and typed indirects relating to the Beveridge report. Approx 300 from various areas, December 1942

53/1/F: Diary Extracts
Typed diary extracts relating to Beveridge report from volunteer observers. Approx 100, December 1942

53/1/G: Press and Publications on Beveridge
Press cutting, Article on employment policies News Chronicle February 1943
Press cutting, Report of debate on Beveridge report at Reading Forum Berkshire Chronicle 3.2.43
Press cutting, letter giving details of insurance benefits and opinion of Beveridge report; publication unknown 26.1.43
Press cutting, report on Brains Trust on Beveridge at Andover. Undated, publication unknown
Press cutting, "Plain Speaking about the Beveridge Plan", Evesham Journal 1.3.43
Press cutting of article, "Back Beveridge" and "A Poser for Beveridge", Forward 6.2.43
Pamphlet, A Plain Account of the Beveridge Plan, by Ronald Davison, Longmans 1943
Programme and tickets for a demonstration in support of the Beveridge

REEL 65, TC 53, BOX 1 (continued)
proposals, Reading 14.3.43
Handbill for three meetings on the Beveridge report sponsored by the Workers' Educational Association in Northallerton 17.2.43
Handbill for six lectures by Frank Pakenham MP entitled "Freedom Under Planning" Oxford 1.3.43
Handbill for Beveridge Brains Trust, Andover 8.1.43
Handbill for discussion groups on Beveridge at University Union, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 29.1.43
Ticket for lunch hour meeting arranged by Liberal Party, speaker Sir William Beveridge. Caxton Hall London 3.3.43
Delegate's credential to Regional Conference on Beveridge report held by the Labour Party in Birmingham 27.2.43
Duplicated handbill advertising discussion of points in the Beveridge report directly affecting women at a meeting of the National Council for Women, Newcastle 26.2.43
Handbill for meeting on social and economic reconstruction, League of Nations Union, London 9.2.43
53/1/H: Voluntary Social Services Enquiry 1947: Planning Material
Reprint of Times leader, "Voluntary Service" 28.2.47
Typed letter from Secretary of Voluntary Social Services Inquiry to M-O 15.4.47
Typed memo on conversation with Lord Beveridge relating to his expectations of the survey 12.5.47 (TH)
Typed draft memo from AF Wells on information to be required of M-O, undated
Printed document setting out principles of the Voluntary Social Services Inquiry and list of Assessors 27.2.47
Typed letter to Secretary of Voluntary Social Services Inquiry from M-O (two drafts) 30.7.47
Typed note on information to be sought from survey undated
Typed draft of outline for proposed survey 20.5.47 (BW)
Typed first draft of 16 point pilot questionnaire for Beveridge survey including questions on National Insurance, Friendly Societies, voluntary work and who should direct it, and holidays 15.5.47 (BW)
Duplicated copies of above questionnaire with instructions to observers, undated
Typed list of M-O material suitable for reference and use in survey 15.5.47 (BW)
Typed copy of survey document including general objects of survey, method of approach, reports to be submitted and directions to observers, August 1947
Pencilled draft of list of previous M-O studies providing background to Beveridge survey 24.7.47
Typed copy of above list
Miscellaneous and very rough pencilled drafts of material in this file
53/1/I: Planning Material (continued)
Typed papers from Voluntary Social Services Inquiry
Memorandum from Inquiry Chairman with suggested arrangement of material
Typed outline of background to survey and draft procedures including a first draft for a questionnaire and a list of material to be drawn on 24.7.47 (BW)
Typed instructions to MT with additions to pilot questionnaire 6.6.47 (BW)

53/2/A: Non-membership of groups
Typed guidelines to observers with suggested approaches to interviews and 5 point questionnaire, if required by observer 27.7.47
Handwritten replies to non-membership survey from Bethnal Green, Bolton and Tottenham; Approx 150 replies 30.7.47 (DH, CHL, BL, HPD, KB, JS, VB)
Typed analysis of replies to non-membership survey 21.8.47 (KB)
Tabulated analysis sheets 20.8.47 (KB)

