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Selected Titles from the Bodleian Library, Oxford
and the British Library Newspaper Library, London
Series Two: The Economic Impact of Scientific & Technical Change

Part 2: The Mechanical Engineer, 1908-1917

Part 2 continues with a complete run of this weekly periodical for 1908-1917.

  • There is a lot of material on new technologies such as electrical engineering, chemicals, steam turbines, aircraft and motor cars.
  • By 1917, issues are full of articles on steam and hydraulic valves, clutches, liquid fuels, steel alloys, differential gearing, anti-vibration techniques, electric motors, electromagnetic switches, dynamics, transformers and electric furnaces.
  • The demands for war materials after 1914 provided a further stimulus to industry and innovation – the issues of The Mechanical Engineer offer very full evidence on this.
  • There are frequent comparative features looking at industrial output, the state of heavy industry, technological innovation, new systems of organisation and business management in America, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Russia and the Scandinavian countries.

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the History of Technology and Engineering.

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