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Papers from The Mass-Observation Archive at the University of Sussex

Part 7: Topic Collections - Air Raids, Morale and the Blitz

Part 8: Topic Collections - Conscription, Pacifism and War Service

Detailed Listing - Part 8

REEL 139


TC6: 3 boxes

There were over 40,000 COs, largely from the middle and lower-middle classes. Many were clerks and local government officers. “To the conventionally minded some of them looked odd and arty.“...a tendency to be vegetarian, love their mothers, love animals….” Many were influenced by religious beliefs and belonged to pacifist organisations. Many thought the war was against the principles of Christianity.


"Report on Conscientious Objectors" (July 1940)
Letter: to New Statesman with reference to "Report"

6/1/B: Tribunal Hearings for COs
Fulham 18.1.40 (KB)
Bloomsbury 16.1.40 (TB)
Southwark 3.4.40 (PF)
Law Courts 31.8.40 (HP)
Fulham 14.1.42 (HP)
Fulham 24.2.42 (VT)
First Women's Tribunal: Fulham 25.5.42 (PJ)
Impressions 12.11.40 (JS)
After the Tribunal 26.6.40 (RMF)
Mock Tribunal: Walthamstow 14.3 40 (AFC)
Mock Tribunal: Walthamstow 22.1.40 (AFC)
Opinions on a particular case 23.10.40
Abstract of National Service Act 1939
Sample applications to Tribunal: R Frank, A Tucker, D Spreckley, J Snow, A Hughes, L Ackermann, Jenkins to Ministry of Labour
Appeal Tribunals
6.12.39 London SW1 (BA)
2.4.41 'Leonard', London W7
17.4.41 (DS)
"Before the Tribunal' Fellowship of Reconciliation
Walthamstow and District Advisory Committee for Objectors and Conscripts, Bulletin, March 1940
Central Board for Concientious Objectors Bulletin, February 1941

Report on CO Tribunals 2.2.40 (AFC)
Report on Tribunals (6 parts) (JGF)

6/1/D:Press cuttings : CO Tribunals

6/1/E: Employment of COs
Treatment of COs by Birmingham Corporation and establishment of Community Centres 12.11.40 (GOO)
Trade Unions and COs 21.4.40 (JA)
Co-op attitude to COs etc
Jobs of COs 6.40
Christian Pacifist Forestry Units: Letter and Leaflet 25.7.40
Letter from RF 3.12.40
Farm Diary 9.9.40 (RF)
Various Press Reports 28.6.40 (CF)
Various Press Reports
Press cuttings on employment of COs etc
Copy Memo for establishment of pacifist settlement: Lindors Settlement Ltd. 18.3.42

REEL 140


6/2/A: Various Pacifist Events: Observer Reports
AGM of Peace Pledge Union (PPU) 25.4.42 (PJ)
Adelphi Centre 14.2.42 (MC)
Letter from John Snow 2.10.40
Report on Armistice meeting of Council of Christian Pacifist Groups (CM)
Note on PPU and Quakers (10.40)
"Peace is Possible Now"-Report 3.4.40 (SS)
Observations 19.5.40 (CP)
Letter: PPU Meetings 17.4.40 (CVC)
British Youth Peace Assembly Dance: Report; also PPU meeting 29.5.40
Meeting at Dick Sheppard Centre 10.1.40 (HP)
Various items (KB)
Various items (AFC)
Overheads etc
Debate (report) 28.03.38 Left Bookclub and PPU on Peace
CO Fellowship meeting on prison experiences, Letchworth 24.10.44

6/2/B: Cultural Notes
Notes on "Old Soldiers Never Die" (LE)
Notes on reading and films by John Snow
Note on delivery of Peace News (RF)
Summary of Peace News 5.1.40 (AFC)
Some circulation figures (JH)
4 analytic tables of CO and Pacifist literature

