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from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Part 5: CIM Missionaries: Personal Papers




Documents belonging to Miss Olive Botham re Muslims in China Sep. 1939-1952


A Daughter of Lausanne by Agnes Clarke: biography of her mother Frances

(typescript) n.d.


Memoirs of Archibald Ewing (typescript copy) Nov. 1887- 27/11/1940


MATHER: Papers relating to Percy Cunningham Mather

PP 6.

Letters to Mather and letters of condolence after his death 17/07/1911- 15/12/1933

PP 7.

Letters from Mather to sister Edith 02/10/1911- 12/04/1933

PP 8.

Letters from Mather to prayer companions 18/11/1930- 05/08/1932

PP 9.

Bundle of 6 journals 31/05/1911- 04/12/1917

PP 10.

Articles by Mather in Young China 15/11/1928- 15/01/1929

PP 11.

Article on Mather’s life, China’s Millions Aug. 1933

PP 12.

Article on Mather’s life Jan. 1938

PP 13.

Article on Mather’s life n.d.

PRICE: Papers relating to May Annie Price

PP 14.

File of letters and poems by Miss Price 1937-1945

PP 18.

SCHOFIELD: Note on Harold Schofield’s academic record n.d.


2 volumes of copies of letters from William Simmonds to his brother and sister 04/12/1891- 02/05/1892


J. R. Sinton’s Chungking diary (very fragile) 08/12/1941- 14/04/1946



PP 24.

Life of Pastor John Sung by Leslie Lyall n.d.

PP 25.

2 photographs of Sung and his father n.d.

PP 26.

Parcel of correspondence re Sung, poem and part of journal 1931- 19/11/1953


Memoirs of Miss Charlotte Tippett (see also photograph in Withers 4/3) 1900?-1938



W. H. Warren left for China in 1891, was stationed at Shaohsing and was later Deputy China Director

PP 28.

Letters and papers 31/06/1940- 02/03/1940

PP 29.

Station report from Shaohsing Jan. 1903- Dec. 1905

PP 30.

Station report from Shaohsing Jan. 1906- 13/12/1908

PP 31.

Station report from Shaohsing Jan. 1909- Dec. 1910

PP 32.

Station report from Shaohsing Jan. 1911- Dec. 1914

PP 33.

Nosu hymnbook n.d.


PP 36.

Pastor Yang’s testimony concerning the ‘Fulness of the Holy Spirit’ 25/02/1935

PP 37.

Translation of the above by W. H. C. Simmonds n.d.


Rev Eric and Edith Liberty were missionaries in the Philippines and Taiwan


PP 46.

Exercise book of notes on Rev. Liberty’s life post 1951


PP 76.

Chart showing comparison of religious and agricultural calendars n.d.

PP 77.

Assorted papers: Mandarin translation of the Gospel according to Matthew, poster of boy climbing a wall, poster of the Cross, a Mandarin calendar, poster of the Path to Heaven, poster of the story of the Prodigal Son n.d.


PP 82.

Photograph album of the Philippines 1952-1955

PP 87.

Photograph of Rev and Mrs Liberty in middle age n.d.

PP 91.

Photograph album labelled 'Eric R. Liberty', including wedding photographs and the Hung Tung Shansi siege 1923-1934



Papers relating to Henrietta Ethel Frances Withers (b.1889), who was a teacher in Chefoo Girls' School in the 1920’s and 1930’s, including some photographs.


PP 93.

Folder of letters, Miss Withers to her family and prayer companion on copy of a letter to Mr. Weller from Marjory Broomhall 23/05/1936- 28/10/1945

PP 94.

Envelope of letters to Miss Withers to/from Esther Wang, 2 booklets about the Emmanuel Home for the Homeless, Shanghai, 2 Chinese letters 07/02/1946-

PP 95.

Envelope containing solicitors' letters, Chinese request for a refrigerator, letters from London Council re becoming Manchester Local Secretary 15/12/1946- 03/06/1974

PP 96.

