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Papers from the Mass-Observation Archive at the University of Sussex

Part 11: Topic Collections - Industry and Social Conditions, 1938-1955

Part 12: Topic Collections - Sexual Behaviour, 1939-1950

Detailed Listing - Part 11


REEL 192


TC 7: 1 box only


Leaflet: announcing competition
Assortment of typed statements on happiness
Handwritten analytic tables
Quotations from Rousseau and Pope, handwritten
Two pages from New Statesman, 1938

Responses to Hilton Competition

Follow-up questionnaires to material in 7/1/B

REEL 193


TC 10: 1 box only

'Ask Your Dad' was a political slogan first used by Morgan Phillips, Secretary of the Labour Party, Peckham, on 9.10.48, to remind people what Toryism really means. 'Ask Your Dad' refers to the Labour Party allegation that the Conservatives were to blame for the bad conditions and unemployment between the wars

10/1/A: 'Ask Your Dad' Survey 1948

Survey instructions for investigators

Responses to survey questionnaire asking people where they came across the expression 'Ask Your Dad', what it means, who first said it and why, asking about slogans in general and which political party they support at present. London November-December 1948 (LB, DH, BS, IPS)

Tabulations of survey results on newspaper response to the slogan, October 1948

10/1/B: Use of the slogan at Edmonton By-Election 1948

Further material on Edmonton By-Election can be found in TC 46: By-Elections)

Handwritten report on the by-election including observations of the use of the slogan on posters, interviews with candidates about the slogan (LB) 11.11.48

Responses to survey questionnaire three days before the by-election, Edmonton 11.11.48 (EP)

Press cuttings with reference to by-election and slogan

Typed list of various government slogans

10/1/C: 'Ask Your Dad' Survey 1949

Responses to survey questionnaire, London January 1949 (JPS, BS, LB, DH)

Tabulations of survey results on 'Ask Your Dad' slogan, January 1949

Report on survey results 29.1.49 (MLY)

10/1/D & E: Press cuttings

Miscellaneous press cuttings with reference to the 'Ask Your Dad' slogan

REEL 194

COAL MINING : 1938-48

TC 64: 2 boxes


64/1/A: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey 1942

Handwritten report on survey of Blaina and Nantyglo, South Wales (based mainly on Blaina)-approx. 280 pages, 1942 (MT)

Typed note about publishing report in book form, undated

64/1/B: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey 1942

Typescript of report on Blaina and Nantyglo with handwritten corrections-approx. 210 pages, October 1942

Typed appendix to survey with handwritten corrections, September 1943

64/1/C: Blaina and Nantyglo Survey-Miscellaneous 1938-43

Miscellaneous handwritten notes for survey, undated

Typed interviews about women munition workers with:
2 women munition workers
2 women with daughters in munition work
1 woman councillor (at Rogerstone, Usk-undated)

Three typed interviews with miners about the future of mining, Sunlight Colliery, Beynon Colliery-undated

Two typed observations of reaction to news of Italy surrendering and a pub concert-undated

Typed Nantyglo and Blaina Urban District Council (N&BUDC) Housing Report, 1938?

Printed copy of Conciliation Board Agreement for the Coal Trade of Monmouthshire and South Wales, March 1942

Typed summary of N&BUDC Post-War Reconstruction Conference of Former Special Areas, 20.7.43

Two typed reports 'Post-War Housing Needs' by members of two wards in Blaina and Nantyglo, undated

Typed notes on subsidence in Blaina and Nantyglo (N&BUDC), 9.9.43

Typed record of births, birth rate, number of deaths and death rate 1907-39
(N&BUDC), September 1943

64/1/D: Blaina Manuscript 1944

Typed manuscript for proposed book 'Blaina' with introduction by Leonard Woolf, approx. 249 pages 8.4.44

REEL 195


64/2/A: Survey of a strike at Betteshanger Colliery, Kent 1942

Handwritten general description of colliery and management 17-18.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten summary of strike, 19.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten interviews with miners on reasons for strike, 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with local people on reasons for strike 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with miners on attitude to being on strike 17.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten summary and miners indirects on attitudes to summonses for striking 16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten interviews with miners and miners' wives about wages including examples of pay packets and household budgets, 16.1.42 (VT)

Interviews with women related to miners, on attitude to strike 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten report of meeting between Ministry of Mines officials and miners representatives, Sandwich 15.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects with shop keepers and people from Deal on attitudes to strike, 17.1.42 (VT)

Two handwritten overheards on attitudes to strike in street and pub, Deal 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten overheards in pub on rumours about strike, Deal 16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects in pubs (mainly miners' pubs) and a restaurant about strike, Deal 14-16.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirects in fish and chip bar about strike, Deal 14.1.42 (VT)

Handwritten indirect on strike with controller of Ministry of Mines, 22.1.42 (TH)

Three typed reports on general morale of miners, reaction to events ie trial of miners and end of strike, 26.1.42-4.2.42 (VT)

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings on strike, January 1942

Typed extracts from newspapers and Hansard January-February 1942

Coal delivery notice 8.1.42

Coal Mine Survey-Manchester, Nottingham and London 1944-47

This survey was carried out by a Mass-Observer conscripted to work in the mines

25 handwritten letters from EG to Bob Willcock about mine survey, Manchester, Nottingham 1944-45

Typed QQ on family 14.6.44

Handwritten contents page for survey in date order, May 1944 December 1946 (EG)

Handwritten notes and typed report 'Training for the Mines', Swinton Training Centre Manchester May 1944 (EG)

Handwritten special report on Newton Colliery and Training Centre, Swinton Manchester 15.5.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on first trip down the mine 21.5.44 (EG)

Handwritten indirects and overheards on miners attitudes to trainees, Bevin Boys, mining in general, wages, lodgings, women, the war, strikes, the future, pit closures, Swinton 17.5.44-3.6.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on opinions of trainees, Swinton 1.6.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on first day at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 22.6.44 (EG)

Two handwritten reports on investigators personal experience of billetting problems 22.6.44-22.6.44 (EG)

25 handwritten indirects and overheards on billetting, female morals, treatment of pit ponies, effects of war, mining in general, shifts, Nottingham 27.6.44-8.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on billetting and other Bevin Boy problems, Nottingham 7.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on general information about Clifton Colliery 13.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten reports on strike at Clifton Colliery 17-18.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on personal billetting position 24.7.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on general opinions about work, recreation, war and the future, Nottingham 1.8.44 (EG)

2 handwritten reports on safety conditions and first aid in Clifton Colliery, 3-4.8.44 (EG)

Handwritten report 'Holiday Week'-holidays at home, evacuees, food, news from Clifton and other mines 15.8.44 (EG)

2 handwritten reports on victimisation in the mines,-Nottingham 24-25.8.44 (EG)

8 handwritten indirects with miners and Bevin Boys on attitudes to mining in general, absenteeism, pacifism, Nottingham 15-24.8.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on working of Clifton Colliery and safety, 30.8.44-16.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on war news survey-reactions to newspaper articles, London and Nottingham 5-9.9.44

2 handwritten reports on safety at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 16-24.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on welfare amenities and bad treatment of pit ponies, Nottingham 27.9.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on treatment of ponies, attitudes to sex and indirect on coal production, Nottingham 4.10.44 (EG)
Handwritten report on statistics for accidents and earnings, Nottingham 10.10.44 (EG)

Handwritten report-general information, wages, sickness and pay, housing, militancy, Nottingham 14.10.44 (EG)

46 handwritten indirects and overheards-miscellaneous mines and war, Nottingham 18.10.44-17.11.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on 'Timbering', Nottingham 26.10.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on attempted walk out, Nottingham 1.12.44 (EG)

7 handwritten miscellaneous indirects with miners on absenteeism, pit ponies, Bevin Boys, Nottingham 1-11.12.44 (EG)

Handwritten. report on a meeting to protect interests of Bevin Boys, Nottingham 15.12.44 (EG)

Handwritten report on statistics for coal production in war years, Nottingham 19.12.44 (EG)

23 handwritten miscellaneous indirects and overheards with miners on mining, sex, politics, Nottingham 1.1.45-16.2.45 (EG)

Handwritten report on the end of the war and effect on mining industry, Nottingham 17.9.45 (EG)

Handwritten report-drawing of pit and explanation of how it works, Bevin Boy and general situation, Nottingham 23.12.45 (EG)

Handwritten report on unofficial stoppages, Nottingham 8.3.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on general conditions in mine, production and Bevin Boys, Nottingham 29.5.46 (EG)

Handwritten report-technical information about Clifton mine including diagrams, Nottingham 1.8.46 (EG)
Handwritten report on August Bank holiday, Nottingham, Beckenham, Bognor, 5.8.46 (EG)

Handwritten report-summary of general situation at Clifton Colliery, Nottingham 1.9.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on use of new explosive, Nottingham 8.11.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on production, absenteeism and Bevin Boys, Nottingham 30.12.46 (EG)

Handwritten report on exhibition "The Miner Comes to Town", Marble Arch London 23.9.47 (DN, EG)

64/2/C: Special reports on miners 1947

Typed letter and instructions on how to write case histories of miners, 10.9.47

Handwritten correspondence and 4 handwritten and typed special reports on miners sent in by members of the volunteer panel, Nottinghamshire, Monmouthshire, September 1947

Handwritten notes on mining survey, undated

Handwritten overheards on latest coal strike 28.8.47

64/2/D: Article for Coal by Mass-Observation 1948

Typed correspondence about article commissioned by National Coal Board on Londoners' attitudes to coal miners, for publication in Coal magazine January 1948-April 1948

Typed correspondence with T. Booth Waddicor and Partners Ltd. (advertising agency) about miners reactions to an advert to appear in Coal and report on understanding language, 1-18.6.48 (LE)

64/2/E: Survey of miners for National Coal Board-Doncaster 1948

Typed correspondence about survey commissioned by NCB on attitudes of miners and their wives to NCB and mining in general, 7.5.48-15.11.48
Typed and draft copy of suggested outline for survey, 3.5.48

Typed copy of pilot QQ with handwritten corrections, May 1948

Two typed copies of final QQ, May 1948

Typed QQ for survey with subjects selected by NCB's Director of Public Relations 6.6.48

Typed analysis of response to QQs with handwritten corrections, 3.6.48

Two typed copies and handwritten draft of main conclusions from QQ and suggestions for further investigation 3.6.48

Typed comments from Coal Board meeting, 4.6.48

Handwritten and typed final report on survey (undated)

64/2/F: Survey of miners for National Coal Board-Doncaster 1948

Typed copy of QQ for opinion survey May 1948

153 handwritten responses to QQ from miners and miners' wives, Doncaster May 1948 (BS, IPS)

Typed coding sheets and handwritten analysis sheets for QQ, May 1948 (JS)

64/2/G: Survey of miners for NCB-Doncaster (Rossington) 1948

Typed report of Rossington survey, June 1948 (JG)

Typed report on methods used in survey, June 1948

Typed description of miners' canteen at Rossington, 22.6.48

Typed informal interviews with various mine workers (Rossington): -
Clerk 19.6.48
Pit scientist 20.6.48
Pit bobby 21.6.48
Union official 21.6.48
Charge firer 18.6.48
Collier 23.6.48
Collier 18.6.48
Ripper 23.6.48
Surface worker 17.6.48
Collier Trainee 18.6.48
Stoneworker 17.6.48
Foreman boiler fitter 19.6.48
Haulage man 19.6.48

64/2/H: Survey of miners for NCB-Doncaster 1948

Handwritten indirects with miners on canteens, nationalisation, conditions in the mines, strikes, wages, management and union, Doncaster June 1948?

Handwritten interview with Anglican minister and Mrs J?, Doncaster June 1948?

Handwritten miners reactions to miners demonstration day in Doncaster, June 1948?

