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Papers from the Mass-Observation Archive at the University of Sussex
Part 5: Topic Collections on Welfare and Social Conditions, 1939-1949 and

Part 6: Topic Collections - the Home Front during World War Two

Detailed Listing - Part 6

TC 5: 2 boxes


5/1/A: Crisis Reports, August 1939
Typed reports by Observer WRL, numbered 15-20 and 24 describing the last few days before the outbreak of war. Details on evacuation schemes in Acton, Ealing, Hanwell areas : observations, counts and overheard conversations

5/1/B: Receiving evacuees, September 1939
Reports from volunteer Observers in country areas on the progress of evacuation work : how people are receiving evacuees, opinions on the scheme, descriptions of people's behaviour

5/1/C: Evacuees' departure, September 1939
Observations in railway stations by full-time Observers in London. Observation in Manchester of evacuated children (RS)
Article from Lilliput magazine

5/1/D: Evacuation of schools, September-October 1939
Reports from teachers evacuated with their 5-7 year-old school children from Walthamstow to rural area near St Albans. Details of teaching conditions, billets, relations with children and other teachers, organisation and liaison with local council

Magazine of the Addey and Stanhope school, evacuated to Burwash, Sussex

5/1/E: General comments on success of evacuation scheme, September-December 1939
Typed extracts from diaries, from articles and press cuttings, from letters and reports. Case histories and anecdotes, evacuation in a Hertfordshire town, October 1939

5/1/F: General comments on war problems including evacuation, October 1939
Handwritten notes from volunteer Observer in Manchester (RS)

5/1/G: Effects of evacuation on shops, businesses and accommodation, October-November 1939
Invalid Children's Aid Association, bulletin on evacuation-related problems. 1939
Interviews with shopkeepers, a doctor, a dentist, a waitress, in London. Report from a business man on the evacuation of his offices from Moorgate to Reigate
Interviews with landlords in North London. Interview with head porter on arrangements over empty flats

5/1/H: Romford : a neutral area, October-December 1939.
Handwritten report and notes on the impact of evacuation schemes on Romford by Observer, includes a letter from a young Civil Servant evacuated with her office to Harrogate (NM)

5/1/I: Reactions to arrival of evacuees, October-December 1939
Handwritten report on evacuees in East Devon (DH)
Typed report on reception of mothers and children by billets; observations at station, Windsor (KB)
Typed report from village of Burford where most evacuees are well-to-do (TH)
Notes on Henley (HP)

5/1/J: Children in "Metrop", November 1939
Observations of children still in Putney and Fulham : street behaviour, overheard conversations (CVP)

5/1/K: Miscellaneous notes and correspondence on evacuation, September-December 1939
Personal letters : Tom Harrisson and family. Assorted M-O letters. Copy of M-O Directive to volunteer Observers. Notes (TH)

5/1/L: Printed material on evacuation 1939-41
Evacuation Exhibition (Paul and Marjorie Abbatt), March 1940 : invitation card and notes
Critique of Government Evacuation Scheme by the Association of Architects, Surveyors and Technical Assistants, March 1940. Study of a Rural Reception Area by the AASTA, 1940
Government Evacuation Scheme : School Children, 1939. Report prepared by the Director of Education, City of Nottingham
Quotations from : Report of Committee of Education, (no date)
Official leaflets : Stay Where You Are (MoI), two versions; Evacuation, Why and How ? (Public Information Leaflet, no. 3, 1939); Notes and Suggestions on Clothing (WVS); War-time Play Schemes for Children (WVS); Evacuation (Civil Defence); A Message from the Minister of Health to Parents who have Evacuated their Children, June 1941
Our Wartime Guests, opportunity or menace ?-A psychological approach to Evacuation (Gertrude Wagner, University Press of Liverpool, 1940).
Letters to the Spectator, 22.9.39

Press cuttings September 1939-January 1940

BOX 2 : EVACUATION 1940-44

5/2/A: Interview with Lady Reading, February 1940
Personal experiences and criticisms of Government scheme (2 copies)

5/2/B: Questionnaire on use of evacuation scheme, May 1940.
35 replies from women in Marylebone on their plans for their children
12 replies, Notting Hill Gate
20 replies, Fulham

5/2/C: East coast evacuation, May 1940
13 replies to question asking how people feel about evacuation in Southend
Observation in Southend, 28.5.40, with two interviews
Observations and interviews in Felixstowe, 27.5.40
One page report summary of East coast evacuation

5/2/D: Evacuees leaving Paddington Station, 1940
Observations and overheard conversations, 13.6.40
Observation and 3 interviews, 8.9.40

5/2/E: Evacuation of schools, 1940
Observer reports, East End, on visits to schools to see how the second evacuation scheme was working
Assorted duplicated and printed material produced by schools in connection with evacuation

5/2/F: Evacuation of children overseas 1940
Selected forms and official material
Personal report from Panel member who took daughter to the USA, 1941?

5/2/G: Evacuation from the East End, August-September 1940.
Overheard comments, June and August 1940
Evacuation study 9-10.9.40 : impressions, observations and interviews

5/2/H: Evacuation in London areas, September-October 1940.
Reports on evacuation schemes in Paddington, Notting Hill, and the reception of East End refugees, September 1940
Report : evacuation from Streatham, 20.9.40
Report : morale and evacuation in Chelsea, 11.9.40 and 19.10.40
Interviews and impressions from Kilburn, Cricklewood, Fulham, and Neasden, October 1940

5/2/I-M: Reception of refugees, October 1940
Reports and interviews from various towns on routes away from London

Towns along the A1:

Eaton Socon
St. Neots

A40/A44 routes out of London:

Beaconsfield (includes anti-semitism)
High Wycombe
Chipping Norton

Windsor and

Towns along the A30:

Hurstbourne Priors
Hartley Witney
Over Wallop

South : Surrey and Sussex
Burgess Hill
Haywards Heath

5/2/N: Transport out of London at night, October 1940
General notes and interviews on formal and informal schemes

5/2/O: Husbands whose families have been evacuated, October 1940
Interviews with men, Kilburn

5/2/P: Panel on local situation, October 1940
Typed copies of replies from the volunteer Observers to M-O Directive on evacuation; some handwritten reports sent in by the Panel also included

5/2/Q: Evacuation 1940-41
Diary extract on Christmas party for evacuees, December 1941
Extracts from diaries on evacuation accommodation, June 1940
Samples of forms produced by Barnstable for the Government Evacuation Scheme, February 1941
Correspondence and research outline relating to the Inter-University Jewish Federation study of Jewish Evacuation, June 1940

5/2/R: Progress of Government Evacuation Scheme, January 1941
Account of conversation between Ministry of Health and authorities in Crediton about evacuation (from the Telephone Censorship Dept.)
Handwritten report on evacuation north of London : Hatfield, Welwyn, Stevenage, Baldock, Biggleswade, Sandy, Huntingdon, Bedford
Reports from south of London : Brighton, Hassocks, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Redhill, Handcross, Purley

5/2/S: Children 1942-44
Account of ten year-old boy evacuated twice
Assorted printed advertising material (books, clothes, toys)
Observations of children or about children, London 1942-43
Report on non-evacuated children, Kilburn, 1944
Observations of children returning home, Paddington Station, 1944
Extracts from the letters of a nine year-old boy evacuated to USA
"Doodlebug evacuees" in Birmingham. July 1944
Hndwritten personal letter about evacuated children, Maidstone, 1944