Envelope of letters from Eleanor Woo in Shanghai and Esther Wang in Canada and Shanghai 02/11/1947- 25/09/1948

PP 97.

Letters to prayer companions from Doris B. Cobb, some copies, and annual reports in Malaya 09/06/1952- 31/01/1956



PP 98.

Diary 24/12/1916- 30/04/1918

PP 99.

Diary including some circular letters 19/10/1926- 30/11/1932

PP 100.

Diary 1937


PP 101.

The Missionaries' Diary 1938

PP 102.

Diary 02/01/1939- 10/09/1945

PP 103.

Diary 01/01/1943- 04/05/1944

PP 104.

Notebook entitled 'Sketches from Chinese Life, 1919', and part of diary for 1915 and part for 1922 24/12/1915- 24/03/1923


PP 105.

Address book containing some notes on talks post 1930

PP 106.

Notes of meetings addressed in Chefoo Nov. 1938- 23/01/1939

PP 107.

Notes on Sisiang in Shensi province n.d.


PP 108.

Autograph book including some photographs, mostly labelled, and some watercolours 05/09/1914- May 1923

PP 109.

Photograph album of Chefoo, some labelled. Some duplication with 108 1920s-1930s

PP 110.

Photograph album, some labels. Some duplication with 109 1930s

PP 111.

Portrait photograph of Miss Withers 1930s?

PP 112.

Group photograph of teachers 1930s?

PP 113.

Folder of 11 photographs 1945-1965

PP 114.

Photograph on mount of Miss Withers with children by river n.d.

PP 115.

Photograph on mount of Miss Withers and children playing n.d.

PP 116.

Envelope of 74 photographs, some labelled, some duplicates n.d.


PP 117.

Miss Withers' passport with endorsements for escorting children 15/11/1932

PP 118.

List of publications about CIM missionaries and reviews n.d.




Frederick Howard Taylor's research material on the tribes of S. W. China

PP 120.

22 photographs of S. W. China all labelled. H. H. Jeffery appears in some 1935

PP 121.

Envelope of 33 photographs, mostly numbered, mostly of Chinese with one or two Europeans (incl. Porteouses) n.d.

PP 122.

Envelope marked 'Rgyalrong: Dr. Howard Jeffery' containing 22 photographs of S. W. China 31/08/1938

PP 123.

Envelope of 41 photographs of Lisu, China n.d.

PP 124.

Envelope containing letters, articles and material on tribes: 4 letters and 2 copies of letters; material on tribes collected by Norman Baker; papers by Willhauck and 13 photographs of Black Miao territory and Flowery Miao people; paper by J. Dietrich and Straub; notes by FHT on tribes from Dr. Rock's books (mostly) and 6 photographs of Ka-to by Willhauck; 5 photographs of Black Miao area and Ivan Allbutt, 4 letters from Ivan and Mary Eleanor Allbutt (some incomplete); traced map showing lands of Black Miao, Chung Chia, Peh Miao, Keh Lao, Moslems and Small Flowery Miao; articles from China's Millions; notes of 'Jubilee' Story; notes on life of SamuelPollard, notes on CIM 1895- 1896; letter from Marshall Broomhall to FHT with article: 'Miracles of Grace among the Mountaineers of China'; article on work with Chinese tribes; 3 articles on being captured by bandits, with accompanying letter; copy of letter to DEH by J. O. Fraser 21/03/1921- Oct. 1937

PP 125.

FH Taylor's correspondence with J. O. Fraser 11/03/1933-?

PP 126.

FH Taylor's correspondence with Fitzwilliams, Paynes, Castos, regarding tribes Dec. 1931-1940

PP 127.

FHTaylor's correspondence with Chas. Peterson 11/12/1936- Jun. 1939

PP 128.

Folder of maps of tribal districts 1911-1916?

PP 129.

Articles by G. E. Metcalf: 'Tribes of Yunnan Province' and 'A-Ku-Uo Leader's Death' n.d.