Handwritten interview with Area Manager Doncaster, June 1948

Handwritten analysis, Doncaster June 1948

64/2/I: Doncaster and London opinion surveys-1948

Handwritten report on differences in attitudes between Doncaster mining areas and London street samples, 29.6.48 (BS)

Handwritten quotes on what people think about nationalising the mines from London street sample 29.6.48 (BS)
Handwritten quotes on what people think about nationalisation from Doncaster opinion survey 30.6.48

64/2/J: Coal mining-miscellaneous 1939-48

Typed letter from Gas Light and Coke Company, London about coke and coal rationing, 23.9.39

Typed extracts from News Quotas on volunteers for mines and Nottinghamshire miners strike, September 1945

Typed report and analysis on QQ-attitudes to conscription of men for mine work, 28.12.43 (GM)

Handwritten report on visit to a coal mine, 29.3.44 (LE)

Typed sheet on extra rations for miners-information given to Mass-Observation by Ministry of Food, 20.2.48

Miscellaneous pamphlets: -
London and Cambridge Economic Services Report on Current Economic Conditions, 1943
Post-War Reconstruction of Industry in South Wales by WC Devereux 1943
Take A Look At A Coal Mine HMSO, 1946?
A Well Paid Man's Job-There's a future in coal, Ministry of Fuel and Power-NCB, 1947
Why I'm becoming a Coal Miner (by a young South African)
National Union of Mineworkers Rules, 1947
NCB Quarterly Statistical Statement, January 1948

64/2/K: Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings-1943-48

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings on mining and miners 1943-48

Handwritten notes (undated)

REEL 196

INDUSTRY 1944-55

TC 75: 12 boxes

Introductory Notes

Most of the early material in this collection was acquired in the course of the 1941-42 Industrial Survey carried out by Mass-Observation, which resulted in the publication of People in Production (Advertising Services Guild 'Change' series, No.4, 1942) and War Factory (1943). Both these books are available for consultation in the Archive, and researchers are referred to them for further information about the aims, scope, and results of this major survey. (NB: references to these books in the handlist appear as PP and WF.) There is also material acquired in the course of a number of specifically targetted, unpublished, surveys during 1943-44, for example the major study 'Tube Investments'. The later part of the collection is not extensive: between 1945-49 there are reports on Strikes and Disputes; and there is a single file from 1955 at the end of the sequence. The small amount of pre-war material has been integrated on the whole with the rest of the collection, and will be found under subject headings, as it would appear to have been collected as background material for the Industrial Survey of 1941-42 (There are much fuller collections of pre-war material in other TCs held in the Archive)

The bulk of the collection has been organised either by content or by form. Generally speaking, the researcher may assume that where one is prioritised over the other, the choice followed indications of original M-O intentions

An exception has been made in the case of the very large amount of secondary source material found in this collection, which will usually be found to be sorted by form, and sub-divided under subject headings. This was done to retain a clear sense of the extent of primary source material collected by M-O, and also because there are indications that a great deal of the secondary source material was used/collected by one or two individuals as background reference for the M-O books, and was not collected by fieldworkers as part of the Survey (see 75/7/E, 'Wyatt & Langdon', for example). The majority, also, of Tom Harrisson's notes have been collected in a separate file, because in most cases they are so nearly illegible that, except where they were found physically attached to another item, it has been impossible to relate them with any certainty to specific areas of the collection. To that extent, they remain unsorted

In the material dating from 1944 onwards, sorting by form and chronology predominates, as in most cases it consists of separately identifiable surveys

Because of wartime secrecy about industrial locations as well as M-O's consistent use of code numbers/names, it is often difficult to identify or cross reference places and people mentioned in this material. The reader may find the notes attached to individual files or entered in the handlist, useful in this respect

Duplicates: As a rule, where duplicated documents are found in the same file, the extra copies will be (a) annotated by M-O personnel-Roman numerals often refer to Chapters in People in Production-or are (b) clearer versions than the topcopy

Some material not on Industry has been retained where it was collected, eg 75/11/G, replies to qq on baby clinics and infant feeding, 1949

VJ Allanson, 25.11.87


75/1/A: Introductory Material

Draft of Introduction to People in Production (tss)

Draft of page 264, Ch XLVII for People in Production

Diary extract re publication of People in Production; 16.5.42

Planning notes (mss) for overall survey (RF) 19.1.42

'Industrial Investigation' (tss) 13.11.41

'Location of Centres for Investigation' (carbon tss) 22.10.41

List of completed M-O reports (ms)
Note of Inv arrival times (ms)

Note (ts), undated, on recruitment and secondary sources

Pencilled note on secondary sources (LRD) 22.1.42

Memo (ms) on speech (RF) 18.3.42

Chart of unemployment figures in 1921 and 1931: undated (ML)

Unemployment figures in GB, 1919-42 (RF) 4.2.42

75/1/B: Introductory Material

Two typed copies of an early draft (?) of the Industrial Questionnaire, undated

Typed and annotated copies of the Industrial QQ: 7.1.42 (2 copies), 8-9.1.42 and 23.1.42 (2 copies)

Investigators' (mss) copies of the Industrial QQ, various versions: 7.1.42, 9.1.42, 13-14.1.42

Typed 'Notes for Investigators on Industrial Questionnaire'

Handwritten comments on the QQ by Investigators: (RF, EG) Jan 1942

Miscellaneous notes, calculations, etc.; various Inv (mss)

Typed report on responses to QQ: (CF) 3.2.42

'General Impressions' of Industry QQ Survey: (EG, RCC) Jan 1942 (mss & tss)

75/1/C: Responses to Questionnaire: London and South

Handwritten Investigators' notes of verbal responses to QQ gathered in Acton; Battersea; Clapton; Croydon; Great West Road; Hackney; Harrow Rd; Hendon; Homerton; Kentish Town; Kings Cross; Maidenhead; Notting Hill Gate; Putney; Shepherd's Bush, Walthamstow; Wandsworth; Watford, and Wembley. Jan 1942. (CM, RCC, JS, MC, VT, MS, EG, MT, CF, DH)
75/1/D: Responses to Questionnaire: London and Coventry

Responses to Industrial QQ in Coventry, Hammersmith, and Shepherd's Bush (VT) Feb 1942; and unidentified QQ responses-probably Industrial QQ-in CF's handwriting

75/1/E: Responses to Questionnaire: Luton

Investigators' notes (mss & tss) of verbal responses to QQ, Jan 1942 (MT, CM, EG, MS, DH)

75/1/F: Responses to Questionnaire: Welwyn Garden City

Mostly handwritten Investigators' notes of verbal responses to Questionnaire, Jan 1942 (MT, CM, EG, MS, DH)

75/1/G: Extracted Responses

Mostly typed quotes extracted from responses to Questionnaire

REEL 197


75/2/A-D: Industrial Feelings QQ

Analysis Sheets: London

Analysis Sheets: Luton and Welwyn Garden City

Analysis Sheets: Chester

Correlations/Totals: London, Luton and Chester (JFF)

75/2/E: Other QQs: Replies, Totals, Summaries, and related material
Main Inconveniences QQ (BW) 20.2.42

Postwar Expectations QQ (JF) 11.8.42

Single page sketch (ts) for article 'What The People Want' (BW) 11.12.41

8 page draft for same article; also carbon copy with first page missing. (BW) 27.12.41

75/2/F: Jobs QQ Replies

Anonymous article (2 ts copies) 'Ideas About Jobs After The War', 15.9.41

QQ replies from London: Islington, Kilburn, Camden Town, Fulham, Kings Cross (MS VT CF DH CM) Sept 1941

75/2/G: Jobs QQ Replies

Replies from Worcester (MS VT DH CF) Sept 1941

75/2/H: Jobs QQ Analysis Sheets

Most (probably all) from Worcester survey

REEL 198


75/3/A: Women's War Work

Short QQ, with responses, on Bevin's appeal for women workers in the factories. (mss 9pp). (DH) 31.3.41

Report based on observations at Camden Town Labour Exchange. (ts 10pp). (CF) 18.4.41
Report based on observations at Brook Green and Marylebone Road Employment Exchanges. (ts 8pp). Printed leaflet attached (GH) 19.4.41

Report based on observations at Maidenhead Labour Exchange (mss 5pp). (DH) 19.4.41
Report based on observations at Fulham Labour Exchange (ts 2pp). (DS) 19.4.41

Report based on observations at Letchworth Employment Exchange (ts 2p). (BW) 20.4.41

Report based on observations at Fulham Labour Exchange (mss 3pp). (VW) 21.4.41

'Note on Women' s Registration' (ts 2pp), at Shepherd's Bush Labour Exchange. (RL) 28.10.41

Report for Scotland 'Women and War Work', 6.2.42; with Diary extract on Glasgow and West Scotland Women's Parliament, 25.1.42

74 M-O Diary extracts on conscription of women

Letter/report (ts) to TH from Osram Works, 5.11.42

Duplicate Osram report (ts 14pp): 'Recruitment of Women Workers to Factories' with graph showing labour turnover. 28.8.42

Printed memo from E Bevin on Women's Employment. 24.3.41

See also more reports from Labour Exchanges in TC 27: Work

75/3/B: Women's War Work: Full-time Observers' Reports

'General Industrial Attitudes' (2pp ts) Chester 15.1.42 (CF)

'Women Workers' report (7pp ts) annotated in pencil, Chester 15.1.42 (CF)

Draft of 'Women Workers' report (ts 6pp), titled 'Some Special Problems of Women Workers', Chester (CF)

'Women's War Work' (ts 2pp) Chester 19.1.42 (CF)

Indirect interviews (3pp mss) with women in Chester, Jan 1942 (CF, DH)

Notes (mss) on interviews with Coventry women, 18-20.11.41 (CF)

'Feelings of the Week' interview (ts lp), Wembley 17.1.42 (MS)

Transcript (4pp mss) of interviews with the Chairman of Supply Committee and the Manager of Coventry Labour Exchange, 24.11.41 (MS)

2 Unidentified extracts (ts) on women in factory work

Report (9pp ts) on Oldbury: 'General Background', 10.12.41 (CF)

Posters, Oldbury (MS) 6.10.41; 'Morale', Oldbury (CF)

Oldbury report (7pp ts): 'Women's War Work' 17.12.41 (CF)

Overheards, Chester Jan 1942 (MS, CF)

2 reports (tss 3pp):'Typical Day in a Factory' 11.2.42, and 'Arrival of a New Employee' 7.2.42 (CF)

Warwork, notes and indirects (mss), Oldbury July/Dec 1941 (DH, VT, MS)

Indirects, Bristol 12.2.42 (DH)

Welfare of Women Workers: list concerning 21 factories, Birmingham (?) Sept 1941

Luton War Work Exhibition report, April 1942 (CM), including 4 leaflets

Diary extracts on attitudes to women in war work

75/3/C: Women's War Work: Shopping

Shopping in Chester (4pp mss), 13.1.42 (MS)

Transcript (2pp ms) of an interview with the Secretary of St Pancras Chamber of Commerce on a shopping scheme for war workers, 29.1.42 (MT)

Report (20pp mss) on women's shopping in Acton and Hammersmith, 10.2.42 (VT)
Indirect interview with a woman munitions worker, Bristol 13.2.42 (MS)

Memo (ts) to G Chelioti (Osram) from CWC about a shopping experiment at the factory. 11.3.42

Leaflet 'Shopping For War Workers', Industrial Welfare Society, 10.3.42

5 Diary extracts on shopping; and Indirect from Notting Hill 9.2.42 (DH)

75/3/D: Wartime Rest Breaks for Women Workers

Letter (ts) to TH from Ruth Lever of the Liverpool Union of Girls' Clubs 23.2.42

Brochure, with insert, for a women's holiday hostel

Report (2pp ts):'Wartime Rest Breaks for Industrial Workers (women and girls): an Experiment', by Katherine Andrew, HM Inspector of Factories. 25.2.42

Circular letter (ts): 'Wartime Rest Breaks for Industrial Workers: an Additional Health Service for the Workers' by Ruth Lever

Printed article: 'Rest Breaks for Women and Girls' by E W Fox, July-Aug 1941. Also one typed copy of same

Osram circular 'Leave for Married Women', 9.2.42

75/3/E: Women's War Work, Secondary Sources (see also 75/6-8)

Extract from Ministry of Labour memo on publicity for women's war work. Dec 1941

Extract from Committee of National Expenditure: 'Female Labour'

Typed ex newspapers and journals

Article (ts): 'Employment of Women on Part-time Work' July 1941
Labour Management articles: 'The Problem of Shopping' (plus newscutting); 'Registration for Employment Order (Women) 1941'

Extract from a letter in Factory Manager, on creche arrangements

75/3/F: Health Survey

Report (2pp ts) on the effect of war on health, 3.2.42 (BW)

Indirect interviews on health in London (34pp tss & mss)

Indirect interviews (14pp mss) on health and transport, Bayswater 24.1.42 (EA)

Typed ex from M-O diaries (21), Oct 41-Feb 42

Indirects, 3.2.42 (EL)

QQ correlations/totals (ms) on health: London 4-18.2.42 (JFF), and London, Chester & Luton (HP)

QQ replies, Question 9. Unidentified but probably Health QQ

75/3/G: Billeting War Workers; Training for War Work

Report (3pp ms) on billeting in Chester, 11.1.42 (DH)