6/2/C: Pacifism in Great Britain
Pacifism in St. Albans 13.3.40
Pacifist Movement in Great Britain (LO)
The Church and Pacifism
Interview with Rev. Singleton
Interview with Rev. H
Extract from the Christian Register April 1940
Extract from Unity March 1940
Welsh Nationalists (AFC)
University Students and the War (Scotland)

6/2/D: Pamphlets, Leaflets etc
National Peace Council
Peace Pledge Union
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Friends Society
Various pamphlets: religious and political
Two photos of people distributing PPU leaflets
Pacifist Service Units booklet

6/2/E: Miscellaneous
Extract from Manchester Guardian covering fracas at Royal Ceremony on Armistice Day, November 1938
1 notebook: Tom Harrisson
Handwritten notes: Tom Harrisson
Copies of correspondence of Peter Grant on various issues relating to his conscientious objection
Various correspondence with M-O
Copy Hansard, p 678, 11.4.40
Opinion in the RAF
Attitudes in the Forces (Army) to COs 26.11.44 (LE)
Prison experiences: personal reports, August 1944
Various papers, unplaceable

REEL 141


6/3/A: Pacifist Questionnaire
Sample questions and answers 4.4.40 (BW)
19 answer lists
8 answer lists with additional material, biographical and impressions of subject
1 unplaced sheet signed AFC
3 sheets analytic tables

6/3/B: Pacifism Interview
Fulham: show questions 3.4.40 (HN)
Various: April 1940 (MB)
Attitudes to Churchill, Chamberlain, Russia, Hitler

6/3/C: Pacifism Interview (cont)
Questions 20.8.40 (DH)
Fulham 29.8.40 (CF)
Fulham 28.8.40 (LE)
Fulham 6.4.40 (BA)
Report on COs and Pacifist Activities
"Results of Analysis"-Table and tabulated answers
5 tables
"Pacifist Opinion forming" (BW)

6/3/D: Statistics
Figures from PPU 25.6.40 (RG)
Page of COs in total registration (AFC)
Bulletin of Central Board for Concientious Objectors (January 1940)- giving figures
Press cuttings
Registration figures
3 analytic tables of CO registration under 1939 Act
Press cuttings

6/3/E: Opinion Forming
"Pacifist Opinion Forming" 1 typed page, 24.3.40 (BW)
Memo to TH (pencilled)
Memo to TH (2 sheets typed) on Investigation into opinion forming, 23.3.40 (BW)
Typed memo (4pp) from TH on CO survey 27.3.40

REEL 142


TC 29: 5 boxes

Please note that papers resulting from Mass-Observation's study of women in the Forces have been organised in a separate Topic Collection (TC 32): Women in Wartime. This includes attitudes of men towards women in the services.

Part of the Forces material is composed of reports sent in by voluntary Observers (ie members of Mass-Observation's National Panel) who were in the Forces. As a general rule their regular contributions as Panel members are to be found with the rest of the Panel material (the Directive Replies and Diaries) but special reports such as those on army education and proxy voting have been retained as part of this sequence. The ordinary Directive Replies from Service men are obviously another source of information about life in the Forces and an index of people in the Forces is available in the Archive.

Further material on the Forces may be found elsewhere, specifically in Topic Collection Work (TC 27) and Small Collection SM 38 - World War II Publications
DW September 1980


29/1/A: Mass-Observation: Forces Investigations
Internal memoranda about proposals and comments relating to studying men in the Forces
Notes, lists and miscellaneous comments
General correspondence relating to study
Reviews of books about the Forces and articles about the Forces by TH

29/1/B: Observations: the public behaviour of men in the Forces 1939-1940
Overheards, Bolton 1939 (JC)
Observations in London of the behaviour of soldiers, 1939 (AH, HP, BA)
Notes on canteens, London, 1939
Report on members of the RAF and Army in Blackpool, 5.8.40 (AH)
Observation in Bolton, 29.7.40 (BA) and in Stepney, 29.7.40 (NM)
Observations and overheards , London 27.7.40 - 18.9.40 (DH)
Observations and 'follows' in Worcester, 17.7.40 - 21.10.40 (DA)