PP 130.

Notes and experiences of Metcalfs, Cookes, Harversons and Frasers (all CIM) 25/03/1920- 23/06/1937

PP 131.

Article: 'CIM Work on the Tibetan Border' anon. n.d.

PP 132.

Envelope of articles and photographs: 'A Great Awakening among Aboriginal Tribes', J. R. Adam; 'Some a Hundredfold: the Life and Work of J. R. Adam', M. Broomhall; 'First-Fruits from the Aborigines of Yunnan, West China', Arthur H. Sanders; 'Rich Towards God or a 'Sacrifice of Thanksgiving' Among the Aborigines of China', John Graham; circular letter by J. O. Fraser; 'The Tribes of China', W. J.
Hanna; 31 photographs by Hayman, Anping, of Muh-Su-Miao, Ch'in-Maio, etc., all labelled, with 3 pages of Chinese script 1907-1930

PP 133.

Envelope mostly of photographs: 34 photographs by Haverson of J. O. Fraser in Lisu; photograph of Keswick Council; 22 negatives by Haverson; 16 photographs of Black and Flowery Miao; 4 photographs at Sinning on Tibetan border; 13 photographs of Lisu; photograph of MGT and FHT; 26 photographs and 18 negatives of Pa-Miao, Huh- Miao, Buddhists in Ngaba, MGT's parents; 14 photographs of Tibet with letter J. H. Jeffery to FHT; 18 photographs of Orih, Zungkang and Fupien; 17 photographs of Miao by Dr. Lao of Canton; 26 photographs of Mowkung, etc., by Mr. Amos and J. H. Jeffery; book of hymns and services in Laka dialect; letters to FHT from J. O. Fraser
and notes on Fraser's life 1913-1938


PP 134.

Typed notes of conversations with J. O. Fraser 21/12/1934- 04/01/1935

PP 135.

FH Taylor's notes on tribes from Cookes, Frasers, Haversons, Kuhns 1932-1937

PP 136.

Open letters by Mrs Metcalf regarding bandits in Yunnan 25/03/1920- 05/03/1927

PP 137.

Notes for publications n.d.


PP 138.

N1: 14 Journeys Inland 1854-1956

PP 139.

N2: Ningpo 1856-1860

PP 140.

N3: United Kingdom 1860-1864

PP 141.

N4: Jan. 1865- 25/06/1865

PP 142.

N5: Brighton to the sailing of the 'Lammermuir' 1865-1866


PP 143.

N6: Voyage of the 'Lammermuir' 1866

PP 144.

N7 A-B Oct. 1866- Jun. 1867

PP 145.

N7: C-E 1867-1868

PP 146.

N8: A-B 1869-1870

PP 147.

N8: C-D 1871-1872

PP 148.

N9: 1873-1875


PP 149.

N10: A-B 1876-1877

PP 150.

N11: A-B 1878-1879

PP 151.

N12: A-B 1880-1881

PP 152.

N13: A-B 1882-1883

PP 153.

N14: A-B 1884-1885

PP 154.

N15: 1886-1887


PP 155.

N16: 1888-1889

PP 156.

N17: 1890-1899

PP 157.

N18: 1900-1905



A. J. Broomhall's notes: (CIM/PP 158-479) is the collection of papers by the mission’s historian, A. J. Broomhall, for his work Hudson Taylor and China’s Open Century.

'BIOGRAPHICAL' - mostly photocopies for use in publication

PP 158.

Postcard of JHT, JET, FHT, MGT and Amy Taylor in Switzerland 1902

PP 159.

Photocopy of drawing of Confucius n.d.

PP 160.

Photocopy of photograph of Cambridge Seven from The Christian Herald Jan. 1885

PP 161.

Photocopy of photograph of JHT shortly before death, from 'Chariots of Gold' n.d.

PP 162.

Photocopy of photograph of JHT, W.A.P. Martin, Griffith John in Hankou 1905

PP 163.

