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Selected Titles from the Bodleian Library, Oxford
and the British Library Newspaper Library, London
Series Three: Industrial Enterprise

Part 1: Oil News, 1912-1939

This weekly trade journal is an excellent source for the study of the worldwide oil industry.

  • We provide a complete run for 1912-1939.
  • Oil helped to light up the world; it paved the way for the expansion of road networks, it powered transport, it transformed military capabilities and it empowered the world’s industries – for this reason this journal is a crucial resource for any library focusing on the modern world.
  • There is excellent material on the oil industry in America, Australia, Canada, the East and West Indies, Japan and the Far East, the Middle East, Romania and Russia.

It provides the researcher with detailed insights into individual corporations such as Asiatic Petroleum, Anglo-Persian Oil, Burmah, California Oil, Chicago Barstow Oil, Galizische Karpathen AG, Gulf Oil, the Indiana Oil Syndicate, Mexican Eagle Oil, Royal Dutch Shell and Standard Oil.

There are interviews with leading industrialists, analysis of demand fluctuations, details of oil crises, explanations of price rises and articles on new discoveries.

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