29/1/C: Attitudes to Conscription 1939
Press cuttings May 1939
Letter from TH re Conscription Survey, 28.4.39
Report of Survey (TH) carried out by EBC, MER, AH, LT, KB, HAC in the East End of London, Norwood, Westminster, Poplar, Streatham and 'in the streets' (434 interviews). Replies to question: "What do you think of conscription?" with analysis sheets

29/1/D: Recruitment 1939
Observations at London recruitment offices made by VMD, KB, JA and BA, November 1939
Notes relating to recruitment
Overheards on conscription gathered in Fulham (LE), 29.7.40
Brief report on an Observer's experience of registration, (LE) 9.11.40
Observation at an Employment Exchange (London?) during the registration of engineers (JS) 19.8.40
Report by JA of his Medical Examination, 8.3.40

29/1/E: Manpower Questionnaire 1941
Replies to questions on the Government's conscription plans including the conscription of women, the conscription of wealth and Government ownership of essential industries (JS, MT, CM) 3.12.41

29/1/F: The Public and soldiers, 1940 - 41
Overheards: comments about soldiers collected by WRL in Uxbridge, DH in Cookham; observations of the behaviour of members of the Forces and public reactions. Reports of conversations with soldiers mostly in London but some reports from Romford, Bolton and Worcester
Civilian-soldier relations: reports, comments and observations
Observations of soldiers on railway stations in London (GD) June 1941

“M20B 12/7/40 What is your attitude to soldiers?
‘For a long time I felt sorry for them, pitied them, their lives were just being thrown away. But I feel rather different now and I envy them a bit because their minds are made up, they have no doubts as to whether what they are doing is right or whether they are doing the right thing. I still feel very sorry for them, their lives have been messed up especially those about 26 or 27 who have made their names and have got to give it all up without any real reward. The one thing I do not feel is pride in them, because their very existence shows what a hell of a position we’re in….’ ”

29/1/G: Knowledge about the Air Ministry, August 1941
Questionnaire about reactions to Air Marshal Joubert's radio broadcast and knowledge about the Air Ministry. Interviews carried out in Bolton, Streatham, Nottinghill Gate and Limehouse

29/1/H: The RAF and the Air War 1940
Envelope of charts identifying German and British aeroplanes published by the News Chronicle
Extracts from The Aeroplane about aircraft production and preparations for the air war
Notes (TH)

29/1/I: Exhibitions and fund-raising events related to war weapons 1940 - 45
Report from voluntary Observer: War Weapons Week in Chelmsford, 18.4.40 with newspaper cutting
Assorted reports, newspaper cuttings and observations in London areas about War Weapons Week, May 1941

Report on Donnington Tank Week (LE) August 1941
Report on Trafalgar Day Ceremony in London, 21.10.42
Report: Wings for Victory Week in Fulham, 11.3.43
Report: Wings for Victory Week in London, Trafalgar Square, 12.3.43
Report on local activities in Beckenham, 26.6.43
Report on Army Exhibition, London 16.7.43
Report: Army Cadet Exhibition, London, 27.3.44
Report: Salute the Soldier Exhibition, London, 3.4.44
Reports: RAF Exhibition, Dorland House, Regent St, London, 24.4.45
(For printed material gathered at some of the above events, see Box 3)

REEL 143


29/2/A: Calder Marshall, A
Reports in the form of letters to TH from Bushfield Barracks, St Cross, Near Winchester written between 1.8.40 and 8.10.40. Includes details of other soldiers and reports on soldiers' reactions to the Blitz
Report from ACM's wife, Ara Calder Marshall in Chiseldon, near Swindon, Wilts, 5.11.40 on the local area and relations between soldiers' wives and the local residents
Report on morale by ACM including information on training in the Army, 11.6.41