Photocopy of drawing of Li Hung-Ch'ang from China's Millions n.d.

PP 164.

Photocopy of drawing of 2 Chinese gentlemen with a scroll n.d.

PP 165.

Photocopy of drawing of Governor-General Tso of Turkestan from China's Millions 1884 n.d.

PP 166.

Photocopy of drawing of Prince Kung from China's Millions 1887

PP 167.

Photocopy of drawing of Mr. And Mrs. Clarke in Ta-li, Yunnan n.d.


PP 168.

Notes on CES Gleaner 1856-1859 n.d.

PP 169.

Notes on 'The Chinese Union' 1844 n.d.

PP 170.

Notes on CES and MS letters to CES 1855-1859 n.d.

PP 171.

Notes on contents of 'File J' n.d.

PP 172.

Notes on contents of 'File L' n.d.

PP 173.

Notes on CES Letterbook 1856-1860 n.d.

PP 174.

CES Leaflet 1853

PP 175.

Notes on CES Chinese Missionary Gleaner 1853-1855 n.d.

PP 176.

Notes on CES Chinese Missionary Gleaner 1857 n.d.

PP 177.

Notes on CES Chinese Missionary Gleaner 1858 n.d.

PP 178.

Notes on CES Chinese Missionary Gleaner 1859-1860 n.d.

PP 179.
CES Notes from G. Pearse n.d.


PP 180.

Shanghai 1854 n.d.

PP 181.

Barnardo n.d.


PP 182.

Notes on JWS n.d.

PP 183.

Notes on H. Schofield n.d.

PP 184.

A. J. Broomhall's Hudson Taylor and China's Open Century n.d.

PP 186.

Field Bulletin 1940

PP 187.

Notes on Yunnan and the Boxer Rebellion n.d.

PP 188.

These Forty Years, FHT 1905

PP 189.

Two Etonians in China, Rudland n.d.

PP 190.

The Jews in China' n.d.

PP 191.

Chinese Congress on World Evangelization' 1986

PP 192.

Women in Missions' n.d.

PP 193.

Letters to JHT's mother n.d.



PP 222.

Drawing of Robert Morrison

PP 223.

Drawing of Confucius

PP 224.

Drawing of French artist at work in Fan-ch'eng

PP 225.

N. China peasant

PP 226.

Photograph of JHT

PP 227.

Drawing of JHT, Easton and Cameron

PP 228.

Drawing of Cooper

PP 229.

Photograph of Cambridge Seven

PP 230.

Drawing of H. E. Wen-Siang

PP 231.

Drawing of two Chinese gentlemen at home

PP 232.

Drawing of Princes Chun and Kung

PP 233.

Drawing of natives of Swa-tow (from China's Millions)

PP 234.

Drawing of JHT being robbed

PP 235.

Drawing of JHT in a riot

PP 236.

Drawing of JHT being missed by cannonball

PP 237.

Drawing of EB in Yanhchow Riot

PP 238.

Drawing of street fortune-teller (from China's Millions 1877)

PP 239.

Drawing of Buddhist priests

PP 240.

Drawing of Chinese girl

PP 241.

Drawing of JEF and Grace Taylor in Chinese dress

PP 242.

Drawing of Qi Ying


PP 243.

Drawing of entrance to Han-Chung-Fu

PP 244.

Drawing of city gates of Shanghai

PP 245.

Drawing of Shansi, Hunan

PP 246.

Drawing of Yueyang, Hunan

PP 247.

Drawing of Wuhan

PP 248.

View of Han river

PP 249.

Drawing of projected Chefoo school

PP 250.

Postcard of The Morrison Chapel, Macau

PP 251.

Drawing of drumtower

PP 252.

Drawing of Lao-Ho-K'eo from river

PP 253.

Drawing of gate of Peking

PP 254.

Drawing of street in Han-kow

PP 255.

Drawing of city street

PP 256.

Drawing of Yuyao

PP 257.