5/2/T: Dog Evacuation Scheme, Bolton, August 1940
Notes and correspondence

5/2/U: War Begins At Home 1940
Ts chapter on evacuation, "War in the home". Includes notes by TH
Correspondence with the Editor of Town and Country Planning 1939. Article on "Human effects of Evacuation" by TH
Ts report to the meeting of the Housing Centre, 24.10.39 concerning research on effects of evacuation (TH)
Handwritten notes on billeting, 8.10.40 (JF)
Handwritten notes for a review of Cambridge Evacuation Survey, 8.10.41
Miscellaneous notes

YOUTH 1937-43
TC 51: 3 boxes

TC 51, BOX 1: 1937-40

51/1/A: Youth Peace Movements
Observations at a Young Britons Garden Fete and ticket, handwritten, July 1937, Bolton (WH)
Observations at Labour League of Youth Meeting July 1937 handwritten, WH, extract on League of Youth from unknown publication; typed ms "Notes for League of Youth Lectures"; typed ms of Draft Policy for the League of Youth; list of the League of Youth membership 1935-37 (Bolton)
Membership booklet for Economic Youth Movement, Bolton 1937-38; invitations to meetings of the Economic Youth Movement (Lancs & Cheshire) 29.3.38 & 12.4.38; handwritten & typed observations at meetings 23.11.37 (WH & ZB) and 19.1.38 (JS)
Observations at TUC Conference 23.4.38, handwritten, 2 leaflets encouraging membership of union; 18th Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 1937, Lancs & Cheshire Federation of Trades Councils & Trades & Labour Councils, (pamphlet)
Observations at a meeting of the Pacifist Youth Group, handwritten, Highams Park, 3.1.40 (AFC); observations of meeting at the Highams Park Peace Pledge Union and the Walthamstow Young Communist League 4.1.40 (AFC), printed leaflet from the above meeting published by the Communist Party, typed report of conference on "Youth in War-Time" called by the British Youth Peace Assembly, 9-10.12.39
National Youth Peace Aims Conference 2-3.3.40 ticket, typed letter to delegates, leaflets given out at the conference, pamphlet Youth News Feb 1940, typed report of conference (JC)
Observations at Public Meeting organised by the National Peace Council, typed, London 13.3.40, leaflets sold and distributed at the meeting (6)
Report of West London Youth Conference, handwritten 16-17.3.40, leaflets distributed at the above (4)
Under 30 Movement Meeting handwritten report 21.5.40 and ramble 20.5.40 (RF); handwritten report on Spanish Youth Fiesta 12.4.40 (RF)
Handwritten report on International Youth Rally 11.11.41 (JS). Letter and copy of pamphlet from the Young Communist League of Great Britain,
Jan 1941

Typed ms, Leeds Student Congress, March 1940, 13 reports (AH)

51/1/C: Correspondence
From RC Codner to TH Oct 1940, including Sept Directive; from Dr Gertrude Wagner re Youth Study and reply Oct 1940; from FD Klingender re Youth Study and reply Nov 1940, including typed draft memo"Plan to Discover the Effect of the War on the Youth of Britain"; personal report from EG, Dec 1940; from G Martin Dec 1940; from Margaret Coutts, Jan 1941 (MOI); to R Gauntlett Jan 1941; to B Henriques, Jan 1941; from D Boyd (BBC) Jan 1941; to/from G Martin, (Church of England Temperance Society) March 1941

51/1/D: Newspaper cuttings Oct 1940-March 1941
Including article by TH "The Hope of Youth" in an unknown publication

51/1/E: Pamphlets and ephemera
7 tickets for London Night Clubs 1940; The Economist 23.11.40 article "The Supply of Brains"; Christ's Hospital Roll of Service Sept 1939-Oct 1940; article in Nature "Welfare of Youth" Nov 1940; Rechabite Magazine article "Children and the Law: Past and Present" Nov 1940; Us number 12 April 1940; St Stephen's Church Review Jan 1941; 3 copies of Challenge-Britain's Youth Weekly Oct & Nov; Social Welfare (published by the Manchester & Salford Council of Social Services) article "Report of the Second Youth Survey"; Starting Young Workers Safely in Industry (The National Safety First Association)

51/1/F: Youth Questionnaire, The Effect Of War, Future Life, Oct-Dec 1940
Typed notes "The Problem of the 18-20 Age Group", 7.10.40 (RF); handwritten and typed notes on the questionnaire (JS); youth indirects Nov 1940 (JS); questionnaire and replies Streatham (LE), Mill Hill, Burnt Oak, Golders Green, Shepherd's Bush (JS, WH, GH), Notting Hill Gate (DH); notes (JS); handwritten extracts from AE Morgan The Needs of Youth; Youth interviews (CF); analysis sheets (JF); conclusions (JF), Jan 1941 handwritten


51/2/A: Introduction and conclusions of Youth Survey, Jan 1941
Instructions to Observers (3 copies typed) Jan 1941; note on youth material (LE) (2 copies typed) summary; corrected copy of M-O "Young People" (A Social Survey in London) Jan 1941 typed; miscellaneous notes by TH and JS on study Dec 1940-Jan 1941

51/2/B: Analysis of Youth Survey 1941
Handwritten notes and analysis sheets for Paddington & Bermondsey (JF)

51/2/C: Employment 1940-42
Notes and interviews, handwritten, on attitude to jobs and to unemployment of young women and a comparison with older women (CF), Nov 1940; notes and interviews, handwritten, on attitude to jobs and unemployment of young men (CF), 1940; handwritten notes on Camden Town Labour Exchange (CF); typed observations 'Going to Work', Bermondsey, (LE) Jan 1941; Juvenile unemployment returns for Bermondsey typed, (LE) Jan 1941; typed extracts from newspapers, publications and diaries: Schuil diary Nov 1941; Newsletter Sept-Oct 1941 "Young Wage Earners" 4 extracts The Star
"Wages" Jan 1942; Tribune "Training of Youth" Jan 1942; TES (Times Educational Supplement) "High Wages for Juveniles" Jan 1942; Labour Monthly "Wages and the War Effort" Feb 1942; The Economist "Juvenile Earnings and Registration" Feb 1942; diary of a housewife Jan 1942; Daily Mirror Feb 1942; memo sent from D Tate "The Relation Between High Wages and Juvenile Delinquency" including 2 tables from the Ministry of Labour Gazette; typed ms "Excessive Wages of Boys-National Association of Boys' Clubs" H Llewellyn-Smith, Feb 1942; pamphlet Parliamentary Debates-House of Lords Official Report "Children in the Pottery Industry" Feb 1942; interviews with shop-keepers in London on juvenile wages, (VT) Feb 1942. 2 diary extracts re juvenile wages. 3pp ms on "Juvenile Wages", Coventry 13.2.42 (VT)

51/2/D: Reading Jan 1941
Observations in Porchester Road Library (CF); observations in Bermondsey Central Library and Rotherhithe Public Library, typed (LE); counts of newspaper buyers, Paddington, (JS); observations in various bookshops in Paddington (CF) and Bermondsey (LE) typed and handwritten; summary of Bermondsey typed interview with Mr Davidson, Borough Librarian, Bermondsey; Free Reading for Shelterers, Bermondsey Public Library leaflet

51/2/E: Clothes and Shopping Jan 1941
All typed, general remarks on clothes (CF); descriptions of what people were wearing, Paddington (CF), Bermondsey (LE); shops and shopping Paddington (JS, CF), Bermondsey (GH, LE); handwritten summary in note form

51/2/F: General 1940-41
Observations on street corners, follows and overheards, Paddington (CF, JS) Bermondsey (LE, GH), Notting Hill Gate (DH) Nov 1940