29/2/B: England, L
Notes from former full-time Observer with Mass-Observation, now a Private in the RAOC stationed at Donnington: notes on reactions of fellow soldiers to news items, 25.4.41; letters about possible investigative work inside the Army to be carried out by counsellors

29/2/C: Lee, WR
Reports from Private WR Lee in the Intelligence Corps at Winchester. WRL also a former full-time Observer for Mass-Observation now engaged in top security work. Joins up in November 1940

29/2/D: Novy, H
Detailed and lengthy reports from former full-time Observer now private in the RAMC stationed at Leeds (1.12.40 - 23.2.41), at Catterick, Yorks, (Feb 1941 - April 1941) and at Shotley Bridge, Co Durham (April 1941 onwards)
(Further reports on the RAMC and life in Leeds are filed in 66/11/G

There are many impressions of the Blitz from a soldier’s perspective - and on the impact this had on morale:
“Three factors combine to make morale bad: Intense worry this week about the home towns that have been bombed. Bitter discontent with the way in which applications for leave have been dealt with.
Complete disinterest about the war as a whole.”

29/2/E: Assorted short reports from other Observers in the Army
Royal Air Force

29/2/F: Pepper, C
Reports from A/C 2 Pepper stationed in Torquay, Devon from September 1940 and in Canada from September 1941
CP was a full-time Observer for Mass-Observation before being called up. He later died in action

29/2/G: Papineau, R
Reports and letters to Mass-Observation from LAC Papineau stationed at Blackpool, June 1941

29/2/H: Picton, R
Account of first medical examination, Ipswich, May 1940
Observations, Alderton, July 1940
Correspondence with TH and reports on RAF life
Selection for Air Crew, Cardington, Beds, August 1940. Stationed at Blackpool (Aug 1940), Torquay (Oct 1940), Newquay (Oct - Dec 1940), Weston-super-Mare (March 1941 - September 1941) where he becomes a Sgt Flying Instructor, Wick (Sept 1941)

29/2/I: Sommerfield, J
Correspondence with TH: stationed at RAF Silloth, Cumberland (1940-41) and at RAF Mellisham, Wilts, July 1941 - Aug 1941
Formerly full-time Observer with Mass-Observation

29/2/J: Assorted material sent in by other Observers in the RAF
Royal Navy

29/2/K: Hutchinson, G
Diary, letters to mother and letters to TH with an account of registration at Shepherd's Bush, Jan 1941. Stationed at Skegness (June 1941) and at Torpoint, (June 1941 - Dec 1941)
Additional notes 27.9.43

29/2/L: Miscellaneous reports from Observers in the Navy

REEL 144


29/3/A: National Service
General material covering all of the Services including three copies of National Service (HMSO 1939), official enlistment forms and other official information for troops

29/3/B: Royal Air Force
Books, leaflets and other official material

29/3/C: Royal Army
Books, leaflets and other official material

29/3/D: Royal Navy
Books, leaflets and other official material

29/3/E: Forces Publications
Official and unofficial Forces magazines with correspondence. Includes Blighty (April 1942) and Jankers (1941) sent in by Tom Driberg
Typescript: broadcast by Tom Driberg giving advice on producing magazines and papers in the Forces

29/3/F: British Legion
Literature including leaflets about pensions

29/3/G: Miscellaneous ephemera
This folder includes advertising material (eg for uniform suppliers), religious booklets, samples of official stationery, bills, forms, tickets, receipts, labels, ration cards, posters and leaflets etc., material also about Forces entertainments

29/3/H: Overseas Troops
Assorted material about the Services of other nations including the Canadian Army, the Norwegian Air Force and the French Forces

29/3/I: Charitable War Organisations
Leaflets and pamphlets produced by the Red Cross, the Friends Ambulance Unit (including a handwritten report). Relating to Prisoners of War, war relief and mobile canteens

29/3/J: War Savings
Literature from campaigns to encourage war savings: War Weapons Week, Salute the Soldier etc. (see also 29/1/I)