Report (2pp ms) on billeting in Coventry, 21.11.41 (DH)

Extract from a report (3pp ts) on Bristol Aeroplane Company, Bristol, by DRS Bassil (M-O Observer) (see also 75/5/F)

Ex from M-O diaries (7), Oct 41-Feb 42

3 pencilled notes on cards

Feelings about billets; pencilled notes

Indirect interview (ms) Chester, 11.1.42 (CF)

Ex Woodward letter (ts) 27.1.42
Printed Govt leaflet: 'Going Away On War Work' 20.5.41

6 extracts from secondary sources

'Hounslow Govt Training Centre' (ts) report 24.9.41 (PG)

Daily Express clipping 21.1.42: 'Bevin Closes 15 of his Centres'

Govt pamphlets: 'Training... Courses in Technical Colleges' Jan 41; and 'Training for War Work in the Engineering Industry' June 1941 (2 copies)

Copy of Sunday Dispatch article: 'Wife Learned Men-Only Job in 16 Weeks' 25.1.42

2 Extracts on 'Training', from Committee on National Expenditure 1940-41, and Planning Feb 42

Standard letter from E Bevin to male civilians exempted from call-up

75/3/H: Works Canteens/British Restaurants; Welfare Committees

Report (4pp mss) on the British Restaurant in Chester, 11.1.42 (DH)

Duplicated statement on the canteen at Rotol Airscrews Ltd from Rotol Shop Stewards committee 25.2.42 (D. Bassil)

Letter (2pp ms) from Eleanor Umney (Welfare Officer M-O Observer) at the Works Canteen, Hanwell Optical Co Ltd, Letchworth

6 copies (ts) of letters from E Umney, Jan-Feb 1942

Indirect Interview with a factory worker, Notting Hill Gate, 9.1.42 (DH)

Part of (ts) unidentified report on Works Canteen boycott

31 typed M-O diary extracts, Sept 41-Feb 42

Report (2pp ts) on 'Sports and Social Activities Available to Accles & Pollock Employees.' Oldbury 20.11.41

Description (ts) of the Welfare Committee of Air Ducts Ltd, Brentford, Jan 1942

Extract (ts) from letter from E Richardson, Nottingham Jan 1942

Letter/report from a Factory Welfare Officer (to TH from E Umney, probably), 5.2.42

5 (ts) Welfare Society/Club reports/extracts: Oxford, Donnington, Blackburn, Grantham

Threads the House Journal of Spirella Co, Letchworth. Booklet dated Nov 1941

Table of answers to 'Music While You Work' QQ, taken at Purfleet Works, 1938

Survey material on Works Magazines, 1940: Analysis sheets; Totals (2pp ts) 23.4.40 (JA); and copy of Report 8.3.40 (SS)

75/3/I: Industrial Welfare and Conditions of Work; Safety and Accident Prevention

Extracts from Annual Report of Chief Inspector of Factories 1940

Letter (2pp ts) to TH from Mary B? of the Industrial Welfare Society

Letter to TH from the Institution of Gas Engineers, 11.2.42

Carbon copy of letter from TH (?) to H C Weston 12.2.42

Letter (ms) to TH from H C Weston, 16.2.42
Carbon copy of letter from TH to Joint Committee for Gas Industries, 22.1.42

Letter to TH from Joint Lighting Committee, 11.2.42

Duplicated handout (3pp ms): 'Callard & Bowser Ltd: Conditions of Employment', Jan 1942

2 leaflets from Industrial Welfare Society
Clippings from Nature, Labour Management, news cutting 'Conditions in a War Factory'

Printed booklet Transactions of the Illuminating Engineering Society Jan 1941; and leaflet concerning industrial lighting 'Statutory Rules and Orders, 1941 No 94'

'Indirects on Industry: Accidents' (EL) 3.2.42

Interviews (3pp ms) on safety and work hours (MS) 20.1.42

Letter to TH from ICI official, 15.1.42

Interview (2pp ts) with Mr Winbolt of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RF) 30.1.42

3 typed M-O diary extracts, Nov 41-Jan 42

3 pages of ms notes on: the incidence of preventable accidents, accidents in shipyards, and dermatitis in major industries in 1940. (RF) 31.1.42

Note (ms) on frequency and severity of accidents at work in six major industries in 1938. (RF) 2.2.42

Extract from Stanton Works Safety Committee accident report

Secondary sources (pamphlets, leaflets etc.) sent to M-O by Mr Winbolt, 3.2.42:
Ministry of Labour:
'Works Safety in Wartime'
'Factory Workers' Accident Prevention Code'
'We Don't Want to Lose You So...'
'The Foreman's Leaflet'
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and National Safety - First Association:
'Works Safety Committees'
'17th Annual Report'
'The Causes of Everyday Accidents in Heavy Industries'
'A Practical Analysis of...Accidents in Heavy Industries'
'Works Safety Organisation'
'The Display of Posters'
'Works Accidents Statistics'
'Order form for leaflets and pamphlets'
Industrial Safety Bulletin:
2 issues, Aug 1939 and Nov 1941

75/3/J: Workers' Holidays

HMSO printed booklet Report of the Committee on Holidays With Pay April 1938

HMSO printed booklet Holidays With Pay-Collective Agreements March 1939

3 reports (ts) from 1940 Committee on Workers' Holidays

Report (ts) from 1941 Committee: 'Holidays In 1941'

Industrial Welfare Society report (ts): 'Rest Centres... for Tired Workers' Dec 1941

14 typed extracts from M-O diaries, Sept 1941-Jan 1942

REEL 199


75/4/A: Docks and Seamen's Welfare

Admiralty memo

'Bristol Channel Ports Investigation: Matters for Investigation' typed note with pencil comments (DMW)

Letter to TH from W Bennett-Hamley, with observations and interviews (2pp ts) with Liverpool dockers, 13.6.41
Letter to TH from WBH, with report (4pp) on 'Dockers and Seamen', 9.6.41

Printed leaflet 'The Government's Plan for Shipyard Labour' 27.6.41

Visit of Commander Dorling to the S Wales shipyards, June 1941:

Letter to TH from N Bamforth (Admiralty)
Letter and observations to TH from ?Rees (Consolidated Fisheries
Memo from N Bamforth to Mr Westwood, May 1940

Report (9pp ts): 'Enquiry into Seamen's Welfare in Ports: International Labour Recommendation, Number 461, 2-10.2.39

Report (2pp ts): 'Seamen's Welfare in the Ports of Cardiff and Barry, (Seamen's Welfare Officer) April 1941

Report (16pp ms) on 'Foreign Seamen's Organisations', (Miss Kicks) Liverpool 11.8.41

2 letters concerning the welfare and pay of African seamen in Liverpool, (Miss Kicks) 18.8.41

Photocopy of 'Memorandum by Ministry of War Transport', re rates of pay for cargo-handling

75/4/B: Posters/Propaganda (See also TC 43: Propaganda)

Builders Posters, QQ responses

30.7.41-Finsbury Park (JB); Mill Hill & Bleasden (JS); Holland Park
Road & Notting Hill (MS)
2.8.41-Mill Hill (JS); Eastcote & Ruislip (MS)

'Personal Opinion' (ms) (JFF) 6.8.41

Notes (ms) on government advertising technique (JFF) 9.4.41
3 pencilled notecards (TH)

'Morale' note, typed, from JRK Tyre, 19.11.41

'The Idle Poor' typed comments from A Snape, 9.1.42

M-O diary extracts (65), Sept 41-Jan 42

75/4/C: Wages And Taxation

Report (12pp ms) on reactions to the idea of a wartime standard wage (DB) 2.3.42

Letter to TH from Geo Dickson of Winget Ltd, Rochester, with 8 photocopies of wages sheets, 5.2.42

Letter to TH from C W A Garland of EK Cole Ltd, Malmesbury, with sheet of wages samples, 5.2.42. (Documents from a senior executive of EK Cole Ltd. are held by the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick)

Copy of letter circulated to all Osram managers concerning hours and wages, 12.1.42

Annotated table of rates of pay at GEC (Osram), 2.2.42

Table of National Savings collected at GEC factories, 8.2.42

Letter to TH from Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd, with list of sample wages, 28.1.41

Letter to TH from C J Bartlett of Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Luton) giving details of rates of pay and earnings, 29.1.42

Letter to TH from Davis Gas Stove Co. Ltd (Luton), with (ms) payroll table, 30.1.42

Letter (ms) to TH from Accles & Pollock Ltd (Oldbury), with sample of wages, 24.2.42

Letter from ditto, and 2 schedules of National Savings subscribers and non-subscribers
Accles & Pollock list of subscribers to War Savings Scheme, March 1941

Names/addresses of factory employees, 21.11.41 (A & P?)

3 (ms) cards from Inv on the subject of wages

Note of average wages from Howell Everson (RL) 12.2.42 and pencilled cover note 10.2.42

Unidentified report (2pp) giving examples of wages and tax deductions

'Workers Income Tax and Savings': interviews from 8-12.12.41, at factories in Leeds, Sheffield, and Nunhead Colliery. Sent in by Prof J Hilton

Letter from Coventry Labour Party re earnings, 4.2.42

Indirects on Industry/wages (EL) 3.2.42

M-O Diary extracts (39), Sept 41-Jan 42

Ex Bulletin of Oxford Institute of Statistics, Jan 1942: report on relative wages in different occupations (ts & annototated carbon)

Ex 'Intelligence Report for Scotland' 6.2.42: 'Income Tax'

75/4/D: Excess Profits Tax/Production Incentive

Unidentified typed report on 'Incentives and War Production'

Ex New Statesman pamphlets: 'The Defects of EPT'

'Money Incentive & The War Effort'-(T Balogh) 30.10.41, with accompanying note

Report (ms) 'Bankruptcies, ERW' (RF) 6.2.42

Ex article by A Snape (A.S.A.A. Manchester), 24.11.41

Annotated extract from The Finance Act 1941: 'Excess Profits Tax and the National Defence Contribution'

Finance Act 1941 (ch 30) HMSO

75/4/E: Hours of Work

QQ on Hours of Work: replies and totals

Pencilled card on hours (TH)

BBC announcement re hours (TH) 20.9.39

'Hours of Work' (ms) single page (ML), Feb 1941

Indirect on hours and shifts (EL) 3.2.42

M-O Diary extracts (6), Nov/Dec 41

3 Letters: from Mr G Chelioti (Osram) to TH and to Industry Illustrated, 7-3.2.42; and from R Edmunson to G R Gauntlett (1941 Committee), 26.12.41

Copy of message from Dr S Walpole to Mr C Davies, about disinterest in 'overtime' work, 10.2.42

75/4/F: Absenteeism

Note (ms) from RF on statistics, 6.2.42

'Measures to Deal with Bad Timekeeping' Jan 1942

'Measures to Combat Absenteeism' Jan 1942

Notes (2 copies) on Speech to Birmingham Labour Supply Committee, 4.10.41

Note from Howell Everson (RL) on absenteeism, 10.2.42

Comments (2pp) on absenteeism, Sheffield (CF) 20.1.42

Indirects on absenteeism (EL) 3.2.42

'Note From a Personnel Manager' 2.2.42
2 Sheets of absence/illness figures: unidentified Dec 1941, Birmingham Electrical Engineers 1939-41

Ex 2 letters to Industrial Welfare Society, Jan 1942

Copy of management circular at Osram GEC Lampworks, with a cross-sectional study of absenteeism at a Wembley factory on a Saturday morning, (Chelioti) 27.11.41

Copy of letter to Works Management Association at Osram with 3 pages of figures on absenteeism, (Chelioti) 15.8.41

Letter to TH from G Chelioti (Osram), 20.2.42

2 graphs illustrating absenteeism figures: Osram, Hammersmith (women) Feb-Mar 1942; Springvale (women) Nov 41-Mar 42

List of percentage of women absentees, Osram

Copy of management circular on absenteeism from G Chelioti, including 4 pages of tables. 2.3.42

5 Letters from G Chelioti (Osram) to TH, written between 9.3.42-6.5.42

Photocopy of management circular from G Chelioti, 24.3.42

Accles & Pollock Ltd, (Oldbury) statement of absenteeism, 24.11.41

Absenteeism figures for the weekend (2.11.41) at Accles & Pollock Ltd, with statement of absenteeism and lateness, 9.12.41; and accompanying letter to TH

Letter to TH from CWA Garland of EK Cole Ltd, Malmesbury, 5.2.42

4 Letters to TH from Oliver Roskill (Industrial Consultant), 27.1.42-6.3.42

Letter to TH from Prof TH Pear of Manchester University, 20.1.42

Unidentified graph on absenteeism
Letter (ms) to TH from (?) including absenteeism figures, 4.6.42