51/2/G: Recreation: Paddington and Bermondsey 1940-41
Paddington: cinema count, handwritten, (CF); pub counts (JS), handwritten; blackout activity, handwritten (CF); observations in billiard halls, recreation grounds and dance halls (JS), handwritten; observations of youth at night (JS); observations at Clarendon Youth Centre (GH); roller-skating (JS); group counts (HP). Jan 1941
Bermondsey: outdoor/indoor activities (GH); pub count (GH), typed; blackout behaviour (LE); cinema count handwritten, (KT); smoking (GH), typed; group counts
Comparisons of Paddington and Bermondsey; juvenile leisure time July 1940 questionnaire form; children's play in the East-End, Oct 1940 (CF)

51/2/H: Shelters: Paddington and Bermondsey 1940-41
Observations in undergrounds Sept 1940 (HP), typed; East End children in shelters, typed, Dec 1940 (CF); copy of questionnaire on shelters and youth; shelters in Paddington and Bermondsey, observations and general impressions, Jan 1941, (KT, GH, LE, JS); copy of Shelter and Youth Report by the Church of England Temperance Society, Feb 1941

51/2/I: Clubs: 1940-41 (and Church)
Typed ms of Youth Organisations in Bermondsey, Aug 1940; letter sent to parents from 66th North London Rovers, Scouts and Cubs, Dec 1940
Observations counts and follows at various churches in Paddington and Bermondsey (CF, LE); magazine from Holy Trinity Church Paddington Jan 1941
Interviews with people associated with youth through clubs, the church and various youth committees, (RF) Jan 1941

51/2/J: Leisure and Clubs Questionnaire Jan 1941: Bermondsey
Typed and handwritten replies to the questionnaire, (GH, DH)

51/2/K: Leisure and Clubs Questionnaire Jan 1941: Paddington
Typed and handwritten replies to the questionnaire (JS, CF, BW)


51/3/A: Boys' Clubs: Nov 1940
All typed, interviews and observations (JA)
Clarendon Youth Centre (2 copies); Boys' Brigade (2 copies); London Federation of Boys' Clubs (2 copies); Salvation Army; Boy Scouts HQ;
62nd London Boys' Brigade; Southwark Youth Committee (2 copies);
Mary & Acland Club (2 copies); summary of position (2 copies);
summary of statistical information

51/3/B: Boys' Clubs ephemera 1938-40
Pamphlet and leaflet from Bolton YMCA 1937-38; London Federation of Boys' Clubs Annual Report 1938-39; Boys' Brigade leaflets, reports and gazettes 1940

51/3/C: Girls' Clubs Questionnaire Dec-Jan 1942
Questionnaire typed, replies handwritten
London (MS, CG, DH); Bolton (FM), general impression, questionnaire among women working in a factory; Roehampton (MH, CM); Fordingbridge (JH); Westbourne, Sussex; Rolands Castle (MT), Hants; Cornwall (VT); totals and analysis

51/3/D: Reports from St Francis Youth Club 1943
Various reports on the activities and the running of the youth club in West Wickham, Kent (EG)

51/3/E: Special Reports by the National Panel: 1941 & 1942
Replies to the Special Report on Youth Problems

51/3/F: Youth Questionnaire: The Running of the War, July 1942
Typed questionnaire, handwritten replies; Camden Town (EG), Bayswater and Shepherd's Bush (MS), King's Cross (CM), analysis sheets

51/3/G: Youth Questionnaire, June 1943: Paddington
Handwritten and typed (EG, LB, GT); analysis sheets

51/3/H: Miscellaneous
Handwritten extracts from surveys/reports on measuring intelligence in schoolchildren, achievement at school (both USA), and ILO report on work and health

TC 59: 7 boxes

TC 59, BOX 1 : CHILD SURVEY 1932 - 40

59/1/A: Studies of child behaviour 1937 - 40
Typed exploratory synopsis on children, 29.11.37 (FHC)
Typed QQ for children on family, friends, love and death etc, 11.11.37
Typed plan for study of children's behaviour, 1938
Typed memo - proposals for study of teacher 1.11.40 (JSF)
Handwritten list of panel members with children, undated

59/1/B: Observations of children 1937
Typed and handwritten observations of Bolton school children, 1937 (FHC, JS, JMW, PNH, WH and teachers)
Handwritten observations of school sports day, 1937 (JMW, WH)
Newspaper cuttings on finding work after school and catapults 1937
Printed pamphlet - Bolton schools educational visit to the Lake District, May 1937
Valentine card

59/1/C: Wall Chalkings 1937
Sketches of wall chalkings by children, Bolton 1937 (WH)

59/1/D: Child Survey 1938
Approx. 60 handwritten and typed responses to child survey, 1938
(volunteer panel)

59/1/E: Empire Day May 1938
Handwritten reports on Empire Day celebrations at schools, May 1938
(sent in by teachers); Derbyshire, Suffolk, Middlesex, Coston (County?)

59/1/F: Sunday Schools 1937
Part of a handwritten report on talk given to Sunday school teachers, undated
Handwritten observation of Sunday school class by teacher, undated
Handwritten interview with group of boys on religion, 1937 Bolton
Observation of children after attending show in a church hall, 1937 Bolton

59/1/G: Miscellaneous 1932 - 37
Handwritten results of physical training tests 28.11.32
Printed letter from Bolton Education Committee on introduction of a new senior school, August 1937
Typed report on Fourth of June celebrations at Eton College and printed programme, 1937
Typed and handwritten letters to Tom Harrisson - one from St Christopher School Letchworth Herts, and one from Frank H? - both undated
Four handwritten notes to teachers from parents, 1937

REEL 100
TC 59, BOX 2 : CHILDREN AND THE WAR 1939 - 47

59/2/A: School life in war time 1939 - 40
Typed letter for schools asking for information on school life in war time 8.3.40 (BW)
Typed and handwritten letters from head masters and mistresses in response to letter, giving information about: - general effect of war on pupils, interests, conversation and outlook (some in response to advertisement - see 5 letters November 1939). Also copies of prospectuses, school magazines and other ephemera, February-April 1940
Handwritten analysis of contents of school magazines, 1939 - 40 (CP)

59/2/B: School life in war time 1942
Typed copy of letter to schools asking for information on school life in war time, March 1942 (HW)
Typed and handwritten letters from head masters and mistresses in response to letter about school life in war time. Also printed school annual reports, March - June 1942
Syllabuses - Beckenham and Penge 1942

59/2/C: School life in war time 1939 - 47
Miscellaneous typed and printed ephemera sent in by volunteer panel and full-time observers: - circulars on evacuation of schools, ARP, extended school in summer holidays, social activities in schools

59/2/D: Children and the war - miscellaneous 1940 - 43
Handwritten letters from evacuee 1940 - 41 (2 letters)
Typed observation of school play, Letchworth 22.2.40 (TH)
Typed interview with headmistress of evacuated school Seaton, Devon, 26.4.40 (PF)
Handwritten reports on school girls sent in by school teacher Roedean, February - March 1940
Handwritten report on overseas evacuation, Canada, August 1940 (panel member)
Handwritten letter from male (age 17) on attitudes to war at college, Cheltenham 25.5.40
Handwritten report on children in the war and after, February 1942 (EG)
Handwritten and typed correspondence between panel member and Glasgow Education Dept about Government evacuation scheme and transport for school children, Argyll 1940 - 42
Five typed observations of schools after air raid warnings, Romford, Middlesbrough 1940 (NM)
Typed report on Cheltenham College farming scheme - school boys helping farmers August 1940
Typed observation of conversation about harvesting camp for school boys and arrest of man from Daily Worker, Bolton 22.6.40 (BA)
Typed article on public schools and the war and letter to TH, undated
Typed correspondence and timetable for conference held by New Education Fellowship "What after 13" (TH gave a lecture), handwritten report of Conference (RF) November 1941 - January 1942
Typed extracts from listening reports for TH - schools' reactions to broadcasts including broadcast on finding a job 1942 - 43
Handwritten essays by children on war and peace terms 1940 - 41