53/2/B: Voluntary organisations: publicity material
Leaflet issued by the Officers' Association, Officers' Benevolent Dept of the British Legion, dealing with areas of activity, subscription rates etc
Membership card of St Philip's Youth Club, Tottenham
Printed card, Bolton Art Circle Summer Programme 1947
Booklet issued by Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Friendly Society, dealing with scales of subscriptions, benefits and charitable contributions
Printed booklet published by Rotary International. Standard club constitution and bye-laws for Rotary Clubs. July 1939 edition

REEL 66, TC 53, BOX 2 (continued)
Printed pamphlet, First Annual Report of the Burlington Hall Neighbourhood Centre, Aston, Birmingham. 1944-45
Printed programme of activities at Burlington Hall Neighbourhood Centre. Winter Session 1945-46
Copy of Outlook, magazine of the Brotherhood Movement, Christian men's and women's groups,
No 329 June 1947
Printed copy of Presidential address delivered at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Guild of Co-operators 5.4.47
Printed leaflet, "Why You Should Become A Forester", issued by the Ancient Order of Foresters' Friendly Society
Printed invitation form (uncompleted) to a series of talks given by London Co-op Society in association with "Learning for Living". Undated
Printed leaflets (2) publicising WVS scheme to create gardens for prefabs, with photographs. One large, one smaller, wording identical 1947
Pamphlet," The Fuel Crisis: The Facts" published by the Labour Party March 1947
Pamphlet "Labour's Economic Plan". Transcript of speech given by Herbert Morrison at Annual Conference of Labour Party 13.6.46
Pamphlet "Financing Labour's Plan", transcript of speech given at Labour Party Annual Conference by Hugh Dalton, Chancellor of the Exchequer 14.6.46
Pamphlet, "Politics and Bread", published by the Co-operative Party, undated
Printed programme for St John's Ambulance Brigade Sport's Day 12.7.47
Pamphlet, "Cards on the Table", an interpretation of Labour's foreign policy published by the Labour Party. Undated
Pamphlet, "Labour for Higher Production" 1947
Handbill for house to house distribution, Labour Party recruitment publicity after 1945 election
Pamphlet," You Voted Left, You Did Right", Labour Party, publicity material 1945, post election
Duplicated handbill advertising meeting of St Philip's Youth Club to discuss forthcoming activities 12.5.47

53/2/C: Voluntary Organisations: London, Bethnal Green
Handwritten report of meeting of the Central London Fabian Society 23.7.47. (FL)
Handwritten report on activities and organisation of the Variety Artist's Benevolent Fund 20.8.47 (BL)
Handwritten report of interview with Secretary of Oxford House Settlement, Bethnal Green. Undated (AHL)
Handwritten report of interview with head of Oxford House 6.8.47 (BS)
Printed booklet, Annual Report of Oxford House 1946
Handwritten report of interview with head of Bethnal Green Medical Mission. Undated (AHL)
Pamphlet, "The Further History of the Bethnal Green and East London Housing Association Ltd" October 1936
Brochure publicising appeal by above Association to convert blitzed buildings into flats. 1944
Handwritten report including interviews with members of Bethnal Green Allotment and Gardens Association 5.8.47 (HPD)
Handwritten interview with RC priest involved in Workers' Educational Association activities in Bethnal Green 15.8.47 (HPD)
Handwritten interview with Secretary of Bethnal Green Branch of Co-op Mixed Guilds 5.8.47 (HPD)
Duplicated copy of report No 39 of the Association for Planning and Regional Reconstruction, "A Profile of Bethnal Green" February 1946
Handwritten list of voluntary organisations active in Bethnal Green 29.7.47 (MM)
Printed handbill describing the work of the 'Christian Community' in Bethnal Green since 1685 and soliciting donations 17.11.43 (two copies)
Printed handbill similar to above 15.6.44
Large printed and illustrated brochure, "The Story of the Christian Community" published 1935