29/3/K: Air Propaganda
Samples of leaflets dropped by the RAF over Germany and German-occupied Europe, 1941

29/3/L: Impact of Blitz on East End
Typed report on effect on soldiers of news of Blitz. 25.9.40

REEL 145


29/4/A: Life in the RAF, February 1941
Small surveys conducted by Observer D Douglas at RAF Marston, Kent
Interviews with 54 Ground Defence men, Fire Staff, Police, Cooks, Drivers and orderlies about their attitudes to being in the RAF, what they miss about civilian life, going to church, their expectations for the postwar period and the possibility of invasion
Interviews with 50 RAF men about going out at night, type of entertainment most enjoyed etc

Interviews with 44 airmen about what they missed most from peace time

29/4/B: Public attitudes towards the Army, June 1941
Approx. 200 replies to a 5 point questionnaire about the Army carried out in Kilburn (CF), Hendon (JS), Euston (NN), Croydon (VT) and Oxford (HH)
Tabulations and notes (EL) analysing results of survey

29/4/C: Army Education 1941
Letters from BW to TH about Mass-Observation's study of Army Education (March-April 1941)
Letter from Raymond Gauntlett (1941 Committee) to TH
Copies of Current Affairs in the Army: an outline of a new plan (ABCA), War: News Facts for Fighting Men, No. 2 and Current Affairs No. 1 (1941). All sent to M-O by B Dobree (War Office)
Reports from men in the Forces, April 1941 on educational facilities (includes information on reading habits, special education schemes, course, radio listening habits etc)
Listener Research Report (BBC) 15.4.41

29/4/D: Service Clubs
Brief descriptions of three service clubs in London by GH (Navy), August 1941

29/4/E: Army Pay and Social Welfare
Article in New Statesman 10.8.41 about Army pay
Typed manuscript of questions and answers on social services available to members of the Forces and their families (no date)
Special report on pay, 22.9.41 from J Gaston in Luton
Survey conducted by LE in Donnington, November 1941
Extracts from Mass-Observation diaries compiled by YL on army pay and conditions (1941)
Report on pay based on M-O Directive Replies, August 1941 (BW)
Note on army compensation, Stepney (NM)
Army expenses: personal note from LE, May 1941
Report: Soldiers' expenditure in a country unit sent in by HN, RAMC, 22.6.41
Newscuttings and quotations from the press and from Hansard, 1941
Indirects on pay, August 1941 collected in Walham Green (MS), Mill Hill and Neasdon (JS & GD)
Notes by JF, 7.8.41

29/4/F: Service Allowances Survey, September 1942
155 replies to a 6 question survey conducted in London areas: Hyde Park (TO), Paddington (LB), Clerkenwell and Holborn (POL), Notting Hill Gate and Marylebone (CM) and Kilburn (CF). Includes attitudes towards increases in Servicemen's pay, dependents' allowances, comparisons with the pay of other nationalities stationed in Britain

29/4/G: Prisoners of War, June 1942
Extracts from letters written by PoWs to their families which were sent to M-O by the Red Cross. All the PoWs in German prison camps 1941 - 42.
Notes by HP

29/4/H: The Home Guard
Reports sent in to M-O by members of the Home Guard 1940 - 44 with leaflets
(Further material on the Home Guard is available in the Topic Collection AIR RAIDS (TC 23))

29/4/I: Proxy Voting in the Forces, July 1944
Reports from members of the M-O panel in the Forces at home and abroad on the availability of information about proxy voting

REEL 146


29/5/A: Deserters, March 1947
Opinions about deserters collected informally by BS and HS (no location)

29/5/B: Recruitment Survey 1956
General material about the survey with instructions for interviewers, August 1956, advising personnel that the survey is being commissioned by the Government Social Survey at the request of the Ministry of Defence to assess the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns
Sample questionnaire
Coding sheets

