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Part 4: Prints and Drawings from the Department of Designs, Prints and Drawings


The material for this section was collected from the holdings in the Design, Prints and Drawings Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum.  As can be seen, examples of work by many of the artists represented in the Searight Collection can also be found in this section, as well as works by other artists, thus giving a widely drawn and varied aspect to the whole publication.

The material has been arranged alphabetically by artist and within each artist by museum number.  In this printed catalogue, the fiche/frame references run in numerical order, thus enabling the user to locate material either from the starting point of the catalogue or by browsing initially through the microfiche.  As a further aid to retrieval, the header strip on each fiche gives details of the contents of the first and last frame on each fiche.

Also included, after the main catalogue, are indexes by place and by subject.  By using the fiche/frame references in these indexes, the user can find the appropriate cataloguing details in the main catalogue.

The cataloguing information used in this catalogue was extracted from the Catalogue of Design, Prints and Drawings Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum.



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