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Series Two: Economic Development in Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, 1950-1980

(Public Record Office files from the Foreign Office, Colonial Office,Treasury, Dominions Office, Board of Trade and Cabinet Committees)
Part 1: Files for 1950-1954

This microfilm project focuses on the dramatic growth achieved in Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan between the years 1950-1980. This collection of Public Record Office material includes Cabinet papers, Colonial, Dominions and Foreign Office files as well as Treasury documents.

This series will form a prime source for social, political and economic historians studying economic development in South and South East Asia.

Part 1 covers 1950-1954, a period that witnessed the onset of the Cold War and conflict in Korea. Many Asian countries concerned were either recovering from Japanese occupation or trying to shake off their colonial past. The new communist regime in mainland China also put immense pressure on the whole area.

There is much on the Colombo Plan and on conferences in 'Mallaig', Singapore and Bukit Serene in Malaya.  Topics covered include rice growing across the region, rubber production in Malaya, oil drilling off Brunei, and relations between Hong Kong and mainland China. There is also material on American aid and the implications of their policy towards Taiwan and Korea.

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