Drawing of Shanghai

PP 258.

Drawing of Nanjing


PP 259.

Drawing of junks on the Imperial Canal

PP 260.

Drawing of Buddhist torments of Hell

PP 261.

Drawing of a Chinese wheelbarrow (from China's Millions 1877)

PP 262.

Drawing of boats in a Yangtse gorge

PP 263.

Photograph of the first cover of China's Millions 1875

PP 264.

Drawing of the village ferry

PP 265.

Drawing of a Peking cart (from China's Millions)

PP 266.

Drawing of a Chefoo colophon

PP 267.

Drawing of print from famine woodcuts

PP 268.

Drawing of a common mule-litter

PP 269.

Drawing of foodstalls

PP 270.

Photograph of first hard cover of China's Millions

PP 271.

Drawing of highway robbers' heads in baskets

PP 272.

Photograph of JHT's Bible with 1865 note

PP 273.

Photograph of JHT's grave

PP 274.

Marriage certificate of JHT and MJD

PP 275.

Handbill for meeting addressed by Cambridge Seven

PP 276.

Motto and beginning of constitution of the Chinese Union

PP 277.

Nestorian hymn in English and Chinese

PP 278.

Drawing of Chinese houseboat

PP 279.

Drawing of Chinese girls' headdresses

PP 280.

Photograph of cover of Occasional Papers

PP 281.

Drawing of mandarin's procession

PP 282.

Drawing of Chinese trial

PP 283.

Chinese Missionary Paper 1851 with picture of Victorian dress


PP 284.

Map showing Nestorian and Roman Catholic presence in Asia 650-1550 A.D.

PP 285.

7 different maps of Chinese provinces

PP 286.

Map of Shanghai, 1865

PP 287.

Map of Hangchow


PP 292.

Folder of notes on books read (mostly Chinese Recorder) n.d.

PP 293.

File of notes on books read n.d.

PP 294.

The Opening of Korea', C. F. Reid n.d.

PP 295.

Article on plague from the British Medical Journal 09/07/1983

PP 296.

Photocopies of letters to/from JHT 1887

PP 297.

Photocopy of list of missionaries 1884

PP 298.

Photocopy of list of missionaries 1885

PP 299.

Photocopy of list of missionaries 1887

PP 300.

Photocopy of article by G. Parker in China's Millions 1885

PP 301.

Photocopy of article in Chinese Recorder on governors of provinces 1869

PP 302.

Photocopy of article in China's Millions regarding death of schoolgirl 1882

PP 303.

Photocopy from 'Jubilee' about JHT's early journeys 1878

PP 304.

Photocopy of a retrospect by JHT from China's Millions n.d.

PP 305.

Photocopy of a letter to JHT from J. J. Turner 29/11/1880

PP 306.

Clip of MS notes on books read, beg. 'Stock - CMS' n.d.


PP 307.

Clip of MS notes on books read, beg. A Passion for the Impossible n.d.

PP 308.

Bundle of typed notes on books read n.d.

PP 309.

Bundle of MS notes on books read n.d.

PP 310.

Letters to FHT from Easton and to Ernest from Sid 25/04/1902- 27/10/1905

PP 311.

Papers relating to Pinyin and other Chinese language material 1977-1984

PP 312.

Photocopies from Occasional Papers May 1867- Feb.1875

PP 313.

Photocopy from China's Millions of JHT's address n.d.

PP 314.

Photocopy from China's Millions of famine report 1879

PP 315.

Article on Mission by Alan Cole, OMF Jun. 1965

PP 316.

Article on church in Korea by Terry Pye (from East Asia Millions) Jan./Feb. 1986

PP 317.

Annual Statistical Table on Global Mission', David Barrett 1987


PP 318.

China's Millions JHT centenary issue May 1932

PP 319.

East Asia Millions, 125th Anniversary issue 1990

PP 320.

CIM Monthly Notes Jun. 1931

PP 321.

China's Millions JHT centenary issue Jul. 1875

PP 322.