29/5/C: Names and address of interviewees
Lists of the many towns in which the interviews took place
Lists of the names and address of the interviewees

Tabulations of results with notes

Computer print out of results

Miscellaneous papers and press cuts relating to the whole FORCES Topic Collection

REEL 147

GAS MASKS 1939 - 43

TC 55: 2 boxes


55/1/A: Gas Tests and Mask Maintenance
Handwritten observations of gas mask testing and fitting of new filters by ARP wardens; Kensington,Stratford Rd, Queen's Gate, Portobello Rd, 24.5.40 (DH)
Handwritten overheard and impressions of gas mask fitting 24.5.40 (DH)
Typed overheard; gas mask testing 24.5.40 (PF)
Typed observation of ARP wardens preparing for a gas mask testing session 24.5.40 (CF)
Typed observation of fitting sessions for gas mask filters Fulham 24.5.40 (HP)
Handwritten observation; conversation with warden testing gas mask 24.5.40 (CP)
Handwritten table of frequency of gas mask testing by M-O volunteer panel, with comments. Undated
Handwritten report of "Gas Test"; tear gas released in street by ARP for public gas mask practice Esher, Surrey 5.4.41 (JS)
Press cutting Evening Standard. Photograph of nurse with baby in gas helmet, Esher gas test 5.4.41
Handwritten report of Esher gas test 5.4.41 (DH)
Handwritten report of Esher gas test 5.4.41 (JS)
Typed report of gas test, East Molesey 5.4.41 (GH)
Handwritten report of Kingston gas test 5.4.41 (JSF)
Typed report of gas tests at East Molesey and Esher, photocopy M-O 8.4.41
Press cutting: photograph and text headed, "Gas test over - No masks" Daily Mail 23.6.42
Handwritten special report; "Richmond Gas Week". Index of events and handwritten interviews, observations etc. 18.6.42 (LB)
Press cutting, "To think we've come to this - a baby's gas helmet". Leader from Manchester Guardian. Undated
Printed leaflet, "If Hitler uses blister gas", issued by Ministry of Health 16.6.42
Duplicated programme: Richmond Gas Week - 15-20.6.42; list of events and information. Richmond Borough Council
Handwritten overheard, Notting Hill Gate 10.7.40 (DH)
Typed note on gas booby traps, 4.4.41 (VW)
Typed report about dealing with ARP officials issuing gas masks 26.8.39, 2.9.39 (TH)

55/1/B: Gas mask Questionnaire March 1941
Typed 10 point questionnaire about Herbert Morrison's gas mask speech on radio. Possibilities of a gas attack, gas mask habits, and attitudes to gas masks. Observer's impression of replies Hammersmith 29.3.41 (DS)
Typed questionnaire as above; Kilburn 29.3.41
Typed and handwritten questionnaire replies, approx. 50 replies 29.3.41 (DH, DS)
Handwritten summary of replies 29.3.41 (DH)
Pencilled data tables

55/1/C: Gas mask Questionnaires April and July 1941
Handwritten 8 point questionnaire about government anti-gas leaflet, use of gas masks and how to preserve food from the effects of gas 29.4.41 (DH)
Handwritten questionnaire replies, Letchworth, Notting Hill, Hendon, 100 replies approx. 28.4.41 (DH, CF, JS, GH)
Typed 2 point questionnaire about the day's news and whether interviewee is carrying a gas mask 14.7.41 (HH)
Typed questionnaire replies (12) Oxford 14.7.41 (HH)
Pencilled data tables for 8 point questionnaire

55/1/D: Gas mask Counts 1939
Counts of people carrying (or not carrying) masks in streets and public places. London and provinces, September to December 1939 (Done by full time and volunteer observers)

55/1/E: Gas mask Counts, March to May 1940
Gas mask counts with occasional notes and comments by observers March, April and May 1940

55/1/F: Gas mask Counts, June 1940
Counts as above, with occasional comments June 1940

