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Part 5: Traditional Costume from the Department of Designs, Prints and Drawings and

            The National Art Library


This section has been compiled, using material from the holdings of the Design, Prints and Drawings Department and the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, to illustrate the varied costume worn throughout those parts of the world influenced by Islam.

Arrangement is geographical, and, because of the varied dates of the material presented, based on present day borders.  The first section represents costume from areas of Europe influenced by the Ottomon Empire.  The second section moves through the Islamic world, starting with Africa, then Asia and finally to India and South East Asia.  The last section is of early engravings by such artists as De Bruyn and Londerseel, showing the earliest depictions of costumes of the area.

The printed catalogue follows this order, giving both museum number and fiche/frame reference.  The latter runs in numerical order, thus enabling the user to locate material either from browsing through the microfiche or from the catalogue.  Material from the National Art Library is marked with an asterisk.

Following the main catalogue, are two listings in museum number order of material used in this section; one of material from the Design, Prints and Drawings Department and one of material from the National Art Library.

Illustrations of costume, can, of course, also be found in all other parts of this publication, but this part was designed specifically to enable the user to gain an overview of costume throughout the Muslim world.



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