53/2/D: Voluntary Organisations: Bethnal Green (cont)
Typed and handwritten list of officers and members of LCC Bethnal Green Youth Committee
Printed booklet, "Bethnal Green's Ordeal", a description of the work of Civil Defence Volunteers during 1939 to 1945, published February 1946
Issue No 8 of Bethnal Green Citizen monthly newspaper published by Political Committee of London Co-op Society August 1947
Press cutting about exhibition of work by Bethnal Green Men's Institute Hackney Gazette 9.6.47
Printed letter fundraising for University House Club in Bethnal Green. Undated
Handwritten report of meeting interested in setting up boys club on a LCC housing estate in Bethnal Green 12.8.47 (HPD)
Handwritten report on adult education in Bethnal Green undated (HPD)

REEL 66, TC 53, BOX 2 (continued)
Handwritten report on Bethnal Green Allotments and Gardens Association. Includes interview with Secretary and informal conversation with members 5.8.47 (HPD)
Handwritten report on 'settlements' in Bethnal Green 11.7.47 (IPS)
Handwritten interview with Chairman of Bethnal Green British Legion HQ. Undated (AJL)
Handwritten list of churches in Bethnal Green. Undated (AJL)
Handwritten reports of interviews with members of voluntary groups including WVS, Housing Associations, Enterprise Club and Institute and Rotary Club 23.7.47 (DH)
53/2/E: Voluntary Groups: Tottenham
Typed list of voluntary groups in Tottenham, also duplicated copy 19.4.47
Typed and handwritten reports of interviews with officers and members of voluntary groups, and reports of meetings attended by observers
Traders' Hall OAP Club; meeting report 24.7.47 (DH)
North Tottenham OAP Club; interviews 27.7.47 (DH)
OAP Club, Tottenham Public Library; meeting report 30.7.47 (BL)
Crowland Social and Literary Club; interviews 22.7.47 (BS)
Tottenham Liberal and Radical Working Men's Club; interview 27.7.47 (HPD)
Workers' Educational Association; interview 3.8.47 (KB)
Hermitage Players; interview 23.7.47 (BS)
Shop-Keepers' Association; interview 25.7.47 (KB)
Women's Officer, Tottenham Employment Exchange; interview 21.7.47 (BL)
Congregational Church; interview 23.7.47 (BS)
Warmington House Women's Guild; meeting report 29.7.47 (DH)
Congregational Young People's Fellowship; interview 25.7.47 (BS)
Coleraine Labour Party, Women's Section; meeting report 30.7.47 (KB)
British Legion Women's Section; interview 25.7.47 (LB)
Toc H; interview undated (AJL)
Pleasant Sunday Afternoon (Christian brotherhood and sisterhood groups); interview 23.7.47 (IPS)
Invalid Children's Aid Association; interview 23.7.47 (DH)
Evening Institute (run by Education Authority); interview 24.7.47 (HPD)
British Legion; interview 22.7.47 (AJL)
White Hart Lane Tenants' Association; interviews 14.8.47 (KB)
53/2/F: Voluntary Groups: Tottenham (cont)
Further typed and handwritten report of interviews and observations of meetings as in previous file
Co-op Women's Guild, S Tottenham; meeting report 22.7.47 (BS)
Liberal and Radical Working Men's Club; interview 29.7.47 (HPD)
North Tottenham Labour Ward Association; interviews 29.7.47 (HPD)
Congregational Church Guild; interviews 25.7.47 (BS)
Workers' Educational Association 14.8.47 (KB)
British Legion Members; interview. Undated (AJL)
Coleraine Women's Section of Labour Party; interviews 23.7.47 (KB)
South Tottenham Unionist Association (Women's Section); interview 26.7.47 (KB)
Borough Public Relations and Information Office; interview 18.7.47 (BL)
Press notice issued by above office, July 1947
Mayor of Tottenham's secretary (charity work); interview 21.7.47 (BL)
Girl Guides and Rangers; interview 28.7.47 (LB)
St John's Ambulance Brigade; interview 23.7.47 (IPS)
Conservative Club; interview 22.7.47 (DH)
Warmington House Women's Guild; interview 21.7.47 (LB)
North Tottenham Labour Party, Park Ward Association; interview 21.7.47 (HPD)
Tottenham gardening group (not specified); interview (AJL)
Typed report and analysis of visits to groups in Tottenham, undated M-O
Typed list of names and addresses supplied by the Labour Party 15.9.47
Printed Annual Report of Tottenham Invalid Children's Aid Association, 1946
Printed rules of Creighton Road Allotments' Association, Tottenham, drawn up 1930
Handwritten analysis of social groups in Tottenham, undated
53/2/G: Voluntary Groups: Tottenham; Industrial Welfare and Youth Clubs
Handwritten interview with production manager of Rego Clothiers Ltd about welfare provision in the factory 27.7.47 (BL)
Typed copy of rules of the Rego Cutters Mutual Sick Society
Handwritten interview with manager of Klinger Manufacturing Co about their plans to set up a factory day nursery 23.7.47 (BL)
Printed handbill publicising Klinger's Workers' outing 18.7.47
Typed report on types of youth club in Tottenham 24.8.47 (HPD)
Handwritten interview with warden of Youth Club run by Tottenham Youth Committee 23.7.47 (HPD)
Handwritten interview with leader of a church boys' club 25.7.47
Handwritten interview with secretary of a mixed youth club 24.7.47 (IPS)
Handwritten interview with secretary of a mixed church youth club 30.7.47