59/2/E: Children's books and comics 1939 - 42
Typed description of contents of comic - Crackers 21.11.39 (TH)
Typed description of children's supplement in Christian Herald 9.11.39
Typed list of magazines for children including religious magazines and magazines for girls from organisations ie Federation of Girls' Clubs, YWCA
1940 copies of : - The Rover, The Skipper, The Wizard, two copies of Adventure, The Hotspur, The Magnet, Triumph and Gem, Playbox, Film Fun, Children's Newspaper, (CP)
Handwritten analysis of content of comics
Newspaper cutting on series of 'sixpennies' for young people 22.2.40 (BW)

59/2/F: Children's reading survey - Fulham 1940 - 41
Typed letter from the editor of The Junior Bookshelf about children's reading habits and the war 13.3.40
Ms report on children's reading habits at Fulham Library, 17.2.40 (CP)
Handwritten survey of books issued to children, Fulham Library 16.3.40 (CP)
Typed report on visit to children's library, Fulham 8.5.40 (SH)
Typed report on children's reading habits, Fulham 22.2.41 (DS)

59/2/G: Education QQ 1942
Six point QQ on "what social, political changes you would like to see or what changes you expect there will be after the war and ideas on post war education?"; Typed copy of QQ 6.10.42
120 typed responses to QQ from Kilburn, Paddington, Marylebone 1942
Handwritten analysis of QQs 6.10.42 (JF)

59/2/H: Education Indirects 1944
Typed and handwritten indirects on education from Chelsea, Hampstead, SW1, Albert Bridge, November 1944 (GST, RL?, CG)
Handwritten analysis charts, November 1944

REEL 101
TC 59, BOX 3 : CHILDREN AND THE WAR 1937 - 47

59/3/A: Observations of children 1939 - 42
Handwritten report on survey of children's play 31.7.? (JSF)
Typed observations of children at play and general observations of children, Bolton, Fulham, Stepney, and Middlesbrough 1939 - 42 (RA, AH, NM, WRL, VT, CM)
Drawing of Hitler etc by four year old

59/3/B: Observations of children 1940
Typed observations of children at play and general observations of children, Worcester 7.10.40 (JA, DA)

59/3/C: Observations of children 1940
Typed and handwritten observations of children in Bethnal Green play centre and handwritten letters to TH, February - March 1940 (sent in by play leader)

59/3/D: Children's attitudes to war 1940 - 41
Typed and handwritten answers to QQ "What do you think of war?" April 1940 (LE, HP, NM, VW, RF)
Children's drawings and handwritten notes on children and the war 25.4.40 (TH?)

59/3/E: Children's attitudes to war 1940 - 41
Handwritten essays on war (Northern Ireland), three answers to questions on war and drawings of air raids by children (sent in by teacher), Huddersfield 1940 - 41
'Mock' letter, and list of contents of 'Westport Barracks' (toy fort) by 13 year old boy. 1940

59/3/F: Children's attitudes to war 1940 - 42
Handwritten essays by children on air raid warnings and letter from teacher, Alexandra Palace, June 1940
Handwritten essays by children on shelters, War Savings Week and holidays (sent in by teacher), Watford 1940 - 42

59/3/G: Miscellaneous observations of children 1942 - 47
Typed observations of social held in aid of The Basque Children's Fund, 10.5.42 (PJ)
Handwritten observation at a children's art exhibition, Cooling Galleries, Bond Street, London 14.1.43 (MS)
Handwritten observation of children outside a pub - The Crown, Cricklewood Broadway 23.5.43 (LB)
Handwritten observation of waiting room in children's hospital 17.4.45 (LB)
Typed special report on visit to Bernards Heath Junior Mixed School, St Albans, April 1947 (panel member)

59/3/H: Survey of Wickham Common School and Pound Park Nursery 1947
Handwritten survey of Wickham Common School and personal experiences of investigator (teacher at this school), 30.1.47 (EG)
Handwritten and typed report 'Going to the cinema on Saturday morning', Wickham Junior School July 1947
60 handwritten essays by children on going to the cinema, Wickham 1947
Handwritten charts on cinema going and analysis, Wickham 1947 (EG)
Handwritten report on Pound Park Nursery, Charlton, London 1947 (EG)
Handwritten report on visit to infant department of Wickham School 7.12.47 (EG)

59/3/J: Tables from survey on education 1947-48

REEL 102
TC 59, BOX 4 : MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS BY SCHOOL CHILDREN (sent in by teachers) 1937 - 38

'The Royal Family' handwritten essays, Bolton? 1937

'Coronation Day' handwritten essays, Westhoughton 1937

'Winter and Summer' handwritten essays, Bolton 1937

'Spring' handwritten essays, Bolton 1937 (WH)

1 handwritten essay on a holiday in Blackpool, Bolton? 1937
1 handwritten essay 'A Short History of Deane', Bolton? 1937

'The finest person who ever lived' handwritten essays, Westhoughton, Middlesbrough 1937 - 38

REEL 103
59/4/G, H (in continuation of Folder F on previous reel)
'The finest person who ever lived' handwritten essays, Westhoughton, Middlesbrough 1937 - 38

TC 59, BOX 5 : MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS BY SCHOOL CHILDREN (sent in by teachers) 1937 - 38

'When I leave school' handwritten essays, Middlesbrough December 1937

REEL 104
'Cannibals' handwritten essays, 1937

Children's school exercise books - English literature and grammar, Middlesbrough 1937

REEL 105
'When I grow up' handwritten essays, Bolton 1937 - 38

Handwritten letters to Father Christmas and essays about a Christmas party, Watford (sent in by teacher also panel member) 1938
Handwritten essays about a Christmas party, London (sent in by teacher also panel member) 1938

TC 59, BOX 6 : MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL BY SCHOOL CHILDREN (sent in by teachers) 1937 - 42

59/6/A: Essays 1937
'Good and Bad' handwritten essays, 1937
'Gala Day' handwritten essays, Westhoughton August 1937
'Armistice Day' handwritten essays, Westhoughton 16.11.37
Handwritten essays on presentation of school certificates, Middlesbrough High School for Boys 1937
Handwritten essays about a chosen person, Bolton 1937

59/6/B: Essays 1937 - 38
'How I spent Saturday and Sunday' handwritten essays and analysis, Bolton 1937
'What I like best' handwritten essays and analysis, Westhoughton 1937
'The games I play' handwritten essays and handwritten analysis, Westhoughton 1938
'From school to bed' handwritten essays, list of class nicknames and analysis, Westhoughton 1938
'What I'd like to do' handwritten essays, Salford 1937

REEL 106
59/6/C: Essays 1937
'Things I learn at home that I do not learn at school' handwritten essays and notes on essays, Bolton 1937 - 38?
'Dick Whittington' and 'Robin Hood' handwritten essays, Bolton 1937 - 38
'God' handwritten essays, Westhoughton 1937

59/6/D: Miscellaneous QQs
Handwritten and typed answers to miscellaneous QQs on general knowledge, hobbies and current affairs, Bolton 1937 - 40

