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Part 1: Including The Searight Collection of Drawings and Prints and Material from The Drawings, Prints

           and Drawings Department and The National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Searight Collection Catalogue

By Jenny Elkan, Briony Llewellyn and Tanya Szrajber with Charles Newton

Guide to ComFiche Edition

The catalogue has been compiled by the above, with contributions from others. It is arranged as follows:

- Introduction, acknowledgements, abbreviations and explanatory notes about the entries in the catalogue

- Catalogue entries, arranged alphabetically by artist; within each artist, the drawings (SD numbers) occur before the prints (SP numbers). Anonymous material has been placed at the end, grouped according to subject matter.

- List of volumes in the Searight Collection, followed by a list of other artists and bibliography.

In the eye-legible strip at the top of each ComFiche are to be found the artist and SD or SP number of the first and last entries on that fiche. As stated in the introduction on the ComFiche, the translation into a machine-readable format has meant that a few features of the original have been lost; specifically, bold and italicised text and super- or sub-scripted characters. The fiche are designed to be read at 48x magnification and in columns, starting at the top left corner.



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