REEL 66, TC 53, BOX 2 (continued)
Handwritten interview with committee member of a church youth club 30.7.47 (IPS)
Handwritten selection of indirects on the subject of state help for youth clubs and other problems, undated (HPD)
Handwritten report of visit to voluntary youth club 28.7.47 (HPD)
Handwritten selection of observations and indirects relating to youth clubs in Tottenham 29.7.47 (HPD)
Typed conclusions from a detailed study of 78 youth organisations in Tottenham 3.9.47
Handwritten analysis of attitudes of members of youth organisations; some tabulations 21.8.47 (HPD)
53/2/H: Voluntary Organisations: Bolton
Handwritten and typed observations and interviews with members of voluntary groups active in Bolton
Bolton Girls' Recreational Club, observations of garden party, August 1947
Bolton Art Circle, interview. Undated
Bolton Lads' Club; interview. Undated
Girls' Recreational Club; interview. Undated
Reform Club, Bolton; interview. Undated
Christian Alliance of Women and Girls; interview. Undated
Bolton Rotary Club; interview. Undated
Youth Hostels Association; interview. Undated
Bolton Guild of Help; interview. Undated
Queen Street Mission Bolton, with printed Annual Report for 1946
Bolton Women Citizens' Association; interview. Undated
Weavers' Association, Bolton. Undated
OAP Association; interview and meeting report. Undated
Bolton Choral Union; interview. Undated
Old People's Welfare Council and Over 60 Clubs; interview. Undated
Bolton and District OAP Association; meeting agenda. Undated
Handwritten list of organisations and their addresses in Bolton. Undated
Handwritten replies to two questions about the future of voluntary organisations. Undated
53/2/I: Voluntary Groups, Other areas: Background Statistics
Handwritten report on Burlington Hall Neighbourhood Centre Aston, Birmingham 22.11.46 (MM)
Typed report on Engineers Study Group, London 28.5.47 (PH)
Handwritten report of visit to a Loan Club meeting in an Ealing pub 1.8.47 (HPD)
Typed report of Edgeware Rotary Club Weekly Luncheon 6.8.47
Letter and information about Western area of Toc H 18.8.47
Typed report on Colliery Institute in Wales 30.7.47
Handwritten background statistics on Bethnal Green 6.7.47 (MM)
Handwritten lists of background statistics on Tottenham 21.8.47 (BL)
Typed guide for observers about aims and suggested methods for organisation visits. Undated
Handwritten rough analysis of organisation members by sex, age, background etc
Handwritten rough outline of report to Beveridge Voluntary Social Services Inquiry on voluntary groups. August 1947
Typed informal from charity official about appeals 23.8.47 (KB)
See also 66/1/B for similar material on voluntary groups in Aston and other areas of Birmingham