55/1/G: Gas mask Counts, July to August 1940
Gas mask counts for July and August 1940

55/1/H: Gas mask Counts, September to December 1940
Gas mask counts for September, October, November and December 1940

REEL 148


55/2/A: Organising the Gas mask Counts
Typed letter to volunteer observers, asking them to make gas mask counts
Typed instructions to observers," Definition of Gas Mask Doubtfuls" 14.7.42 (DB)
Handwritten notes of suggested methods for gas mask counts 12.3.41 and 20.3.41 (JSF)
Gas mask counts for January, February and March 1941

55/2/B: Gas mask Counts, April and May 1941
Gas mask counts with occasional notes by observers

55/2/C: Gas mask Counts: Draft Reports
Handwritten draft report on Morale and Gas mask Carrying 19.5.41 (JSF). Final report in File L
Handwritten draft report on Gas masks and attitudes to gas. April to May 1941 (JSF). Final report in File L

55/2/D - E: Gas mask Counts: June to September 1941
Gas mask counts for the above period 1941

55/2/F: Gas mask Counts: October to November 1941
Gas mask counts for the above period 1941, some tabulated

55/2/G: Gas mask Counts: December 1941
Gas mask counts for December 1941, some tabulated

55/2/H: Gas mask Counts: January to March 1942
Gas mask counts for the above period 1942, all tabulated

55/2/I: Gas mask Counts: April to May 1942
Counts for the above period with occasional notes by observer's some tabulated

55/2/J: Gas mask Counts: June to August 1942
Gas mask counts with occasional notes and comments by observer's some tabulated, June, July and August 1942

55/2/K: Gas mask Counts: Late 1942 and 1943
Gas mask counts as above for September to December 1942
Brief counts for January to March 1943

55/2/L: Gas mask Counts: Reports and Summaries
Handwritten letter referring to gas mask counts and other M-O business 8.9.39 (CM)
Typed note on time and place factors in gas mask counts, undated
Typed note on gas mask carrying 26.5.40 M-O
Typed report on "New Gas mask Filter" 25.5.40 M-O
Typed report on "Gas mask Carrying; Regional Differences" 7.6.40 M-O
Typed note on gas mask counts 3.8.40
Typed note on reactions to air raids and their effects on gas mask carrying. 3.8.40
Typed report on "Gas masks", M-O 14.8.40
Handwritten report on gas mask data from the volunteer observers 17.10. 40 (JSF)
Typed report on "Attitudes to gas", M-O 31.3.41
Typed report on "Feelings about Poison Gas", 20.4.41 M-O
Typed interim report on Gas mask Carrying 16.5.41
Typed "Further Report on Gas mask carrying", 21.5.41 M-O
Typed report on Gas mask Leaflet 1.6.41 M-O
Printed document: "What to do about Gas", issued by Ministry of Home Security, 1941
Typed report on "Morale and Gas mask Carrying" 11.6.41 M-O
Typed report on "Gas mask Carrying and Newspaper Reading" 12.6.41
Typed letter to TH from Philip E Vernon, discussing the gas mask survey and other matters relating to morale and wartime psychology. 6.6.41
Photocopy of typed and handwritten report; Quarterly summary of gas mask carrying for April to June 1942 2.7.42 (DB)
Photocopy of typed report; Quarterly summary of gas mask carrying for October to December 1942 1.1.43 (DB)
Coloured graph; Time variations in gas mask carrying 16.5.41

Photocopy of handwritten report; Data from September 1940 directive. Gas masks. 25.5.73 (DW)