QQ on absenteeism: 34 responses with notes, (CF) 3.2.42

M-O Diary extracts (29), Nov 41-Feb 42

Ex 4 letters concerning absenteeism, Jan 1942

Letter to TH from W C Woodward (Worcester), 27.1.42

Works Management Association Report, 16.12.41

75/4/G: Industry Indirects (General)

Summary of findings (ts 2pp), plus draft and final (?) version of longer summary, (EL) Feb 1942

Unidentified overheards, (1p ms), 11.12.41

Indirects:on transport, health, wages, profits, income tax and savings, accidents, head lice, music at work, firewatching. Collected in: Welwyn (DH), train from St Albans to Watford (MS), Hendon (EPAG, JS), Harrow (RCC, EPAG), Bayswater (EA, EG, LB); Notting Hill Gate (DH, Nov 41-Jan 42)

Notecards (20) with indirect, all from different areas

Notes on Reserved Occupations, Shepherd's Bush Labour Exchange, May 1941

2 Copies Government forms 'Essential Work Order' (1941) Application Forms: 1 each for employer and employee

75/4/H: Correspondence (TH) relating to Industrial Survey

2 Letters (ms) from the Assistant Manager (E Richardson) in a pharmaceutical company (designated an essential industry) in Nottingham, 21.11.41 and 23.1.42

Letter from D J Darknell (Glastonbury area), 24.1.41

2 Letters between TH and Standard Telephone & Cables Ltd, Nov/Dec 1941
Notes (?) for a letter/article (?) on Industrial War Effort, unsigned (probably TH) on headed paper from a Cardiff hotel, 10.7.41

Letter from Managing Director of Brand Co Ltd (London), 18.11.41

Response from J H Snell, Ham River Grit Co Ltd (Surrey), 24.11.41

2 Letters between TH and Berger Paints, also list of employees

Letter from someone at Rodbourne House, Malmesbury (probably Mr Lipman, Manager of EKCo Radio parts), 3.11.42

Letter from A C Chalk (Metal Box), 31.10.42

Letter (ms) from F E Smith (research chemist with Bayer), 25.1.42

2 Letters from Robert True (PDA), 18.2.42

Note (ms) from Veronica Tester (VT), 13.2.42

Letters/notes (ms) from 1941 Committee, the Tribune newspaper, and Mr Bassil, 26.4.42

Note (ms) to 'Margaret' from (?), 12.11.42

Note (ms) from HW re public opinion on aircraft production, 15.11.41

Note (ms) from RL about message from Mr Everson re wages/hours, 10.2.42

REEL 200


75/5/A: Special Reports I

Letter (ms) and report from Fleet, (C W Smallbones) Jan 1942

Letter (ms) and report from ICI Stockton, (Schuil) Jan 1942
Letters (ms) and report (ts) from Birmingham, (H Harrison) Jan 1942

Report from Donnington, (LE) 16.1.42

75/5/B: Special Reports II

Reports (ts) on Industry in Liverpool, Labour Demonstration, 'Russia Today' Society, Shop Stewards Conference. Handwritten single-page summary. (Joan Baskerville) 27.9.41

2 Copies, extracts, from report on English Electrical Co, Bradford (E D Tirrell)

Report, probably incomplete, on Gloucester Aircraft Industry, (D R S Bassil) Jan 1942

Newspaper advert for Rolls Royce: January 1942

75/5/C: Miscellaneous Questionnaires

Beaverbrook QQ results, (EL) 22.1.42

2pp Question on Ministry of Production, (EL) 26.1.42

Shareholders QQ results, summary. 2 copies (EL) 3.2.42

Manpower/Conscription QQ results, (BI) 11.12.41, and (EL) 4.12.41

Length of Service QQ comments (RF) Feb 1942

Unidentified (Shareholders?) QQ replies apparently on Wages and Excess Profits Tax, undated, (CF's handwriting)

75/5/D: Cornish Tin Mining Survey

Report, (CF) Jan 1942. (This survey was included in the Murray ed of People in Production)

Ex from non M-O sources: Daily Mail, Hansard; and Daily Express news clipping 19.1.42

Copy of Picture Post article: 'Tin Mining', undated

75/5/E-F: Tube Investments Investigation

(This major Observer-participant study, even larger than War Factory, was never published, but was written up as File Reports Nos. 1390/1393)

Interview with Capt Scott of Tube Investments

Report: conversation/amusements

Drafts (ms 80+pp) of report (VT), 18-27.7.42

'Notes': single page, author unknown, annotated by TH (WFFS?) 17.11.41

Foolscap ms in red ink: 'Tubes, Introduction and Summary'

'Layout for Preparation of Final Report' (ts 11pp)

'Tube Investments Report by M-O' (ts 156pp)

Letter (ms) to Celia (Fremlin) from D B L

Summary (ts 85pp) of Investigation, (VT) 12.8.42; and Report (VT) 27.7.42

4 page carbon copy of Summary Report on Billets (See also 75/3/G)

REEL 201


75/6/A: National Organisation of Industrial Effort

'Civilian War work' : M-O Bulletin Sept 1942, with compliments slip from censor

'War Work': list of advertising personnel from T B Waddicor, annotated in pencil by TH, Oct 1941

2 large charts, 'Centralised' and 'Decentralised', showing UK industrial management organisation
Letter to TH from Geo Dickson, with 2 copies of letters from District
Advisory Committees to Mr S Marks of the Regional Board (London & SE); Jan-March 1942

Chart 'The Regional Needs of the Nation' (16.9.41), with letter to Everett Jones from the Management Research Group, and compliments slip (28.2.42)

Letter to TH from Stanley Walpole (28.11.41 ), with article 'The Background to the Production Problem'

Letter to TH from Stanley Walpole (Nov 41 ) with article 'A New Dispensation for National Production'

Letter to TH from A L C Chalk (19.12.41), with draft memo on National War Production, and 2 addenda sheets

2 Copies, annotated, of 'Production Policy' pamphlet of the 1941
Committee; insert sheet enclosed

Table plan for RAF Club luncheon 20.11.41; with compliments slip from Dr S Walpole, and diagram (photographic) of chain of responsibility in Industry

List of M-O secondary sources (ms)

List of towns used by Ministry of Information (2pp ts)

'Star Plan' chart, annotated in pencil on reverse side (29.10.41 )

Report 'Notes on National Production-Press Launch Jan 15th 1942'; table/seating plan attached

'Memo on National War Production-Jan 1942'

Letter to TH from Dr S Walpole, with copies of Press articles on 'The Production Front' (19.1.42)

75/6/B: Regional Management

Notice from Management to Dept Heads etc, Portsmouth 24.6.41
Interview (ms 4pp) with Manager of Brookhurst Factory, Chester (DH) 9.1.42

Accles & Pollock 'chain of responsibility' chart, 1.9.41

Notes to TH from T B Waddicor '... A & P War Effort Potential', 13.11.41

Report from Aylesbury (C A Smith) Jan 1942

Letter (ms) to TH from J H Millington, Leek, 21.1.42

Letter from Managing Director of Brand Co Ltd, 18.11.41

75/6/C: Works Councils

Letter to TH from Stanley Walpole (2.3.42) with Masseeley Bulletin (27.2.42)

Typed extracts (3) from M-O Diaries; Nov/Dec 1941

Joint Works Council document (2 damaged pp), 20.5.42

Report of '1st Works Council Meeting July 14 1942' (ms)

Ex 'Works Council Scheme', Gibson & Lumgair Ltd. Undated

Copy of note from Courtaulds Ltd, Jan 1942

32 Answers to unidentified QQ, on worker participation in management

Ex 'Works Councils and Committees', published by Industrial Welfare Society, revised ed 1941

2 Ex '23rd Annual Report of Works Committee at the Chloride Electrical Storage Co Ltd', Dec 1940; and 'Report of 5th Annual Conference of Representatives of Works Councils', October 4-6.10.35

Masseeley 'Works Council Plan' booklet; with insert sheet of amendments, Feb 1942

75/6/D: Trade Unions

Letter to G Heywood Hill from the General Secretary of the AEU, 21.2.41

Report of Tribunal Hearing into AEU Wages Claim, (CM) 9.12.41

Note on Interview with AEU General Secretary, 4/2/42

Shop Stewards Meeting report, Coventry (JB) 18.1.42

Letter to TH from Geo Hodgkinson (Coventry Labour Party) with unpublished letter 'Leapfrog Industry' attached, 7.2.42

Letter to TH from General Secretary of the National Fireman's Association, 26.1.42

Coventry Shop Stewards delegation statement at Holborn Hall meeting 22.1.42, with 2pp which are possibly part of the same

Shipbuilding Shop Stewards delegation statement at Holborn Hall meeting

Interview with Len Powell (RF) 26.1.42

List (ms) of Trade Unions (RF) 28.1.42

TU membership list (ms) (RF) 29.1.42

Ex speeches at ASW Conference (RF) 11.1.42

Report (ms) on TUC meeting for Russian delegates, Earl's Court (CM) 25.1.42

M-O diary extracts (18) on Trade Unions (Sept 41-Jan 42)

75/6/E: Wartime Strikes & Industrial Disputes

Ex from Ministry of Labour Gazette, list of principal disputes, Oct 1941

Intelligence report for Scotland for fortnight ending 6.2.42

'Trades Disputes in 1941' (DB) 24.2.42. (red ms with blue copy)
Report (ms 15pp) on trial of Shop Stewards (CF) 16.5.41

Report on visit to Smithfield (RCC) 2.3.42

Report on Carters' strike, London (EG) 21.2.42; and overheards on same

Strikes and Lockout figures 1900-40 (RF) 2.2.42

75/6/F: Complaints and Suggestions

Note on improving construction delays (Obs Mac.7, Coventry) 6.2.42

Ex article by Coventry motor trader, 1941

Ex article 'Off The Record' by Chas Graves, undated, about a speech by Bevin

Letters and comments from various people, possibly sent to 1941 Committee, Nov 41-Jan 42

Part of report (?), detail concerning Essential Works Order

Part of report (?), detail concerning dismissal procedures

75/6/G: Secondary Sources: Unions

'Arms & Wages' pamphlet, with compliments insert dated 6.12.41

Cutting from 'Arms And The Man', report of AEU Conference at Stoll Theatre on 4.10.41

Ex Labour: 'Speed-up... of War Production' Nov 1941

Ex articles in Labour Monthly: Dec 41, Jan 42, Mar 42

Ex Report of Proceedings at the 73rd Annual TUC: 1-4.9.41

Ex 'The TUC In Wartime' by Sir Walter Citrine, March 1940; and news cutting about Citrine, 19.1.42

Ex 2 articles in Electrical Review, 3.10.41, 10.10.41

Ex Electrical Trades Journal Oct/Nov 1941

Ex New Propellor Dec 41, Jan 42

Association of Scientific Workers pamphlet, Dec 41

TUC journal Labour, Dec 41

TUC pamphlet 'Unemployment and the Cost of Living' by Sir Walter Citrine, 1937

75/6/H: Secondary Sources: Leftwing Publications/Reports

Ex Labour Research, Nov 1941

Ex "Wartime Developments in Government-Employer-Worker Collaboration": report of the ILO Conference, New York October 41

Ex Labour Monthly: 'Production Front' by Maurice Dobb. Undated

Ex 'Industry Must Be Democritized' by Arthur Hemstock, Secretary Co-op Co-Partnership Propaganda Committee. Undated

Ex 'Take Over The War Industries' published by Socialist Propaganda Committee. Undated

Ex Fabian Quarterly: 'The Trade Unions And The War" by John Price, Autumn 1941

Fabian Quarterly, pages from Feb 1942 (?) issue: 'War Production' by A H Brockhurst

Engineers Study Group Newsletter, Nov 1938

"Report on Welfare and Health in Relation to Hours of Work and Output in Wartime", published by Association for Labour Legislation, October 1941 (with single page typed extract attached)

2 Fabian Society pamphlets: 'Letter to a Shop Steward', and 'Letter to an Industrial Manager'
Booklet 'On Organisation' by Joseph Stalin Review copy, annotated by TH (?), with insert slip from publishers, May 1942