59/6/E: Miscellaneous material
Handwritten essay 'The Child' (undated)
Handwritten letter to BW from teacher and member of panel, Watford, March 1942
Handwritten poem 23.8.41 (VW)
Handwritten miscellaneous short stories by boys and letter from teacher, 23.7.40 (includes 'autobiography of Hitler') (RF)
Handwritten essays on post-war improvements for the world and letter from teacher, Eastham, April 1942


59/7/A: Essays 1938
'My Home' handwritten essays and letter from teacher, Greenford 1938
'My Home and Who Lives There'
handwritten essays and typed copies, Twickenham 1938
'My Home and Who Lives There'
handwritten essays and typed copies, Watford (undated)
'My Home and Who Lives There'
handwritten essays, typed copies and letter from teacher, Birmingham 1938

REEL 107
59/7/B: Essays 1938
'My Home and Who Lives There'
handwritten essays, some typed copies and letters from teacher,
Bishop Auckland 1938

59/7/C: Essays 1938
'My Home and Who Lives There'
handwritten essays, some typed copies, letter from teacher and handwritten notes on essays, Bishop Auckland, Wirral, Bugbrooke, London, Murton (County?), 1938

59/7/D: Miscellaneous magazines and publications 1937 - 52
Printed pamphlet Forty Years On
(Assistant Masters in Secondary Schools) 14.12.37
Printed pamphlet Charity and the Law, published by the
National Council of Social Service 14.3.50
Printed pamphlet Intelligence Testing - Its use in selection for secondary education. Special articles from The Times Education Supplement, 1952
Ministry of Education Pamphlet Number 1 The Nation's Schools:
Their Plan and Purpose, published by HMSO 1945
Social Work - printed, quarterly review of family casework,
published by the Family Welfare Association April 1946
Printed pamphlet The Social Background of Infancy - The Domestic Environment of 471 Oxford Babies, published by the BMA June 1930
Magazine The World's Children, published by Save the Children Fund, Winter 1941 - 42
LGS - Journal of NALGO, November 1946
Picture Post, Volume 33 Number 5, 2.11.46

REEL 108
TC 32: 4 boxes

Most of the material in this Topic Collection is related to women's attitudes to war work and to the Women's Services. It does not include large sections of material on women in relation to other aspects of their lives. Topic Collections FAMILY PLANNING (TC 3), EVACUATION (TC 5), PERSONAL APPEARANCE (TC 18), HEALTH (TC 11), SHOPPING (TC 4) INDUSTRY (TC 75), and SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR (TC 12) are sources of further information on women in particular

32/1/A: War work for women

Article: "Working Women in this War" by TH, 29.11.39 for Industrial Welfare and Personnel Management, Vol XXI, No 253. One typed annotated draft and three printed versions
Memorandum: "Suburban Neurosis" from Mrs Fordham (undated) with suggestions for tapping women's energies
Article: "Women in Wartime" written by Observer SS, 4.1.40 (several drafts)
Article: "Women's Organisations under the Blitzkrieg" by SS, 20.10.40
Statistics about women in the WVS, ARP, WLA and in industry
Newspaper cuttings about women at work, 1939-40
Printed leaflet: "The Employment of Women", suggestions to employers by Ernest Bevin, 1941
Printed leaflet: "Registration for Employment Order 1941", notice to women who have registered
Report: Note on Women's Registration at Shepherd's Bush Labour Exchange (RL) 29.10.41
Report: Note on call-up of women (PN) 25.11.41 in Shotley Bridge, Durham
Report: War Jobs for Women exhibition at Wembley, (MT) 18.11.41
Report on a debate at a Warden's Post, (CF), 16.12.41: "There should be no conscription for married women"
Extracts from M-O diaries 1941-42 on the conscription of women
Article: "Women Park Keepers" (LB) 4.5.42

32/1/B: Proposals for the study of women in wartime
Correspondence relating to the study of women: Mrs Sieff and TH, Jan-Dec
1940 on the progress of the work which has been paid for by Mrs Sieff
Correspondence between PN and TH on the study, July-Aug 1940 with proposals for the structure of a report
Letters from Norah M Jeans of the International Women's News to TH, Sept 1940, with leaflets

32/1/C: Observations of women
Report on Dover, the BEF, with references to the reactions of women, 10.6.40
Article: "An Observer's experience trying to help her country" (DS) 19.6.40
Report from a Women's Hospital Ward at University College Hospital, London (PF) 21.6.40
Observations of women in Bolton (BA) 31.7.40
Observations in Mile End Baths-women's section, (NM) 1.8.40
Observations in Worcester (DA) 30.8.40
Observations in Slater's Cafe, Oxford Street, London, (SS) 30.8.40
Notes on women's health and nerves, Notting Hill Gate, (DH) 12.9.40
Further observations in Worcester (DA) Sept-Oct 1940
Report on Women's Exhibition of Housing and Planning organised by RIBA, London, (MS) 29.5.42

32/1/D: Women's publications
Schematic analysis of a small sample of publications aimed at a female readership (CP) undated

32/1/E: Women in the Forces
Miscellaneous notes on the Women's Services including newspaper cuttings
Observations of women in uniform, July-Aug 1940 and notes (CF) 29.7.40
Observations and overheard comments on the ATS and the WAAFs in Central London (CF) Aug 1940
Set of replies to four questions put to women about the women's services (CF) 12.8.40
Women's attitudes to women in the Forces (JS) 30.8.40

32/1/F: Male attitudes to women in the Forces
Interviews in the street with men (JS) 15.10.41
Report: Soldiers' attitudes to the ATS (JF), 10.11.41
Replies from male members of the Panel in the Army and in the RAF: attitudes towards the ATS and the WAAFs respectively, Oct 1941

32/1/G: Printed material on the Women's Services
Recruitment literature for the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutions (NAAFI), the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS), the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)

32/1/H: The Women's Land Army
Newspaper cuttings 1939
Correspondence between TH and senior members of the WLA about getting access to information about the WLA
Report: A visit to WLA headquarters (SS) 29.11.39 and an account of an
interview with the Honorary Director, Lady Denman; opinions on the organisation of the WLA from other WLA personnel
Letters and newspaper cuttings from the Farmers' Weekly sent in by a Panel member, Joyce Rowley, 1938-40
Typed extracts from the national press, 1939
Note on the WLA by TH, 4.12.39
Letter from Panel member in the WLA
Correspondence between TH and Lady Stapleton about the WLA including references to her idea of having a Boys' Land Army and with two articles by her: "Recollections of the Land Army" and "Land Army 1916-18"
Government leaflet "Recruitment to Agriculture"

REEL 109

32/2/A: ATS Survey: correspondence Oct-Nov 1941
Letters to Mass-Observation from Mary Gowing, Director of John Tait and Partner Ltd, the advertising agency working on ATS recruitment. Includes ideas for an ATS Survey, an article by Mary Gowing on the need for women to be involved in designing advertisements to appeal to women, notes on life in the ATS and recruitment figures
Letters (2) to TH from K Furse about recruitment

32/2/B: ATS recruitment advertising
Copies of newspapers containing ATS advertisements, Oct-Nov 1941

32/2/C: ATS recruitment advertising
Samples of proof advertisements prepared for the national press, 1941

32/2/D: Life in the ATS
Personal reports: extracts from the letters of an ATS woman to her boyfriend (a Panel member) with editorial comments from him. She is stationed in Leeds. No date
Extracts from letters sent to a female Panel member by her friend stationed in the ATS in Saltdean, Sussex, 1940
Report by Miss Groombridge of a visit to a ATS Depot and her interviews with ATS personnel, 6.6.41
Newspaper cutting about recruitment drive 15.11.41
Copy of letter from the mother of an ATS member to Sir John Wardlow-Milne, MP, criticising conditions in the ATS, 12.11.41
Transcript of a broadcast by Captain David Margesson, MP, about the ATS, 30.6.41
Confidential reports about the ATS: "The ATS and You" 6.5.41, written by an anonymous ATS officer; "Service in the ATS": information for the use of Interviewing Officers at Employment Exchanges, 22.5.41; details of ATS operational employments, Sept 1941?