53/3/A: Human Needs in Planning
Typed papers from the Conference of the British Social Hygiene Council 1947, "The Family at Work and Play"
"The Family and the Nation", Gilbert McAllister MP
"The Family at Home", R Nicholas
"The Family at School", R. Weatherall and Lady Simon
"The Family Growing Up", Marjorie Hume
"Problem Homes", C. Fraser Brocklington
"The Family at Work", Sir Thomas Thomas and Marjorie Reeves
"The Family at Play", F.S. Milligan, A.S. Blofeld, Bill Butlin, and Major Eyre Carter
Typed copy of a paper given at RIBA Conference, January 1946 "The Spheres of Influence of Institutions in Urban Areas", Ruth Glass

53/3/B: Proposals for new Social Services
Replies from volunteers to question 4 of May Directive 1947 on attitudes to voluntary social services. Approx 100 replies , typed and handwritten
Typed analysis of Directive replies. Undated

REEL 67, TC 53, BOX 3 (continued)
53/3/C: Social Services Surveys of Dunster and Luccombe 1947
Handwritten report, "Background to Dunster", undated (LB)
Typed report on Dunster Social Services, 33 pages 16.8.47 (LB)
Handwritten informals on the extent of helpfulness among village people; undated (LB)
Handwritten observations on Dunster Girl Guide group undated (LB)
Typed notice of Guide meeting 13.8.47
Printed handbill for Guide rally 4.6.47
Typed copy of programme of meetings held by Dunster Women's Institute from January to June 1947
Printed handbill for Dunster Summer Horticultural Show 16.8.47
Press cutting; adverts for Exford Horse Show and British Field Sports Society. Somerset Free Press 9.8.47
Press cutting, Dunster local football fixtures. Undated
Report of charity fete at Dunster Castle Somerset Free Press 9.8.47
Press cutting, report of local charity and sporting activities Somerset Free Press 8.8.47
Handwritten report on Luccombe Social Services 24.6.47 (VT)
Handwritten report on Luccombe, voluntary groups and holidays 3.7.47 (BS)

53/3/D: Holidays
Handwritten overheard about holiday camps 8.7.47 (MS, GL)
Typed 9 page report on holidays (M-O) 1947

53/3/E: The Terminology Test
Handwritten replies to a 7 point questionnaire asking for definitions of terms eg charity, social service, voluntary work. Approximately 60 replies from Euston and Hammersmith 24.11.47 (BS, IPS, LB)
Handwritten rough notes for analysis of questionnaire

53/3/F: Introduction to Friendly Societies
Typed copy of "Introductory Memorandum on Friendly Societies", memo No 3 of the Voluntary Social Services Inquiry by AF Wells. 43 pages including tables and reading list 30.4.47
Typed copy of "A note on other bodies registered under the Friendly Societies Act", memo 3a of the Voluntary Social Services Inquiry by AF Wells. Dealing with cattle insurance societies, shop clubs and working men's clubs. 14 pages 9.5.47
Typed copy of points from an address given by Lord Beveridge on the Friendly Societies movement at the AGM of National Deposit Friendly Society 2.6.47

53/3/G: Friendly Societies Questionnaire 1947
Typed copy of a 6 point questionnaire about membership of Friendly Societies. Undated
Typed and handwritten replies to above questionnaire from various areas of London and Bolton. Approx 200 replies. August and September 1947 (IPS, HPD, DH, JG, BS, ML, VB, KB)

53/3/H: Friendly Societies: Interviews
Handwritten interviews with members and officers of Friendly Societies. 17 informal interviews from Tottenham, Bethnal Green, Bolton. July and August 1947 (HPD, MM, JG, BS, IPS, KB, BL)
Handwritten replies to interviews with Friendly Society members about their attitudes to Trade Unions, from Bolton, Bethnal Green and Tottenham. July and August 1947 (RL, IPS, KB)
Handwritten replies by Society members to questions about their social involvement with their Society. Approx 50 replies from various areas, September to October 1947 (IPS, NT, RHC)
Interview with solicitor about Friendly Societies in a small Welsh mining community 25.6.47 (JG)