Advertising leaflet 'Pamphlets for the People', from Labour Research Dept

The Co-operators' Year Book, 1942

Bulletin of the People's Convention (1 page); 12.1.42

Pamphlet (4pp) of the Daily Worker Leagues: 'The Arsenals of Britain'; 14.1.42

75/6/I: Secondary Sources: Management

Ex 4 letters to Factory Manager, Aug 41, and 2 letters Dec 41

Ex report on Absenteeism from Works Management Association

Ex Business Sept/Nov 41 issues, on Output and Absenteeism

Stevenson Jordan & Harrison Ltd, Oct 41 issue of Monthly Digest of Business Conditions

Ex 6 articles from above, Nov-Dec 41

Ex Labour Management, Journal of the Institute of Labour Management: torn copy of cover, and 4pp, Oct 1941

Ex article in above 'Human Problems of Management', Oct 41; and from various articles Aug/Dec 41

3pp from Annual Conference report of Institute of Labour Management, Nov 41

Ex article in Planning No.185 Feb 42, on part-time work

Planning booklet, Dec 41: 'Building For The Nation'

Ex Contractors' Record and Municipal Engineering, 8.10.41 and 26.11.41

Ex EIA pamphlet 'War Production'

Ex 'The Engineers Production Policy (Leeds)', Dec 41

Ex Engineering: 3.10.41, 31.10.41, 21.11.41. Also 1 original page from the journal, 24.10.41

Doublepage spread from Engineering, 24.10.41

75/6/J: Second Sources: National Organisation

Ministry of Labour Gazette, 2 issues, Aug and Sept 1942

Leaflet: 'Control of Civil Building/Constructional Operations' from HM Office of Works, 1940

HMSO pamphlet 'Schedule of Reserved Occupations', revised ed Dec 1941

Ministry of Home Security leaflet 'Working After The Siren' (Air Raid Precautions Memo No 16), 1940

Poster 'Shop Stewards Call To All Workers' (Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd)

Booklet 'Comrades In Arms: Britain and the USSR' (Ministry of Information), 1942

'A Critical Examination of One Aspect of Paper Control' by C H Foyle

Imperial Policy Group report extract (?), Dec 1941

'Reflections on Compulsion': article from Vigilance-For-Victory Group Bulletin, Feb 41

National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Wartime Social Survey: 36th Interim Report, 2 copies (June 1940)

Ex Minutes of 14th, 15th meetings of 1941 Committee (Leeds)

REEL 202


75/7/A: Diaries
Typed extracts on general Industry Survey topics, Sept 1941-Feb 1942

75/7/B: Diaries
Typed extracts on general Industry Survey topics, Sept 1941-Feb 1942

75/7/C: Institutional/Committee Reports
'Industrial Health in War' (Emergency Report 1940)

Industrial Health Research Board: 'Incentives' by C A Mace, undated 'Hours of Work, Lost Time and Labour Wastage', 1942
Ex report of BMA Committee on Industrial Health, 1941

Ex Report No 75 of Medical Council, Industrial Health Research Board: 'Sickness, Absence, and Labour Wastage' (1 page only)

Ex Occupational Psychology: 'Accident Proneness' (Farmer) July 1940; 'Problems of Wartime Attendance' (Raphael) 1941

Ex British Journal of Psychology: 'Some Socio-psychological Problems of Factory Life' (Jahoda) 1941. (Used as background for War Factory as well as People in Production)

Oxford Economic Paper No.5: 'A Survey of Industrial Development' (P W S Andrews)

Ex International Labour Review: short extract re hours/efficiency

Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey: 'Development Projects in Great Britain During the War', Dec 1941

75/7/D: Contextual Material
Extracts from Management and the Worker, (Roethlisberger & Dickson) (cf p238, People in Production)

75/7/E: Contextual Material
Extracts from Wyatt & Langdon (cf p158 People in Production)

75/7/F: Contextual Material
Extracts from Economics of Fatigue and Unrest, 1924; and A Scientific Policy for Industrial Plants, 1941 (P Sargent Florence) (cf p158 People in Production)

75/7/G: Secondary Sources
Extracts from the Beveridge Report 1942: 'The Use of Skilled Men in the Services'

75/7/H: Secondary Sources
Extracts from the report of the Select Committee on National Expenditure (SNCE) 1940-41

Copy of SCNE Memorandum on munitions output
Oxford Institute of Statistics Bulletin, Jan 1942: articles on wages, USA Defence Production, Far East oil supplies, etc

Ex Royal Economic Society memo No. 88, November 1942: (cost of living, price/wage indices)

Ex (3) Board of Trade Retail Trade Committee Report 1942: war impact on retail trades

REEL 203


Newspaper Typed Extracts 1939; Newspaper Cuttings 1939 (Strikes; Unions)

Newspaper Cuttings Sept 41-July 42:

Propaganda and Moral
Hours of Work

Newspaper Cuttings Sept 41-July 42:
Strikes & Disputes
Trade Unions
Wages & Taxation
Women's War Work
Work Councils

Newspaper Typed Extracts Nov 41-Jan 42

Newspaper Typed Extracts Feb 42-March 42

Hansard/Parliamentary Debates Nov 41-Feb 42

REEL 204


75/9/A: War Factory

'Report on War Factory' (CF) 112pp, incomplete

'Arrival of a New Employee' (CF) 7.2.42

'Workshop' by Mass-Observation; 24pp annotated, mostly carbon copies

75/9/B: War Factory

Early draft of War Factory ms, with CF/TH annotations, 164pp

75/9/C: War Factory

Final draft of War Factory ms, incorporating footnotes by Works Manager, and appendix (128pp)

75/9/D: Industrial Feelings Questionnaire 1943

4 Copies of QQ, dated May-June 43
Analysis charts, correlation sheets

2 Copies of (ts) summary of QQ results (EL) 13.5.43

75/9/E: Industrial Feelings QQ

2 Cards (ms) of responses to QQ, Bristol and Chippenham, March 1943

6 Small pages (ms) of responses to QQ, Wiltshire and Welwyn Garden City, June 1943

Typed, completed QQ forms, June 1943

75/9/F: Industrial Feelings QQ

Answers to QQ, London, June 1943

75/9/G: Miscellaneous

Indirects and responses to QQs on current news, warwork, controls in industry etc; London and unidentified; Oct/Nov 1943

Potteries correspondence, (concerning a survey which was never completed)

to HDW from AG Flint (Stoke) 15.4.44
to HDW from TB Barclay (Wolverhampton) 15.4.44
to HDW from H Lovatt (Stoke) 17.4.44
to HDW from EG Gardner (Stoke) 19.4.44
to HDW from EG Gardner (Stoke) 24.4.44
Copy of extracts from Lovatt and Flint letters, 24.4.44
Telegram to BW from Gardner
2 Letters to Gardner and Lovatt from HDW, 23.5.44

75/9/H: Muirhead's Exhibition 'Us And The User' 1944

Notes on proposed M-O Survey of 'Impact of Muirhead's Exhibition' 17.5.44. A factory survey in Elmer's End, London

Comments (ms) and QQ responses on the Exhibition, (KM) 16-17.5.44

Comments (ts) and QQ responses on the Exhibition, (LB) 16.5.44
QQ answers (ms) from Beckenham, (D Ivey) 16.5.44

3 Sheets (quarto) of overheards and indirects on Muirhead's Exhibition, (LB) 17.5.44

REEL 205


75/10/A: Dockers' Strike 1945

Handwritten notes (TH?): 'Factors determining outside public opinion on the strike', 'Feeling among workers' etc

M-O draft report: 'Docks Strike Investigation'

Analysis sheets (foolscap) with (ms) comments on reverse

'For/Against' totals; and pencilled notes on wives' attitudes

Copy of Socialist Appeal Nov 1945

75/10/B: Dockers Strike 1945

Report (fscap) of dockers' meeting: 'Royal Docks: Dockers' Strike' (GST) 29.10.45

Report on Dockers' meeting, Canning Town, (30 or 31.10.45)

Report on Dockers' meeting, Tower Hill, (GST) 1.11.45

Report on Dockers' meeting, Victoria Park, (GST) 2.11.45)

'Interview with Dockie's Wife', (LB) 12.10.45

Indirects, Albert Docks, (LB) 11.10.45

Indirects/overheards, London, (GST, LB) Oct 1945

75/10/C: Hotel Workers' Strike, 1946

Invs reports, London:

'The Hotel Staff Strike' (HS?) 9/10/46
Regents Palace (IPG) 11.10.46
Claridges Hotel (IPG) 11.10.46
Savoy & Simpson's Hotels, Dorchester & Claridges (HS) 8.10.46

75/10/D: Building Trades Strike and Railwaymen's 'Go-Slow' 1945-46

Observations on Demonstration in London, (GST) 8.10.45; and unidentified newspaper clipping

2 M-O Reports on Paddington Go-Slow, (Hermione Silverstone and IPG) Nov 1946

75/10/E: Transport Strike 1947

Strike QQ replies on 6 questions: attitudes to strike, feelings about Princess Elizabeth and her engagement, papers read, and voting preference

Analysis sheets for Strike QQ

75/10/F: Transport Strike 1947

Overheards (small cards, ms)

'The Housewife's Point of View' (HS) 14.4.47

Overheards (ML) 10.1.47

Observations in Smithfield, (BL's writing) 13.1.47; and (ML) 13.1.47

Pencilled observations, Smithfield and Billingsgate, 13.1.47

Observations in shopping centre, Willesden, (LB) 13.1.47

'Transport Strike', (ts, incomplete, undated)

75/10/G: Battle for Output Study, 1947

Printed booklet: Battle for Output 1947 (Govt White Paper: Economic Survey for 1947), popular ed, COI

2 Annotated copies of White Paper: Economic Survey for 1947 (HMSO)

2 Copies of 'Underproduction' article from The Times (newspaper proofs), 22.2.47

Top copy (annotated) and carbon (p4 missing) of 'The Language of Leadership', an M-O Report sent by TH and HDW to (?) a Govt Office
Notes in TH writing, single sheet (fscap)

General impressions/QQ replies from 7 M-O Investigators, in a London survey of public awareness and understanding of the Battle for Output booklet, (MT, BS, MM, BL, IP, TN, SB)

75/10/H: Trade Unions Report

Duplicated ms, non M-O, probably PEP (Political and Economic Planning, a research organisation established in 1931): description of unions, membership, conciliation machinery, industrial relations, shop stewards, joint production committees etc. (Reference to Mr Madge is possibly John Madge, cf Reconstruction Group report) Undated, by inference probably 1945/46

75/10/I: Bristol Aeroplane Factory Investigation

Report, non M-O, probably Reconstruction Research Group. 3 Factories covered, all Bristol Aeroplane Company, Probably June-Aug 1944. (Note in pen in TH writing says 'J Madge x.46')

Letter to TH from J Madge, concerning EKCo (Malmesbury) survey,
16.11.46; and 4 blank QQ sheets for EKCo survey

REEL 206


75/11/A: Railwaymen's 'Go-Slow'

Correspondence: 5 letters to M-O about the 'Go-Slow' movement, from Harrogate, Northwich, Uxbridge, Glamorgan & Leeds

QQ replies to attitudes to 'Go-Slow', Croydon (unidentified) 30.6.49

'Opinions on.... Go-Slow Policy', (ms unidentified, undated)

Observations/comments at London Railway Stations, on 'Go-Slow' policy, (LB) 30.6.49-6.7.49

5 Analysis sheets and 1 percentage sheet, on 'Go-Slow' survey

Overheards and indirects, various

75/11/B: The Dock Strike

Investigator's (BL) observations:

Trafalgar Square Meeting, 17.7.49
Surrey Docks, 18.7.49
Blackfriars, 6.7.49
'Outside... Surrey Commercial Docks', 4.7.49

75/11/C: Strikes QQs: Survey 07 (8 Ques)

Totals, coding sheet and carbon list of Ques

M-O percentage sheets (14) and analysis sheets (18)

QQ replies: Hammersmith, Euston, Hampstead, Kensington, Bayswater (BS); Woking (JB); unidentified (BL)

75/11/D: Strikes QQs: Survey 07

QQ replies from: Kings Cross, Shepherd's Bush, Bethnal Green (NF); Shepherd's Bush (DM); unidentified (IPG); July 1949

75/11/E: Strikes QQs: Survey 09 (13 Ques)

Single sheet, carbon Survey 09/A QQ 5.7.49 (The ques are those which were answered in Survey 07)

Single sheet, carbon Survey 09/B QQ 17.7.49 (The ques are those which were answered in Survey 07/2)