32/2/E: ATS Survey: Women's attitudes
Indirect interviews with women aged 17-43 in 3 London Boroughs and in Worthing, 15-21.10.41 about their attitudes to the war, war work and the services, specifically the ATS. (LE, RI, CM, JS)

32/2/F: ATS Survey: Female Panel attitudes
Replies on duplicated questionnaires from women who belong to the Panel and from their friends: personal details, attitude to the war, attitudes to their jobs and past experiences at work, war work, attitudes to the Women's Services and especially to the ATS and to ATS advertising. All respondents resident in London, aged 17-43
Internal memo from BW to RF with a copy of the questionnaire

32/2/G: ATS Survey: Women's attitudes
Interviews with 180 women about themselves, their present work, registration for war work, the Women's Services, specifically the ATS and ATS recruitment advertising, expectations about the end of the war. 26 questions, conducted in London areas, Oct 1941 (CM, VW, JS, CF, MS, DG, VT, DH). Questionnaire included

32/2/H: ATS Survey: Women's attitudes
Interviews with 100 women about their attitudes to joining one of the Women's Services, which one appeals most and why, reasons why they couldn't/wouldn't join up and opinion about the ATS recruitment advertising. (Questions 21 onwards of the main questionnaire used above). Includes a copy of the questionnaire. Survey conducted in London areas, November 1941, (MS, CF, VW, DH, JS, VT)

REEL 110

32/3/A: ATS Survey: Women's attitudes
Interviews with approx. 100 women in Coventry (engaged in various occupations, including munitions work) about reactions to ATS advertising and whether they would want to join the ATS. Questionnaire included, Nov 1941 (CF, MS, VT, DH-all female Observers)

32/3/B: ATS Survey: results
Internal memos and reports on ATS survey with analyses of replies

32/3/C: ATS Survey: results
Tabulation sheets (HP, JF, EL)

32/3/D: WAAF: Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Personal reports, descriptions of WAAF exhibitions, and an article entitled "WAAF" by Mrs G Barker of the Ministry of Information, (US Division), 17.3.42

32/3/E: WAAF: Reports from an Observer 1941-2
Detailed reports written at regular intervals for Mass-Observation by NM, formerly a full-time Observer with M-O. The reports cover all aspects of WAAF life: social activities, training, morale, recorded conversation, sex-life, clothing, leisure, reading habits, attitudes to politics, the WAAF hierarchy and so on. NM stationed at Preston, Lancs from April 1941 until July 1941 and then in Digby, Lincs until Feb 1942

REEL 111
32/3/F: Letters from women welders 1942
Letters from a group of young women engaged in munitions work in Yorkshire (mostly Huddersfield) sent to their former instructor, Val Pearson, a young female member of the M-O Panel in Sheffield. Details of life in the factory, the hazards of work and various escapades


32/4/A: Women's organisations: general
Draft questionnaire to be sent to officers of the organisations
Lists of organisations with addresses and names
Details of some women's organisations compiled by SS who conducted the entire survey
Article: on the need for good women's organisations in rural areas to tap women's energies, written by Katherine Furse, 13.8.40

32/4/B: Regional reports on women's organisations
Report based in Yorkshire sent in by Panel member E Rowntree, Pickering, Yorks, Feb 1940
Interviews carried out by JS in London, 13.12.40 about women's membership of clubs
Survey with interviews by JJ, 17.12.40 made in working class districts of Watford

32/4/C: Women's organisations
Information collected by SS during 1940. Arranged in alphabetical order:

British Federation of University Women:
Notes on officers, organisation, description of meeting, 16.3.40 (SS), a printed leaflet and a copy of University Women's Review, No 29, Nov 1939

Citizens Advice Bureaux:
Notes on the origins and functions, letter 21.12.39 and explanatory leaflet

The Electrical Association for Women:
Letters from the Director to TH Jan and Feb 1940

The Housewives' Union:
Report of a meeting at Letchworth Garden City 15.1.40 written by Mrs Harrisson (TH's wife?)

32/4/D: International Co-operative Women's Guild
Publications, Popular Nutrition and the Housewife, Youth and Cooperation, Present Economic Tendencies-where does the Housewife come in?, Housewife's Programme, Mothers of the Future and various duplicated Bulletins

32/4/E: Organisations

Ladies Guild (of the British Sailors Society):
43rd Annual Report

Married Women's Association:
Leaflets-Marriage is News, Are Wives Slaves?, account of a meeting, 8.2.40 plus assorted notes

Mental Health Emergency Committee:
Correspondence, notes on organisation and leaflets

Mothers' Union:
Notes on organisation plus leaflets

National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child:
Pamphlet: Twenty-one Years account of the history of the organisation and The Illegitimate Child-a challenge to Society plus other printed material

National Council of Social Service:

National Council for the Defence of Women and Children:
Duplicated circulars

32/4/F: National Council of Women of Great Britain:
Notes on the organisation, origins, officers, functions, opinions about pacifists, duplicated Annual Report, two copies of Women in Council, No 1 and No 8 and the Handbook, 1939-40

REEL 112
32/4/G: Organisations

National Federation of Women's Institutes:
Correspondence and notes

National Union of Townswomen's Guilds:
Notes on organisation, officers and correspondence

National Union of Women Teachers:
Note and letter

Personal Service League:
Printed material

Red Cross:

United Kingdom Alliance:
Notes on organisation and letters

Women's Engineering Society:
Invitation to 21st Birthday Celebrations with guest list, observation 4.3.40, newspaper cuttings of occasion

Women's Farm and Garden Association:
Correspondence, printed material and notes on organisation

32/4/H: Organisations

Women's Freedom League:
Newspaper cuttings, notes, descriptions of a talk 17.1.40 and duplicated Bulletin

Women's Guild of Empire:
Account of interview 29.8.40 and printed leaflet

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom:
Notes on attitudes to pacifists, notes on organisation, leaflet and pamphlet on history and aims

Women's Liberal Federation:
Notes, duplicated circulars and letter

Women's Parliament:
Letter to Naomi Mitchison (M-O Panel member) 21.11.41

32/4/I: Women's Voluntary Service:
Assorted leaflets, printed material including leaflets on knitting for the war effort, reports from DA in Worcester about local activity, July-Aug 1940; booklets with helpful information on ARP, children etc; confidential report from Lady Reading; notes, observations etc

32/4/J: Women in religious organisations
Report by SS on the effect of war on church organisations, 19.1.40
Assorted church publications
Completed questionnaire sent to the Women's Guild of the Congregational Union of England and Wales

32/4/K: Youth organisations for girls
Girl Guide Association
National Council of Girls' Clubs: printed and duplicated material (including material about camps), sample newsheets, notes on organisations

REEL 113
TC62: 4 boxes


62/1/A: Reports on East End Study 1939
Typed report: "East End Preliminary Survey", 23.1.39 (LT)
Typed report: "Anti-semitism" - contains opinions collected in Stepney, Poplar and Limehouse (KB)
Typed report: "Weekend Surveys" - contains opinions collected in:
Poplar 11-12 February
Limehouse 18-19 February
Stepney 25-26 February
Hand-drawn map of Whitechapel area (E8 and E9)
Typed letter to TH from Kathleen Box (investigator) on East End Survey

62/1/B: Correspondence and notes on Anti-semitism Study 1939
Typed report: "Outline of Projected Psychological Study of Jews in relation to Wider Investigation of Anti-semitism" - duplicate and carbon copy, February 1939
Typed report: "Liking and Disliking the Jews" -contains summary of opinions on characteristics of Jews
Typed report with attached letter to TH from J Sommerfield (investigator) on his experiences and progress re 1939 survey
Correspondence with various organisations including Jewish organisations and other material related to 1939 survey
Typed report on the Jewish Agency for Palestine with draft of speech given by Dr. Weizmann at 22nd Zionist Congress at Basle, undated.