53/3/I: Friendly Societies: General and Analytical Material
Typed guide to observers on the general objects of the survey . Undated
Typed and handwritten report on attitudes among the general public towards Friendly Societies, includes some tabulations, 30 pages . Undated
Handwritten note on why people join Friendly Societies
Handwritten informal quotations on the subject of Friendly Societies . Undated
Handwritten tabulated breakdown of attitudes to Friendly Societies (IPS)
Handwritten tabulation of Tottenham figures 12.8.47 (HPD)
Typed description of a Thrift Society signboard 2.7.47 (MS, GL)
Printed Annual report of National Deposit Friendly Society for 1946

REEL 67, TC 53, BOX 3 (continued)
Printed press statement on Lord Beveridge's third report," Voluntary Action", issued by National Deposit Friendly Society. October 1948
Printed booklet, "The Way Ahead - The Strange Case of the Friendly Societies", published by the National Conference of Friendly Societies, June 1946
Handwritten tabulation of results to a questionnaire from Aston 23.8.47 (LB)
Handwritten notes on opinions about various individual Friendly Societies, undated

53/4/A, B, C: Attitudes Questionnaire 1947
Typed copy of 13 point questionnaire, with suggested categories for replies, on attitudes to social relations including questions on Trade Unions, Friendly Societies, Co-ops, hospitals, charities, youth clubs, OAPs , voluntary organisations and future proposals for social services, Undated
Handwritten replies to above questionnaire. Approx 300 replies from Bethnal Green, Aston, Bolton and Tottenham. July to August 1947 (RL, MM, KB, BS, HPD, VB, DH, BL, AHL)

53/4/D: Analyses of Attitudes Questionnaire
Handwritten rough notes for analysis of attitudes questionnaire, undated
Tabulated analysis sheets for attitudes questionnaire undated (KB, HPD, WLM)

53/4/E: Voluntary Work Questionnaire 1947
Typed note with guidance to observers
Handwritten draft of 13 point questionnaire
Typed and handwritten replies to a 13 point questionnaire about involvement or otherwise in voluntary work and opinions about services which are or should be available. Approx 100 replies from York, Tottenham, Bethnal Green, Kensington, New Earswick (N.Yorks). June to July 1947 (VB, KB, DH, BS, IPS, AHL)
53/4/F: Voluntary Work Questionnaire (cont)
Handwritten questionnaire replies as above. Approx 80 from Aston, Bolton, Carhampton, Watchet, Tottenham, June to July 1947 (J0, ADH, BS, LB, DH)
Handwritten informals on voluntary organisations. Approx 30 from Westbourne Grove, London. June 1947 (LB)

53/4/G: Voluntary Work Questionnaire: Analyses and Reports
Handwritten general impressions of replies to questionnaire
Typed programme of work for observers 29.5.47 (BW)
Typed note on suggestions for new social services, undated
Typed report on "Beveridge 2 informals" about voluntary social services; incomplete draft copy
Final copy of above report
Typed analysis of the Voluntary Work Questionnaire replies, annotated in pencil
Second typed copy of above, incomplete
Handwritten drafts of above analysis
Handwritten quotations extracted from informals about voluntary social services
Handwritten tables of official viewpoints on attitudes to voluntary social services by members and officers of named organisations, undated (BL)

53/4/H: Beveridge Survey 1947: Supplementary Material
Typed list of organisations consulted or investigated during survey
Typed report, "People and the Co-op " 1.9.47 (M-O)
Pamphlet, "State and Municipal Trading", published by the Co-operative Union Ltd; undated
Pamphlet, "A Guide to the National Insurance Act", published by the Labour Party 1946
Typed report on the legal status and classification of Friendly Societies, undated (KB)
Collection of press cuttings broadly related to mutual aid, May to July 1947.



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