China's Millions Jan. 1886

PP 323.

China's Millions Jul.-Aug. 1886

PP 324.

China's Millions Oct. 1931

PP 325.

Y. T. Wu's report to Conference in Peking Jul. 1954

PP 326.

FHT's birth certificate 02/06/1882

PP 327.

Synopsis of book about recent history of CIM and part of text 1937-1945

PP 328.

Envelope which contained cheque for £10,000 29/01/1913

PP 329.

Postcard of Wuhan Chanjiang River Bridge 1950's?

PP 330.

Modern typed copy of London Council Minutes Oct. 1872- Dec.1876

PP 331.

Photocopy from the British Library of 'Report of the Centenary Conference
on the Protestant Missions of the World', London 1888

PP 332.

Typed list of Ch'ing Dynasty degrees of rank n.d.

PP 333.

Photocopy of section on Chinese reform 1898-1900 from A History of Christian Missions in China n.d.

PP 334.

Photocopies of chapters from International Relations of the Chinese Empire, H. B. Morse 1910



PP 340.

Littermen waiting for hire (from China's Millions)

PP 341.

Woodcut of geomancer and nun

PP 342.

Mandarin in sedan-chair

PP 343.

Mandarin and guest (from China's Millions)

PP 344.

Chinese at a temple

PP 345.


PP 346.

Two Chinese gentlemen with a scroll

PP 347.

Bao preaching at Ningpo


PP 348.

Grand Canal at Pei-Ho river

PP 349.

Saint Hill, East Grinstead

PP 350.

Opium hospital, Hangchau

PP 351.

Shrines at Ti-Tsia-Pu (from China's Millions)

PP 352.

Emperor's Palace at Peking

PP 353.

Tientsin Cathedral in 1871

PP 354.

Kwun-hae-we Church

PP 355.

Coastal scene (from Chinese Missionary Gleaner 1858)

PP 356.

The Bluff near Chefoo

PP 357.


PP 358.

City of Yuyao

PP 359.

City (?)

PP 360.

Centre of the 'Bund', Shanghai

PP 361.

French settlement, Shanghai

PP 362.

Street in Canton

PP 363.

Street in Han-kow

PP 364.

City of Yun-Yang Fu

PP 365.

Hing-gan Fu, Shensi

PP 366.

Rapids near Si-gan Fu, Shensi

PP 367.

View of upper Han river, Shensi

PP 368.

Canton River

PP 369.

Poyang Lake

PP 370.

Tong-Wu, the East Lake

PP 371.

Lake scene

PP 372.

Country house near river (from China's Millions 1876?)

PP 373.

Entrance to a gentleman's house

PP 374.

Garden of Chinese gentleman

PP 375.

Garden of Governor-General Tso in Man-chau (from China's Millions)


PP 376.


PP 377.

Mountain chair

PP 378.

Wheelbarrow with sail

PP 379.


PP 380.


PP 381.


PP 382.

Junk and rickshaw

PP 383.

Boat on the Yangtse (from China's Millions 1886)

PP 384.

A pa on the Tsaou-Ngo river

PP 385.

The Nestorian Tablet

PP 386.

Pillory and wooden collar (from China's Millions)

PP 387.

Chinese boatmen towing boat

PP 388.

Festival with procession (from China's Millions)

PP 389.

Open-air preaching


PP 390.

Extract from diary for Aug. 1865

PP 391.

Letter talking of robbery

PP 392.

Cover of China and the Chinese by JHT

PP 393.

Invitation from Lord and Lady Radstock to a reception for JHT

PP 394.

Comparative table of missions in China, 1866

PP 395.

List of Committee of Society for Suppressing Opium Smuggling

PP 396.

Article on Hangchow (from Chinese Missionary Gleaner)

PP 397.

Article on the manufacture of opium (from China's Millions)

PP 398.

Article on ancestor worship (from China's Millions 1876)

PP 399.

Article on processions (from China's Millions)

PP 400.