62/1/C & D: School essays on Negroes and Jews 1939
Essays sent in by teachers who were part of M-O's panel of volunteer observers, early 1939
File C from assorted schools in various areas. File D from a school in Keswick

62/1/E: Making of BBC TV documentary June - July 1939
Page from Radio Times 7.7.39, indicating programme relating to 1939 survey
Typed letter to TH from Andrew Miller Jones, TV producer
Typed draft script, final script and handwritten notes

62/1/F: Feelings towards Jews/Jews and Cockneys in East End,
March 1939
Typed prefatory letter from TH to Neville Laski (member of Jewish Board of Deputies) in relation to funds for continuation of 1939 anti-semitism study
Typed preliminary interim report (79 pages) contains comprehensive account of 1939 anti-semitism study

62/1/G: Responses and findings from questionnaires on Anti-semitism 1939
Typed indirect interviews on anti-semitism, 31.1.39 (AH)
Typewritten responses to a 4-point questionnaire on ideas acquired about Jews and opinions on effects of Jewish refugees in England
Handwritten report on results of questionnaire on Jews, February 1939
(JL Deuchar)
Typed report: "Anti-semitism in London Area", (Mrs O Smith)

62/1/H: Anti-semitism survey 1940-43
Typed and handwritten responses to a 5-point questionnaire on feelings towards Jews
Handwritten "Special Report - Dominating Feelings about Post-War Politics", 18.4.41 (from volunteer observer)
Typed overheard conversations containing spontaneous anti-semitic remarks, 23.6.41 (BW)
Typed tabulated analysis: "How Do You Feel About the Jews?", 18.3.43

REEL 114
TC 62, BOX 2 : EAST END SURVEY 1939:

62/2/A: Working class Jews in Whitechapel 1939
Handwritten report: "A Week in the Life of a Group of Working Class Jews of Whitechapel", 25.2.39 - 3.3.39 (LT) describes leisure activities at a dance hall, party, cinema, card games and conversations in private houses and at Joe's Café

62/2/B: Observations of Cockneys and Jews: Leisure activities
Handwritten overheard conversations on reactions to pictures in Whitechapel Art Gallery 1939 Exhibition 16.2.39(LT); includes tabulations of findings
Typed report of Whitechapel Art Gallery 1939 Exhibition including observations on reactions to pictures, pictures receiving special attention and time spent there, 16.2.39 (NC, LT)
Handwritten cinema counts amongst Jews and Cockneys using four different East End cinemas, 16.2.39 (LT)
Handwritten library counts in Reading Room 7.15 pm, 21.2.39 (LT); includes tabulated results
Typed counts and tabulated results in Queen's Music Hall, Poplar, 23.2.39 (NC)
Observations and overheard conversations mainly about fascism at Whitechapel Art Gallery and games arcades in Whitechapel area, 3.12.39 (DG)
Printed card advertising "1939 Exhibition" at Whitechapel Art Gallery 9.2.39 - 7.3.39
Two booklets on Whitechapel Art Gallery 1939 Exhibition
Printed pamphlet from Artists International Association: "The First Five Years 1933 - 1938"
Newspaper cutting from The Star, 15.2.39 referring to pen and ink sketches shown at the Whitechapel 1939 Exhibition

62/2/C: Stepney questionnaires
Handwritten draft notes of responses to 5 questions on Stepney
Typed report on findings to questions on Stepney as a place to live - good and bad points - with results
Indirect interviews on residents' views of Stepney and anti-semitic feeling there, (26.2.39 and undated) (PF, JB, EF, KB)
Handwritten draft notes on pub counts and pub games
Typed pub counts and tabulated results of activities including games facilities in several pubs in Stepney area (originals and carbon copies)
Diagram of pubs in E1, E2 and E14 areas
Booklet: "Quinn Square Tenants' Rent Strike Victory", received 3.12.38 (JS)
Typed words of song connected with Stepney Tenants' League
Printed leaflet from a Catholic church, E1, announcing "A Meeting of Parishoners", received Feb 1939
Printed leaflet by the Socialist Christian League, received March 1939
Printed poster from St Augustine's Church
Handwritten draft notes on church counts
Typed church counts outside churches of various denominations, undated (KB)
Typed church counts at St Mary's Church (C of E), with informal interviews on anti-semitism, 26.2.39 (PF)
Typed observation of church service at St Mary's Church, 26.2.39 (PF)
Typed report on 11 o' clock church service at St Mary's Church, 26.2.39 (DS)
Typed account of observations at Salvation Army Hostel for Women, 25-26.2.39 (KB)

62/2/D: Poplar questionnaires
Typed responses to 4 questions on Poplar as a place to live, and further question "Do you think the Archbishop of Canterbury is good at his job?", 11-12.2.39 (KB)
Handwritten responses to above questions on Poplar, (undated)
Handwritten report on results of house-to-house questionnaires about living in Poplar, 12.2.39 (SS); includes tabulated results
Typed indirect interviews with report and tabulated results on residents' views on Poplar and anti-semitic feeling there (KB, DG, SS); includes separate handwritten and typed pub and pub activity counts and church counts (DG)
Handwritten account and notes of pub and pub activity counts, 11.2.39
Handwritten coded church counts of Methodist, Congregational and Roman Catholic churches
Typed church counts (Church of England) (KB)
Handwritten notes on church attendances, 12.2.39 and report (S Smith)
Typed observation of Salvation Army activities (KB)
Handwritten account of dance at St Stephen's Church Hall
Typed account of dance at East India Hall (KB)
Typed report on the "Eastern Boarding House", Bed and Breakfast establishment (KB)
Two typed copies of an interview with Mr Regan Ward, Secretary of Labour Party (KB)
Handwritten account of interviews with a doctor, Army & Navy Surplus Stores assistant (women's wear store manager and a Church of England vicar)

62/2/E: Limehouse questionnaires
Handwritten accounts of interviews on anti-semitism; with a doctor; in pubs; door-to-door
Handwritten direct door-to-door and pub interviews, 18-19.2.39, (BJ)
Typewritten informal interviews about foreigners, 31.3.39, (KB)
Typewritten responses to 4 questions about Limehouse as a place to live and its amenities
Typewritten responses to 4 questions about Limehouse as a place to live, including question about Archbishop of Canterbury (KB)
Handwritten indirect interviews about political parties (KB)
Observations of church and pub attendances (KB)
Typewritten observations and informal interviews in public lavatories and with the Salvation Army
Typewritten informal interviews on anti-semitism among working-class people, 18-19.2.39 (KB, BJ)

62/2/F: Bethnal Green questionnaires
Typewritten responses to 5 questions about Bethnal Green as a place to live, including question about the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1-2.4.39 (KB)
Typed account of indirect interview on politics and anti-semitism with proprietor of workmen's cafe (KB)
Typewritten notes on church attendances (KB)
Log and weather report, 1-2.4.39 (KB)
Handwritten notes on pub attendances (KB)
Handwritten account of weekend spent at Salvation Army Hostel, including original receipt (PS)
Handwritten door-to-door interviews and responses to 5 questions about Bethnal Green as a place to live, including question on the Archbishop of Canterbury, carried out during weekend stay by investgator at Salvation Army Hostel (PS)
Handwritten notes on church and pub attendances (PS)