REEL 149


TC 79: 1 box only

79/1/A: Dog Organisations in war time 1939-41
Typed interview with man from Canine Defence League on membership, activities, public and government attitudes to dogs in war time, air raid precautions and dogs, London 13.2.41 (DS)
Typed interview with Dog Defence League on same topics as above, London 29.2.40 (JA)
Miscellaneous press cuttings and ephemera:-Typed extracts and press cuttings from newspapers and periodicals on animals in war time, November 1939-January 1940
National Canine Defence League (NCDL) membership form and 2 NCDL pamphlets on war time dog food 22.9.39
Gas masks for domestic dogs or cats are, in our experience, quite impractical….” (NCDL)
NCDL notice of air raid shelters for people and their dogs, March 1940
NCDL leaflet on air raid precautions for dogs and cats, March 1940
National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee (NARPAC) appeal for jumble, 8.3.40 (LE)
Advertisement for 'Lustre Lead', dog collar that glows in the dark, March 1940 - “The Lustre-lead glows with a beautiful fluorescent green colour in the dark - use in the black outs….”
Advertisement for 'Frank Heaton Protective Enclosure', March 1940
Typed list of pet meat suppliers, March 1940
Pamphlet-'Your Dog and Cat in War Time' produced by Bob Martin, 23.7.41 (VW)

79/1/B: Dog Survey 1941
First pilot survey 11-14.7.41:-Handwritten 6 point QQ on effect of war on dogs i.e. food, air raids, London 11.7.41 (NN)
Handwritten summary of survey, 11.7.41 (NN)
16 handwritten responses to QQ, Euston 11.7.41 (NN)
Handwritten report on methods used for indirects on dogs and general impression of attitudes to dogs, London 11.7.41 (JS)
17 handwritten indirects on dogs, Mill Hill, Hammersmith, Acton, Hendon, Burnt Oak, 11-14.7.41 (JS, VW)

79/1/C: Dog Survey 1941-Second Pilot
Typed QQ with handwritten notes in two sections, one for dog owners and one for non dog owners, 16.7.41
Handwritten criticism of QQ, 16.7.41 (JS)
15 handwritten responses to QQ with investigators reports, 16.7.41-21.7.41 Euston, Willesden (NN, JS)
Handwritten indirects with dealers and pet shop assistants on availability of pet food and accessories i.e. leads and collars, and how this has been affected by the war, Walham Green, Earls Court Rd, Kensington Church St, Finsbury Park, 30.7.41 (MS, JS, JB)

79/1/D: Dog Survey 1941-Final QQ
15 point QQ with questions for dog owners and non dog owners on keeping dogs in war time 22.7.41
1 carbon copy of QQ 22.7.41
1 handwritten draft of QQ 22.7.41 (NN)
249 typed and handwritten responses to QQ, Hendon, Neasden, Euston, Camden Town, Mill Hill, St Pancras, Willesden, Oxford, Cricklewood, 22.7.41-18.8.41 (NN, JS, DH, HH, PG)
Typed and handwritten analysis, notes and handwritten analysis sheets, 29.7.41-23.8.41 (EL, AH)

79/1/E: Survey of non dog owners-August 1941
Typed report 'Dogs in War Time'-opinions of non dog owners on the keeping of dogs in war time (includes indirects), Cricklewood 26-27.8.41 (PG)
Handwritten summary and indirects with non dog owners on keeping dogs in war time, Euston, Hendon, Neasden, 26-27.8.41 (NN, JS)
Handwritten report 'Opinions of Non Dog-Owners on Dog Keeping in Wartime', 29.8.41 (RF)
Handwritten analysis, 29.8.41 (RF)

79/1/F: Worcester Dog Show-August 1941
Handwritten report on Worcester Dog Show 21.8.41 (DH)
Handwritten note on difficulty in travelling to talk to dog breeders in Worcester 22.8.41 (DH)
Printed card for Worcester Dog Show

79/1/G: Dogs and Bones QQ 1942
56 Handwritten responses to 4 point QQ on whether people give their dogs bones, if not what they do with them (i.e. salvage) and what they think about a ban on dogs being given bones because of the war, Kensington Gardens, Clerkenwell, Hyde Park 11.9.42
There is no copy of the QQ
Handwritten analysis sheets, 11.9.42 (CM, TO)




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