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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Sources from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World

This project brings together a wide range of extremely rare printed periodicals describing missionary work in East and South Africa, 1874-1934. It features:

Nyassaland Mission Reports, 1874-1887
Nyassaland and Kikyu – The Quarterly Review, 1874-1908
Kikuyu News, 1908-1934
East Africa Reports,1891-1908
Outposts, 1906-1909
Livingstonia Reports, 1904-1909

These provide a richly textured account of life in Africa, from descriptions of scenery and local customs, to accounts of the impact of the trafficking of liquor on people in Africa and reports on colonial disputes between European powers. There are also investigations of topics including High Churchism, flogging, African Fever, Malaria, Slaving and Slavery.

This will be an instructive source for all those interested in the history of Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanganyika and Zambia – as well as for those interested in African-European interaction and the spread of Christianity in Africa.


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