Survey 09 coding sheet and totals

Survey 09/B coding sheet and totals

75/11/F: Strikes QQs: Survey 07/2 (13 Ques) and similar

QQ responses: (IPG, DM), July 1949

QQ responses to Survey 05/B (appears to be the same as 07/2), (BL) 19.7.49

QQ responses to Survey 09/B ((appears to be the same as 07/2)), (CH) 19.7.49

M-O analysis sheets (20) and percentage sheets (17) for Survey 09/B

75/11/G: Unidentified QQ replies (retained in this collection, where orginally located)

Survey B5/1: ms results on baby clinics, infant feeding, Camden Town (BS) 16.2.49

REEL 207


Pencilled notes in Tom Harrisson's handwriting

Unidentified pieces

British Sales Promotion Association Poll, 1955 (M-O Ltd)

REEL 208


TC 76: 9 boxes

Box 1: Election Diaries 1945


117 reports written by members of the panel between June and July 1945 about posters, candidates, party leaders, newspaper reports, conversations, meetings, comments overheard etc. various areas

REEL 209

Box 2: General Election 1945, Fulham

76/2/A: Labour Party Meetings

14 page handwritten report of Labour Party meeting; includes a diagram of auditorium, 19.6.45 (LB)

1 page handwritten questions and answers asked outside a Labour Party meeting at Fulham Town Hall, 19.6.45 (LB)

7 page (6 typed, 1 handwritten) report of a Labour Party meeting at Fulham Town Hall; includes diagram of the auditorium 19.6.45 (NM)

12 handwritten answers to questions asked after an election meeting, 19.6.45 (NM)

6 page typed description of a Labour Party meeting at Fulham Town Hall, 19.6.45 (GST)

1 page typed, 5 handwritten answers to questions about Party affiliation and number of election meetings attended, 19.6.45 (GST)
3 page typed description of an open air meeting in Effie Road, 22.6.45 (GST)

11 page handwritten report of a Labour Party meeting at Fulham Town Hall (page 9 missing) 4.7.45 (GST)

8 page typed description of a Labour Party rally at Fulham Town Hall, 4.7.45 (GST)

2 pages, handwritten description of a Labour Party meeting (separated from the rest of a missing report?), 3.7.45. (LB)

2 pages handwritten about meeting at Town Hall (possibly NM)

76/2/B: Liberal Party Meetings

2 page typed description of a Liberal Party meeting in Peterborough Road. Includes an account of a question and answer session between the candidate and the audience, 18.6.45 (GST)

6 page typed description of a Liberal Party meeting, 25.6.45 (GST)

76/2/C: Conservative Party Meetings

Copy of a list of indoor meetings held by the Conservative Party in East Fulham

6 page typed report of a Conservative Party street meeting, 13.6.45 (GST)

8 page handwritten report of a Conservative Women's Association meeting at Constitutional Hall, 20.6.45 (NM)

13 page handwritten report of a Conservative Party meeting at Fulham Town Hall; includes diagram of the auditorium, 27.6.45 (LB)

7 page typed report of a Conservative Party Rally at Fulham Town Hall, 27.6.45 (GST)

1 page five (4F 1M) typed comments overheard after a Conservative Party meeting, 27.6.45 (GST?)

Transmission requested IP 13.08.07

Cutting from The Times 3.7.45: Photograph of Churchill leaving an election meeting at Walham Green (Fulham)

13 pages of handwritten indirect and overheards of audience reaction and expectation before and after Churchill's speech, 2.7.45 (NH and NA)

7 page handwritten report of Churchill's visit to Fulham, 2.7.45 (LB)

2 page typed report detailing reaction to Churchill's visit, 2.7.45 (GST)

6 page typed report detailing reaction to Churchill's visit, 2.7.45 (NA)

76/2/E: Election Feeling

2 page handwritten account of a political discussion between a Conservative supporter and a Labour supporter, 12.6.45 (LB)

11 pages of handwritten and typed indirect and overheards on various topics relating to the election campaign, June 1945 (LB)

(Similar material on General Election feeling can be found in 76/3/A)

76/2/F: Polling Day

2 pages of notes detailing activity in Fulham on polling day, 26.7.45 (NA)

5 pages of notes detailing activity in Fulham on polling day, 5.7.45 (GST)

76/2/G: Posters, Handbills, and Ephemera

2 page handwritten report about the General Election poster campaign in East Fulham, 27.6.45 (LB)

19 page handwritten description of the election posters displayed by supporters of the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties. The report includes sketches of the posters seen, June-July 1945 (LB)

2 page handwritten report giving an overview of the General Election poster campaigns of the 3 parties contesting the East Fulham seat, 5.7.45 (LB)
Various printed leaflets, pamphlets booklets and posters collected at meetings and other places in Fulham during the General Election campaign, June-July 1945

Two Conservative window posters showing Churchill and bearing the legend slogan "Help him finish the job. Vote National" (Removed to the Poster file, numbers 130 & 131.)

76/2/H: Overviews of Fulham Election Campaign

2 page handwritten report detailing the Liberal Party's campaign. Includes a sketch of Liberal Party posters. 18.6.45-20.6.45 (NM?)

4 page handwritten report detailing the Conservative's campaign. Includes a sketch of a Conservative Party poster, 19.6.45-21.6.45 (NM)

5 page handwritten report detailing the Labour Party's campaign, 21.6.45 (NM)

1 page of brief handwritten notes of the election campaigns of the 3 main parties 21.6.45 (NM)

2 pages of handwritten notes on an Observer's impression of the Fulham election campaign, based on her experience conducting the Fulham election survey, 19.6.45 (NM)

2 page typed report of an Observer's impression of the Fulham election campaign based on her experience of conducting the Fulham election survey, 26.6.45 (NM)

21 page copy of a typed report about the General Election questionnaire. The report contains statistical data and quotes from comments etc. collected by Observers, (some pages missing) undated

8 page typed overview of the Fulham election campaign. This report is divided into 4 parts, each being concerned with one week of the General Election campaign, 5.7.45 (LB)

76/2/I: East Fulham Election Questionnaire
Copy of questionnaire carried out in East Fulham between June and July 1945

Completed questionnaires sorted by serial number, numbers between 1 and 379, (incomplete series)

76/2/J: Completed Questionnaires

Completed questionnaires sorted by serial number, numbers between 402 and 715, (incomplete series.)

76/2/K: Completed Questionnaires

Completed questionnaires sorted by serial number, numbers between 801 and 1135, (incomplete series)

76/2/L: Questionnaire Administration

Questionnaire tally sheets and other papers relating to the Fulham election questionnaire

REEL 210

Box 3: General Election 1945

76/3/A: Election Feeling

42 Handwritten and typed indirects, overheards and informals about various issues relating to the 1945 Election campaign. Various London areas, especially Chelsea and Harlesden, June-July 1945

5 handwritten comments about the Laski incident, Harlesden 21.6.45 (LB)

(Similar material on Election Feeling can be found in 76/2/E)

76/3/B: Election Results Feeling

38 handwritten and typed indirects, informals and overheards about the result of the 1945 General Election, July 1945

76/3/C: Election Meetings

5 page handwritten report of a Labour Party Election meeting in East Willesden; includes a diagram of the auditorium16.4.45 (LB)

Cutting from the Evening News 21.6.45 detailing Churchill's intention to address an Election meeting in Uxbridge

4 page typed report detailing Churchill's visit to Uxbridge, 22.6.45 (DBL)

Liberal Party handbill distributed in Uxbridge

2 handwritten pages of answers to questions about voting intention asked at an Election talk at a cattle market (precise location unknown), 22.6.45 (LB)

76/3/D: Posters, Election communications, and Ephemera

2 sketches of Election posters for Max Aitken, The sketches also includes graffiti drawn on the posters High Holborn 2.7.45 (NA)

44 pamphlets, handbills and other printed material collected from the following constituencies: Cambridge University, East Wilsden, South Paddington, Chelsea, Deptford, Birmingham Erdington, Manchester Mossley, Rother Valley, Sheffield Hallam, University of Edinburgh, Barnet, Hampshire, North West, and Ashton-under-Lyne

9 Election handbills and pamphlets from the two main parties, specific to no constituency

Straight Left, Labour Party Election newspaper

Broadside, Liberal Party Election newspaper

Popular Illustrated, Conservative Party Election newspaper

Your Future, Labour Party Election magazine

Currency Banking and Finance, Labour Party booklet

What's Behind This?, Labour Party Election booklet

Conservatism in a Nutshell, Conservative Party booklet

Facing the Facts, Conservative Party booklet

Your Generation, Conservative Party political booklet

(The following posters have been removed to the Poster file; "Shufeldt for Chelsea", published by the Labour Party (number 129). "Vote for Sheffield", published by the Labour Party (number 132))

76/3/E: Election Questionnaire

Typed and handwritten completed Election questionnaires, sorted by serial number. Numbers between 1 and 142. (incomplete series), various areas of London, June 1945

Copy of Election questionnaire

Analysis sheets for the Election questionnaire

76/3/F: Youth Questionnaire

Typed answers to a six point survey; Respondent's ages between 20 and 30. The papers in this file bear two serial numbers; the numbers written in pencil suggest that they were once filed with the questionnaires in 76/3/E, the only dissimilarity appears to be a different question no. 6, Hampstead and Chelsea, June 1945 (CG & GST)

76/3/G: General Election-Nottingham

Various cuttings from the Nottingham Evening Post and the Nottingham Evening News, June-July 1945

Labour Party Election pamphlet

2 Labour Party Election leaflets delivered door to door, 11.6.45

Labour Party handbill delivered door to door advertising the final public meeting of the campaign, 3.7.45
Note from Observer EG to M-O

9 page handwritten report on the General Election in Nottingham. Includes details about the 4 Nottingham seats and those of the outlying areas (candidates, number of names on the electoral register etc.), people's opinions on matters relating to the Election campaign, and a general summary of the campaign in Nottingham, 3.6.45-5.7.45 (EG)

76/3/H: Overviews of the 1945 Election

9 page typed report looking at voting trends in the last four General Elections. Included are diagrams to show the share of seats held by each political party and a table of Labour Party votes since 1900

M-O newsletter sent to members of the National Panel. Contains details of the mood chart and news of work carried out during the 1945 General Election

29 page typed report about the 1945 General Election. Sections on the general background, the outset of the campaign, broadcast speeches, speeches by party leaders other than Churchill, Churchill's tour, the campaign in Fulham, how people made up their minds, attitude to the Labour Party, criticisms of Labour, attitude to the Liberal party, the Laski incident, the results and the celebrations. (There are a large number of gaps in this copy of the report where the author intended to quote from material collected by Observers. This report appears to be an early draft of part of FR 2270A)

15 page carbon copy of a later draft of the above. Includes quotes omitted from the earlier version

11 page postscript to the report on the General Election

"Post Mortem on The General Election," Proof of an article that appeared in Political Quarterly September 1945 (see FR 2282) (JGF)

"The Unwanted Election", 51 page typed report on popular feeling towards the Election

21 page typed report on M-O's General Election Survey

76/3/I: Political Feeling

Various indirect and overheard etc. on social and political topics prevalent in 1945 (strikes etc). Most of these observations were collected some months before the Election was announced, (JR & GST)

76/3/J: Miscellaneous

Letter from Bishop Auckland Labour Party

1 page handwritten analysis of General Election voting intention
1 page handwritten answers to unidentified questions

(Pages 7 & 8 of The Times 23.8.45 and a copy of The Times, 18.8.45 were found with this collection but were not retained because of poor condition)

REEL 211

Box 4: General Election 1950. Reports and Observations

76/4/A: Chelsea

Brief description of a polling station at Chelsea Town Hall including comments overhead from voters 23.2.50 (GST)

4 pages of typed comments on the subject of the 1950 General Election results, 24.2.50 & 25.2.50 (GST)

76/4/B: Croydon

13 page handwritten report describing election night activity in Croydon, in particular an 'Election Night Special' at a local cinema, 25.2.50 (ML)

1 page handwritten overheard of General Election humour, 25.2.50 (ML)

76/4/C: East Ham North

1 page handwritten interview with Percy Daines, the sitting MP and Labour Party Candidate, includes a copy of Percy Daines' election address

1 page handwritten description of the Conservative Party's candidate Sir John Mayhew, and their committee rooms, the report includes a copy of Sir John's election address

1 page handwritten description of the Liberal Party's committee rooms, the report quotes from a conversation with the Liberal candidate

6 page handwritten report describing East Ham North on the Saturday before the General Election. Includes details of tours by candidates, comments and informal interviews in the street. 18.2.50

3 page handwritten report detailing the use of posters by the three parties, comments overheard, activity in the Liberal Party's committee rooms, reactions to loud speaker vans etc. 21.2.50 (BS)

