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The Papers of Pierce Butler (1744-1822)and successors
from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

This project provides long, detailed runs of documents for the period 1786-1885, concerning the running of the South Carolina and Georgia Estates owned by the Butler family.

  • The plantation managers’ correspondence is excellent including the papers of Roswell King and his son, Roswell King junior, Alexander Blue and James M Couper.
  • This collection enables scholars to build up a complete economic picture of slave holding and the cotton planting business – but the records are also rich in insights into the intellectual and social history of slavery.
  • There are good Slave Lists, Slave Registers and Crop and Livestock Reports.
  • Scholars can compare these records with Fanny Kemble’s famous Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation 1838-1839 (1863) which describes the same Butler Estates.
  • The project also makes available the political papers of Pierce Butler (1744-1822) and features correspondence with John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Aaron Burr, Albert Gallatin, Thomas Jefferson and General James Wilkinson.
  • This microfilm set will be an important asset for anyone studying Slavery, Plantations and the American South in the period 1787-1804.

Well-organised and compact in size, these papers provide an ideal resource for undergraduate essays and project work.

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