62/2/G: Definition of East End/Petticoat Lane, 10.7.39 (EBC)
Booklet depicting history of silk weaving industry in Spitalfields, by Virgoe Middleton & Co. Ltd
Handwritten account, including observations and overheard conversations, on history of Petticoat Lane
Handwritten notes on: definition of the East End; Jewish and clothing areas; history of the Globe Theatre; history of Curtain Road Theatre; St Mary's Church, Whitechapel

62/2/H: Ephemera
Booklet "Peace Alliance" by Starkey Jackson, published by Militant Labour League, bought at Jewish Newsagent, E1, 14.2.39 (LT)
Booklet "The Jews in Italy" (Nr. 2) by Suzius, 1936, with typed letter from Italian Embassy, London, 16.12.36
Card with printed leaflet/form: "Portraits for Spain" contains details and prices of various art work 12.3.39
Leaflet on London Foodship Campaign for Spain 12.3.39
Card advertising "Exhibitions and Lectures in Aid of Czechoslovakian and Jewish Refugees, Wl"
Leaflet "Boycott Nazi Goods" published by Empire Boycott League, E3
Leaflets "Walkers (Dyers and cleaners) Ltd" - price lists of boot and shoe repairs, found on floor at Aldgate East Tube Station, 24.2.39 (LT)
Card "The Sussex Laundry Ltd" - price list and 2 cards for details of work to be done, 13.2.39
Typewritten two-sided paper "Propaganda Art Course" and "Syllabus and Timetable of Lectures", Christchurch Parish Halls, E1
Leaflet advertising "Distressed Areas Exhibition" at Christchurch Hall, E1 with enrolment form for Propaganda Art Course, 10.3.39
Leaflet from "Distressed Areas Exhibition" about the "Left Book Club Spanish Foodship", 10.3.39
Printed sheet from the "Distressed Areas Exhibition": "Christ and Unemployment - A Call to a Crusade", with covenant tear-off slip

62/2/I: Newspaper and magazine cuttings
Articles from Time magazine (USA) on Freudianism (26.6.39) and Freud's book Moses and Monotheism - a psychoanalytic approach to the Semitic and anti-semitic "neuroses", and on anti-semitism in a Baltimore school
Articles from World Press News about Jewish influence in the Press, 18.5.35
Daily Express report: Mosley's speech, November 1939
Two bookjackets: "The Jews - are they human?" by Wyndham Lewis (George Allen & Unwin); "The Shortest Way with the Jews" by Peter Harlow, (George Allen & Unwin)
Article The Star, 10.2.39 "Jew Offers to Buy Boy Bicycle"
Article Evening Standard, 5.12.38: "Court Apology for Saying Father and Son were Jews"
Article Evening Standard, 8.12.38 : "Hitler's Creed and Others"
Article Evening Standard, 18.8.38 : "No Such Thing as a Jewish Race" (torn)
Article News Chronicle, 7.12.38 : "Priest Defends Anti-Jew Editor"
Article News Chronicle, 10.2.38 on Lord Baldwin
Loose in Box
Song sheets: The Jewish national anthem and other Hebrew songs
Copies of The Jewish Chronicle, 3.2.39 and various East London newspapers

REEL 115
SURVEYS 1946-47

62/3/A: Anti-semitism and free speech 1946
Typewritten 22 page report on "Anti-semitism and Free Speech", 25.7.46 (PV)
Typewritten 21 page report, original and carbon copy, based on 180 direct interviews made between 25.7.46 and 24.8.46
Typewritten copy of Directive for July 1946, Part I, relating to people's feelings towards Jews, the Jewish problem and Palestine
Analysis sheets on censorship on books and newspapers

62/3/B: Palestine questionnaires 1946
Typewritten 17 point questionnaire on censorship, fascism, religion, atheism, nationalism, political behaviour generally, 25.7.46
Handwritten and typewritten responses to above-mentioned questionnaire, London areas, June - Aug 1946 (JMK, PH, TT, LB, UP)
Typed report on findings from questionnaires on attitudes towards Palestine and Arab countries

62/3/C: Palestine questionnaires 1947
Handwritten account of a young woman arrested at a fascist meeting at Dalston and background to case, 24.10.47
Typed 11 point questionnaire on Zionism, Palestine, Arabs, Balfour Declaration and voting in the last General Election, 30.6.47
Handwritten responses to above-mentioned questionnaire, London areas, July 1947 (NM, HG, LB, JB, DH, AHL)
Handwritten jottings on findings from questionnaire on Palestine and Zionism
Two informal interviews, handwritten and typewritten, on Jews and Palestine, June 1947

62/3/D: Palestine questionnaires 1947
Handwritten responses to 11 point questionnaire on Zionism, Palestine, Arabs, Balfour Declaration and voting in the last General Election, London areas, July-Aug 1947 (MM, JB, AHL, HG, LB, DH, AS)

62/3/E: Results/analysis of questionnaires 1947
Handwritten notes of possible responses to 11 point questionnaire on Palestine
Various analysis sheets for 1947 survey

REEL 116

62/4/A: Printed material on the Jewish Question
The Jewish Problem by S Brodetsky (Jewish Agency for Palestine, London Nov 1944)
Jews, Arabs and the Middle East by Ephraim Broido (Jewish Socialist Labour Party, London, Dec 1944)
Jews in the Family Of Nations by Dorothy Thompson (Jewish Agency for Palestine, London, May 1944)
Where Can Refugees Go? by James G McDonald, published by Jewish Agency for Palestine, London WC1, July 1945
Palestine Yesterday and Tomorrow by James Parkes ( British Association for Jewish National Home in Palestine, London, July 1945)
Palestine Can Take Millions (Jewish Agency for Palestine, London, Nov 1944)
Jewish Palestine Fights Back, published by Jewish Agency for Palestine, London WC1, Nov 1945
Appeal to British Labour (Palestine Labour Political Committee, London, undated)
JPA News (Joint Palestine Appeal, London) 2 copies
Zionist Review 13.6.47 (Zionist Federation, London)

62/4/B: Results of survey on attitudes to Jews March-April 1951
Typewritten explanation and tabulated results of survey
Typewritten draft for questionnaire on attitudes to Jews, March 1951
Correspondence between Reynolds News (London) and Commentary (New York) and Len England (investigator) on the possibility of publishing articles from the findings of the survey, 6.11.50 - 19.4.51
Typewritten letter from Board of Deputies of British Jews requesting copies of survey, 7.5.51
Handwritten letter criticising aspects of survey, 7.5.51 (Major SC Speelman)
Subsequent correspondence to and from Len England with Commentary, Major S.C Speelman, Reynolds News, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jewish National Fund, Liverpool Jewish Gazette and Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith (New York) offering criticism of survey and requesting copies on report

62/4/C: Questionnaires on attitudes to Jews March-April 1951 (M-O Survey 95)
Duplicated 5 point questionnaires with responses on feelings about Jews
Handwritten notes from questionnaires on 'best things' and 'worst things' about Jews
Handwritten responses to above questionnaires, carried out in Golders Green, (AS)
Analysis sheets and notes from findings of questionnaires

62/4/D: Questionnaires on attitudes to Jews March-April 1951 (M-O Survey 95)
Duplicated 5 point questionnaires with responses on feelings about Jews



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