8 page handwritten report on a Labour Party meeting, includes a list of speakers, an appraisal of the audience, extracts from some of the speeches, impressions of the speakers, and a list of questions asked from the floor, 19.2.50 (EH)

8 page handwritten report on the election campaign in East Ham North. The report includes details of the level of activity in the committee rooms of the three parties, the use made of posters, sketches of posters displayed, an account of a walkabout by the Labour Party candidate informal interviews etc., 22.2.50 (LB)

1 page handwritten note giving some examples of Election humour, 21.2.50 (EH)

4 copies of Election literature for Percy Daines, the Labour Party candidate

East Ham North Election Special, Labour Party election newspaper

4 copies of election literature for Sir John Mayhew, the Conservative Party candidate

"Vote For Mayhew", Conservative Party poster (Removed to Poster file, 142

5 page handwritten interview with the Liberal Party's election agent-copy of questions asked attached, 6.3.50 (LB)

6 page handwritten interview with the election agent of the defeated Conservative Party candidate. 22.3.50 (LPS)

76/4/D: Hendon North

1 page handwritten description of the Liberal Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms, includes quotes from the Liberal Party agent

1 page handwritten description of the Conservative Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached, list of Conservative Party Election meetings to be held

1 page handwritten description of the Communist Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached list of Communist Party Election meetings to be held

1 page handwritten description of the Labour Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached, list of Labour Party Election meetings to be held

4 page handwritten report on the Committee rooms of both the Conservative and Liberal Parties, focusing particularly on their respective use of posters. 16.2.50 (BS)

3 page typed report detailing general observations about the level of interest in the Election and an impressionistic account of an election meeting held by the Communist Party-posters, people attending etc, 21.2.50 (GST)

4 page typed report of a speech given by Marjorie Pollitt the Communist Party's candidate, 21.2.50 (GST)

13 page handwritten report of a Conservative Party Election meeting, describing the hall, audience composition and appearance, speeches and speaking style, and the general tone of the meeting. The last 6 pages of the report recount the concluding question and answer session, 16.2.50 (BS)

1 page handwritten account of the heckling of a Conservative Party loudspeaker van, 4.2.50 (IP)

9 page handwritten report on the level of interest in the General Election based on conversations overheard, the display of election publicity in windows, observations of Party committee rooms etc. 16.2.50 (BS)

2 page handwritten account of Election activity based on observations of the display of posters etc. 22.2.50 (LPS?)

23 pages of handwritten informal interviews on the subject of the General Election, 22.2.50 (LPS)

5 page handwritten description of and interview with the Labour Party Election agent, 27.2.50 (LB)

8 page handwritten description of and interview with the Conservative Party Election agent. 14.3.50 (LB)

8 items of Conservative Party Election literature distributed in Hendon North

General Election News, Conservative Party Election newspaper

"After 4 Years Hard Labour Vote Conservative" Conservative Party poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 133)

2 items of Communist Party Election literature distributed in Hendon North

6 items of Labour Party Election literature distributed in Hendon North

"Vote Barbara Ayrton-Gould", Labour Party window card

The Thinking Voter, Labour Party Election newspaper

"You Wouldn't Put Out A Government..". Labour Party poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 134)

"Remember", Labour Party Poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 135)

1 item of Liberal Party Election literature distributed in Hendon North

North Hendon Special no. 1 & no. 3, Liberal Party Election newspaper

1 copy of a leaflet distributed by the British Peace Committee

76/4/E: Islington East

1 page handwritten description of the Conservative Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached, list of Conservative Party Election meetings to be held

1 page handwritten description of the Labour Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached, list of Labour Party Election meetings to be held

1 page handwritten description the Liberal Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms, the report includes quotes from the Liberal Party agent

3 page typed report (headed "That Elusive Liberal Meeting") on Election activity and interest in Islington East. Includes informal interviews on who will win the Election, the locations of various Election meetings etc., and a description of posters displayed 18.2.50 (GST). 1 page typed account of a short chat with the Conservative Party's election agent, 18.2.50 (GST)

23 page handwritten report of a speech given at a Conservative Party Election meeting held at Islington Town Hall, paying particular attention to remarks made by hecklers and the replies from the platform, 21.2.50 (ML)

6 pages of handwritten informal interviews on the subject of the General Election

2 page handwritten description of activity at the Drayton Park School polling stations between 1.15pm and 1.45pm, also includes the overheard comments of voters, 23.2.50 (BS)

5 page handwritten description of, and interview with, the Labour Party's Election agent, 7.3.50 (IP)

"Vote For Wilmot". Conservative Party window poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 137)

2 items of Labour Party Election literature

"Fletcher Labour", Labour Party window card

"Vote Fletcher Labour", Labour Party poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 136)

2 items of Liberal Party Election literature

76/4/F: Fulham East

3 page handwritten report detailing activity for the forthcoming General Election, 18.1.50 (BS)

3 page handwritten notes on signs of political activity, 18.1.50 (DM)

Pilot Survey on the 1950 General Election. 11 typed replies to a 15 point survey, 9.2.50 (GST)

8 page handwritten and typed notes detailing the times, dates and locations of Election meetings to be held, and a brief description of the committee rooms of the 4 Parties contesting the Fulham East seat

1 page typed brief description of the Communist Party's committee room, includes a conversation overheard between local children and a Communist Party election worker-4 items of Communist Party election literature attached, 18.2.50 (GST)

1 page typed informal with a policeman on the subject of who will win the Election in Fulham, 18.2.50 (GST)

"Some Notes on Misinformation in Fulham", 2 page typed report principally detailing a conversation with a Labour Party Election worker, 20.2.50 (GST)

3 page typed report of speeches given at a Liberal Party Election rally at Fulham Town Hall, 20.2.50 (GST)

3 page typed report describing a Labour Party open air Election meeting, with particular attention paid to the contributions made by hecklers, 20.2.50 (GST)

3 page typed report describing open air meetings held by both The Communist Party and The Labour Party. Includes details of a speech given by Edith Summerskill to the Labour Party meeting. 22.2.50 (GST)

2 page typed account of activity at Fulham Baths polling station includes comments made by voters, 23.2.50 (GST)

7 page handwritten description of, and interview with, the Labour Party's Election agent, 7.3.50 (IP)

5 page handwritten description of, and interview with, the Conservative Party's Election agent-3 copies of Conservative Party election literature attached, 17.3.50 (LB)

5 items of Election literature for the Labour Party candidate

1 copy of The Fulham Voice, Labour Party Election newspaper

"Vote Michael Stewart Your Labour Candidate", 2 window posters

76/4/G: Kensington North

1 page brief handwritten description of a visit by canvassers from the Conservative Party, January 1950 (DM)

9 page handwritten and typed notes detailing the times, dates and locations of Election meetings to be held, and a brief description of the committee rooms of the Parties contesting the Kensington North seat

2 page handwritten description of the Conservative party's committee rooms, 21.2.50 (IP)

3 page handwritten description of the Liberal Party's committee rooms, 21.2.50 (IP)

3 page handwritten observations of the Kensington North constituency paying particular attention to the number of posters on display, 21.2.50 (BS)

2 pages of handwritten comments and overheards on issues relating to the General Election, 22.2.50 (DM)

1 page handwritten list of streets to which Election leaflets had been distributed, 22.2.50 (DM)

2 page typed account of the last part of a Conservative Party outdoor meeting, particular attention is paid to the contributions made by hecklers and the audience's reaction to the 'Radio Doctor' (Dr Charles Hill) one of the invited speakers, 18.2.50 (PV)

8 page handwritten account of a Conservative Party outdoor meeting, includes: extracts from the speeches and details of the contributions made by hecklers, 18.2.50 (DM)

33 page handwritten account of a Conservative Party meeting, includes extracts from the speeches made, 18.2.50 (DM?)

6 page handwritten account of a Conservative ladies meeting addressed by Leonard Kaplin, the Conservative candidate for Kensington North, 21.2.50 (DM)

3 page handwritten report of activity in Kensington North on polling day, includes comments overheard in the street, 23.2.50 (DM)

2 page handwritten notes detailing the number of voters-broken down by gender and class, at two polling stations at two different times of day, 23.2.50 (DM)

2 page handwritten account of reaction to the General Election results, includes comments overheard and a description of an unsuccessful "Election Night Special" at the Coronet Theatre, 24.2.50 (DM)

3 page handwritten description of and interview with the Conservative Party Election agent-1 item of Conservative Party election literature attached 15.3.50 (LB)

4 page handwritten description of, and interview with the Liberal Party's Election agent, 15.3.50 (LB)

6 page handwritten interview with George Rogers, the successful Labour candidate, on the subject of his election campaign March 1950 (LPS)
1 item of Conservative Party Election literature

North Kensington Messenger-Election Special Edition, Conservative Party Election Newspaper

4 items of Labour Party Election literature

Rogers Record, Labour Party Election Newspaper

"Rogers". Labour Party window poster

"We are voting for George Rogers The Labour Candidate", Labour Party window poster

"Vote For George Rogers", Labour Party poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 138)

2 items of Liberal Party Election literature

Election Special, Liberal Party Election newspaper

76/4/H: Morden

6 page typed diary from an Election worker for the Labour Party. The diary contains 15 entries on various aspects of her work for the party during the period 12.1.50 to 23.2.50

76/4/I: Walthamstow

1 page handwritten description of the Conservative Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached, list of Conservative Party Election meetings to be held

1 page handwritten description of the Labour Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms-also attached 1 item of Labour Party Election literature

1 page handwritten description of the Liberal Party's campaign plans based on a visit to their committee rooms

3 page handwritten notes and sketches documenting posters on display in Walthamstow East, February 1950 (DM)

1 page handwritten list of streets to which election leaflets had been delivered, 20.2.50 (DM)

9 page handwritten report on the General Election Campaign in Walthamstow East including a list of candidates standing, levels of activity in the committee rooms of the Labour and Liberal Parties, poster publicity (includes sketches of posters), and three informal interviews, 20.2.50 (LB)

3 page handwritten report on a Labour Party Election meeting (written in very faint pencil), 20.2.50

20 page handwritten report of a Conservative Party Election Meeting, includes details of the audience by age and class, the Conservative candidate's speech and the question and answer session that concluded the meetings 21.2.50 (WIP)

21 page handwritten account of the eve of poll Labour Party rally, including a description of the hall, comments made by the audience, and the speeches given (including one by Clement Attlee, 22.2.50 (LB)

5 page handwritten description of, and interview with the Conservative Party's Election agent, 8.3.50 (IP)

12 page handwritten interview with the Labour Party's Election agent, 15.3.50 (EH)

7 page handwritten description of and interview with the Liberal Party's Election agent, 8.3.50 (IP)

2 items of Conservative Party Election literature

"D. H. Barber Your Conservative Candidate", Conservative Party window card

4 items of Election literature for the Labour Party

The Thinking Voter, Labour Party Election newspaper
20 items of Liberal Party Election literature

"Election Special", Liberal Party Election newspaper

"Vote For Drower The Liberal Candidate", Liberal Party window card

"Liberal Meeting Friday Feb. 17th", proof of an advertisement placed in the London and Essex Guardian

"Vote Liberal For.......", proof of an advertisement placed in the London and Essex Guardian

76/4/J: Miscellaneous

Typed note from GST to Mollie Tarrant describing her work for the 1950 General Election survey, 22.2.50

1 page typed informal interviews and overheard comments, Watford, 19.2.50 (GST)

16 page handwritten account of a Conservative Party Street meeting, including a description of the crowd, comments overheard, extracts from the speeches and the retorts from hecklers. No indication of the constituency in which the meeting took place, 17.2.50 (BL)

13 cards of handwritten speakers notes for a debate on private enterprise. March 1950

5 page typed account of Election night activity in Trafalgar Square, 23.2.50 (EC)

REEL 212

Box 5: General Election 1950, Survey 23

76/5/A: East Ham North
98 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election survey, February 1950

76/5/B: Fulham East
99 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election survey , February 1950

76/5/C: Hendon North
4 pages handwritten list of houses visited in connection with Survey 23, February 1950

96 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election survey, February

76/5/D: Islington East
116 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election Survey, February 1950

76/5/E: Kensington North
122 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election Survey, February 1950

76/5/F: Walthamstow East
122 handwritten replies to a 15 point General Election Survey, February 1950

76/5/G: East Ham North, Post Election Survey
99 handwritten replies to a 4 point survey on reactions to the outcome of the 1950 General Election, March 1950

76/5/H: Hendon North, Post Election Survey
97 handwritten replies to a 4 point survey on reactions to the outcome of the 1950 General Election, March 1950

76/5/I: Kensington North, Post Election Survey
8 page handwritten list of addresses visited in connection with the Post Election survey, and how residents voted

REEL 213

Box 6: Political Publications, 1946-51

76/6/A: Political Publications 1946-49

4 Conservative Party leaflets, broadly concerned with the cost of living, and the achievements of past Conservative Governments

"Notes on Current Politics", Index to a Conservative Party Journal, July-December 1949

"What NALT is...... " recruitment leaflet for the National Association of Labour Teachers, (1946)

"You Voted Left... You Did Right", Labour Party booklet on the achievement of the Labour Government after one year in office, and its plans for the future, (1946)

"If Britain Is To Win Through...", text of a broadcast given by Herbert Morrison MP, Lord President of the Council, (1947)

"50 Things Labour Has Done", by Stephen Taylor MP, reprint of an article from the Daily Herald, (1947)

"I can say with confidence....", pictorial record of the Labour Government's achievements after two years in office (1947)

"Tell Britain The Facts", Labour Party leaflet aimed at local constituency parties (1947)

The Labour News Special, Labour Party newspaper published as part of their internal 'Tell Britain' campaign, (1947)

"Re-Equipping Britain", Labour Party booklet concentrating on the Government's industrial achievements and proposals for the future, (1949)

"50 More Things Labour Has Done", follow up leaflet to the earlier "50 Things Labour Has Done" (1949)

Forward Britain, Labour Party newspaper (1949)

"Why I Am a Candidate", handbill advertising a meeting organised by the Suffragette Fellowship

"General Election 19--?", leaflet canvassing support for the Social Credit Party

"Devaluation: What it Means to You", Communist Party Newspaper

76/6/B: Conservative Party Election Publications

22 Conservative Party handbills and leaflets for the 1950 General Election, broadly on nationalisation, the cost of living, the greatness of Britain, employment and unemployment (including a leaflet aimed at Trades Unionists), housing etc

"This Is The Road", Conservative Party's General Election manifesto

"The Conservative Approach", No. 15, Jan. 1950, 4 page statement of Conservative Party policy

"Notes on Current Politics, No. 3, Feb. 1950", Conservative Party analysis of the Labour Party's Election manifesto

"Now Chuck It Mr. Priestley", Conservative Party reprint of a Daily Mail report of an Election broadcast given by Dr Charles Hill, the 'Radio Doctor'

"The Weekly Newsletter", Nos. 3, 6, and 7. Conservative Party Newsletter
"General Election News", Conservative Party Newspaper

"If You Can Say...", Conservative Party Election Poster. (Removed to poster file, number 139)

"Make Britain Great Again". Conservative Party Election Poster. (Removed to poster file, number 140)

76/6/C: Labour Party Election Publications

5 Labour Party leaflets, all broadly concerned with the record of the Labour
Government over the past 5 years

"Let Us Win Through Together", The Labour Party's Election manifesto

"Proud Heritage", booklet detailing the achievements of the Labour
Government over the past five years, education, health, employment etc

"The Future of Industrial Assurance", booklet detailing Labour's proposals for reform of the insurance industry
"Fifty Facts For Labour", miniature book attempting to put the achievements of the 1945 Labour Government in a historical perspective

"Them", leaflet detailing the mismanagement of previous Conservative Governments

"You and Tomorrow", Labour Party Election magazine

"Socialist Advance", Labour Party Election Poster. (Removed to Poster file, number 141)

76/6/D: Liberal Party Election Publications

8 Liberal Party leaflets, detailing Liberal proposals if elected

"The New Horizon" nos. 82 and 83 booklet outlining Liberal policy through a series of political articles by various authors

"Edward Martell's Crack Back", handbook for Liberal speakers containing tips on how to deal with hecklers and model answers to audience questions

"Who's Who of 475 Liberal candidates", booklet containing a short biography of each Liberal candidate fighting the 1950 General Election

"Election Special", Liberal Party Election newspaper

76/6/E: Election Publications Aimed at Women

"The Little Things in Life", Conservative Party leaflet explaining how the Conservative Party's policies relate to women

"Housewives' Choice", Conservative Party leaflet broadly concerned with the cost of living

"Express Despatch", Conservative Party leaflet broadly concerned with the cost of living and social security benefits

"We're on the Right Road". Conservative Party leaflet quoting the views of 8 women from different backgrounds

"There Are Not Enough Women", Conservative Party leaflet detailing the social measures introduced by the Conservative Party

"What ... Politics again?'" Labour Party leaflet on the subject of the Labour Government's baby care achievements

"To All Women", Labour Party Election magazine detailing the social achievements of the Labour Party

76/6/F: Election Publications Aimed At Farmers

"The Farmer's Real Friends", leaflet detailing the agricultural measures introduced by Conservative Governments in the past, and their proposals for the future

"Policy For The Land" , 8 page booklet outlining Conservative Party's agricultural policy. "A Square Deal For The Farmers", Conservative Party leaflet listing 8 measures they would carry out if elected

"You and Your Home", Conservative Party leaflet aimed at farmworkers on the subject of farmworkers housing

"Facts for Farmworkers", Conservative Party leaflet outlining Conservative Party policy, as it relates to farmworkers

"The Land is Prospering Because", Labour Party leaflet detailing Labour's agricultural achievements

76/6/G: Constituency Leaflets

A collection of Election Literature collected in or specific to the following constituencies:

Birmingham Stechford, 2 Labour
Bothwell, 1 Conservative, 1 Labour
Buckinghamshire South, 1 Labour
Dorking, 1 Labour, 1 Liberal
Dover, 2 Conservative, 2 Communist, 1 Labour, 1 Liberal
Hornsey, 3 Conservative, 1 Labour
Kidderminster, 1 Liberal
Newcastle North, 1 Conservative, 1 Labour, 3 Liberal
Leeds North West, 2 Conservative, 1 Labour, 1 Liberal, 1 polling card
Leicester South West, 1 Conservative, 2 Labour, 1 Liberal
Leyton, 2 Labour
Melton, 1 Conservative
Paddington South, 1 Labour, 1 Conservative
St Pancras North, 2 Conservative, 1 Communist Railwayman, 1 Labour,
3 Liberal
Shoreditch and Finsbury, 1 Conservative, 3 Independent, 2 Labour,
1 Liberal
Wirral, 2 Conservative

76/6/H: Publications from Interest Groups and Political Parties

"To All Those About To Vote", Election Leaflet published by the Liverpool Anarchist Group

"You Want Peace, Prosperity, Happiness...", Communist Party Election leaflet

"The Issue", Election newspaper published by the Federal Union

"For Peace and Prosperity", pamphlet published by the British People's Party

Teachers World and Schoolmistress, Jan. 1950, issue of a teacher's magazine dealing with the forthcoming General Election

"The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon...", poster published by Aims of Industry. (Removed to Poster file, number 143)

76/6/I: Newspapers and Newspaper Cuttings

The Times list of candidates, 15 cuttings detailing additions and alterations to The Times list of probable candidates (Jan 1950)

The Daily Telegraph General Election Supplement, an 8 page publication listing candidates for the 1950 General Election in all of the 625 constituencies as well as giving the 1945 Election results

"Radio Doctor's Tonic", newspaper cutting detailing an Election broadcast given by Dr Charles Hill (the 'Radio Doctor') National Liberal and Conservative candidate for Luton

"Catholic Schools", cutting from the South Wales Argus quoting a statement by Peter Freeman, the Labour candidate for Newport, on the financing of Catholic schools, 22.2.50

Cutting showing an Election result message from IJ Pitman to his constituents written in Pitman script, 22.2.50

"Preparing for Election Night", newspaper report and photograph showing preparations for an 'Election Night Special' at the Odeon, Prestwich, 23.2.50

Cutting from the Liverpool Daily Post showing percentage tables of voting by parties on Merseyside, 25.2.50

Copy of The Evening News, dated 24.2.50 (the day after polling)

1 page handwritten re-cap of the Bristol West Election Results for 1945 and 1950
17 assorted cuttings from the Bristol Evening Post on matters relating to the General Election Campaign

Two issues of The Times dates 11.1.50 and 22.2.50 were found with this collection but were not retained because of poor condition

76/6/J: Political literature, 1950-51

Swinton Conservative College, Course Calendar March-May 1950

"The Weekly Newsletter", No 8, Conservative Party newsletter, March 1950

"Hornsey Conservative News", No 39, Conservative Party newspaper, April 1950

Newsletter of the Proportional Representation Society, includes an analysis of the share of votes and seats by party for the 1950 General Election, April 1950

"The General Election 1950", leaflet published by the Proportional Representation Society, June 1950 (?)

"Let Them Got Together Again", leaflet advertising meeting organised by the British Peace Committee, June 1950

76/6/K: General Election 1951. Election Literature

Brighton Kemptown, 2 leaflets, 1 Conservative, 1 Labour

Kettering, 2 Labour Party Leaflets

Box 7: Miscellaneous

76/7/A: Voting Patterns 1945-50

10 page handwritten notes and diagrams detailing changes in the share of votes gained by various political parties

76/7/B: Papers Relating to 1950 General Election Survey

2 page typed proposal outlining the Election survey to be carried out by M-O (January 1950)

1 page typed list of checks to be imposed on the selection of constituencies for the 1950 Election survey, (January 1950)

3 page typed list of possible constituencies to be studied

2 page typed list of study constituencies; includes list of candidates contesting each seat

1 page typed list of interviewing areas

2 page typed first draft of the General Election questionnaire

1 page typed copy of the General Election questionnaire

3 page typed copy of the General Election questionnaire code sheet

13 page typed copy of the General Election questionnaire code sheet-also attached, copy of handwritten amendments made by Observer

1 page typed quota sheet

1 page typed itinerary for conducting interviews

1 page typed instructions for conducting observational work

1 page typed copy of instructions to observers on reporting meetings

15 page typed list of the Election results for each of the 6 study constituencies

1 page typed copy of questions asked in the post Election call back questionnaire

1 page typed copy of questions asked in the follow up interviews with Election agents

3 page typed notes giving guidance on the preliminary publication of Election material
76/7/C: Survey 25, Lotteries and Elections

1 copy, printed, blank Survey 25 questionnaire

5 page typed code sheets for Survey 25

76/7/D: Miscellaneous

21 pages handwritten notes and jottings relating to the 1950 General Election survey

76/7/E: Voters' Choice

Copy of M-O booklet "Voters' Choice"

9 items of general correspondence about "Voters' Choice"

REEL 214

Box 8: Analysis Sheets, 1950-51(?)

Survey 13, Analysis Sheets

Survey 21, Analysis Sheets


Survey 23, Analysis Sheets

Survey 23, Analysis Sheets

Survey 23, Analysis Sheets

Survey 25, Analysis Sheets

Survey 23, Analysis Sheets

REEL 215

Box 9: General Election 1955

76/9/A: Churchill's Resignation

3 page typed report describing the crowd outside 10 Downing Street, waiting for Churchill to return from Buckingham Palace after tendering his resignation; includes comments overheard 5.4.55 (DLD)

9 page handwritten report detailing comments overheard amongst a crowd in Downing Street, 5.4.55 & 6.4.55

1 page of comments on Churchill's resignation

4 page handwritten report on comments overheard and discussed the day after the announcement of Churchill's resignation

1 brief handwritten comment on Churchill

1 brief typed comment on Churchill, 6.4.55 (DLD)

"Special", news sheet dated 6.4.55 reporting Churchill's resignation

"Special", later edition of the above, 6.4.55

"London Cry", news sheet dated 6.4.55 reporting Churchill's resignation, includes photograph of him leaving Downing Street

Handwritten note from an Observer to Mr Ferraby

76/9/B: General Election 1955, Survey 23

Completed questionnaires for the post Election survey on why people voted as they did, sorted by serial number (003-203)

76/9/C: Survey 23, Summary of results

3 page handwritten and typed early draft of a summary of the results of the Election survey

3 page typed later draft of the above 6.6.55

2 page printed summary of the results of the Election survey; includes comments on why people voted as they did

76/9/D: Papers Relating to Survey 23

Letter from Mollie Tarrant to interviewers giving instructions on how to carry out the survey, 27.5.55

3 page typed instructions to observers on reporting meetings, the quotas and the interview itinerary

1 page typed summary of the 1955 Election results for Finchley, Southwark, and Battersea South

7 page typed code sheet for Survey 23

2 page handwritten comments on why people voted as they did, with note to LE attached

76/9/E: Survey 23, Analysis

Computer print out analysis sheet

7 pages handwritten analysis sheets and charts




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