Article on storm in 1866

PP 401.

Page from Chinese Missionary Gleaner, 1854

PP 402.

Pages from Romanised Chinese text


PP 403.

Map of China in 1930

PP 404.

Map showing principal Chinese cities

PP 405.

Map of China printed for the CIM

PP 406.

Map of China showing the stations of the CIM

PP 407.

Map of CIM stations

PP 408.

Map of China with unevangelized provinces

PP 409.

Map of Gan-Hwuy and Kiang-si

PP 410.

Map of Yunnan

PP 411.

Map of Jiangxi

PP 412.

Map of Jiangxi

PP 413.

Map of Jiangxi

PP 414.

Map of Yangtse

PP 415.

Map of Gansu

PP 416.

Map of Che-kiang

PP 417.

Map of Che-kiang showing the stations of the CIM

PP 418.

Map showing voyage to China of the 'Lammermuir'

PP 419.

Map of last stages of 'Lammermuir's' voyage

PP 420.

Map of Taiwan

PP 421.

Map of Asia

PP 422.

Map of Asia

PP 423.

Map of China showing JHT's travels

PP 424.

Map of JHT's itinerations

PP 425.

Map of JHT's long treks to Shanxi

PP 426.

Map of Cameron's walk

PP 427.

Map of Duncan's journey

PP 428.

Map showing Dorward's travel

PP 429.

Map showing Hayman and Bosshardt's travels

PP 430.

Map of route through Henan to Shanxi

PP 431.

Map of the route from Peitang and Taku to Tientsin and Peking, 1860

PP 432.

Map of Linfen-Xi'an corridor

PP 433.

Map of river routes for women

PP 434.

Map of first deployment of CIM

PP 435.

Map of Peking

PP 436.

Map of city (Hangchow?)

PP 437.

Map of city

PP 438.

Modern map of Hebei

PP 439.

Map of Tianjin, 1870

PP 440.

Map of military campaigns

PP 441.

Map of The Long March, 1934-1935

PP 442.

Plan of Hangchow CIM house

PP 443.

Plan showing Yangchow Riot (?)

PP 444.

Diagram of a port

THE 'LAMMERMUIR' (see also Maps)

PP 445.

Diagram of 'Lammermuir'

PP 446.

Diagram of 'Lammermuir' masts

PP 447.

Diagram of 'Lammermuir' sails

PP 448.

Diagram of 'Lammermuir' smaller sails

PP 449.

Diagram of 'Lammermuir' bowsprit

PP 450.

Outline drawing of 'Lammermuir' with masts broken

PP 451.

Diagram of typhoons

PP 452.

Diagram of typhoon near China

PP 453.

Paintings of 'Cutty Sark'

PP 454.

Drawings of the 'Cutty Sark'


PP 455.

Historical n.d.

PP 456.

Biographical n.d.

PP 457.

Notes on FHT's reconstructions of chronology n.d.


PP 458.

Notes on JHT's journals n.d.

PP 459.

Notes on non-MS files n.d.


PP 460.

Copy of marriage certificate between James Taylor and Elizabeth Johnson, 1776 15/08/1906

PP 461.

2 photos of marriage entry in register n.d.

PP 462.

Copy of marriage certificate between John Taylor and Mary Shepherd, 1799 17/08/1906

PP 463.

Photo of marriage entry in register n.d.

PP 464.

Copy of marriage certificate between James Taylor and Amelia Hudson, 1831 22/08/1906

PP 465.

2 photos of marriage entry in register n.d.

PP 466.

CIM cheque in dollars 01/01/1904

PP 467.

Chinese 5 Yuan note 1940

PP 468.

Bird's eye view drawing of Hull 1856

PP 469.

11 CIM tracts n.d.

PP 470.

MS address on the Holy Spirit n.d.

PP 471.

Journal of the N. China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Dec. 1866

PP 472.

CIM tract and letters to MGT and FHT and others re Hudson Taylor and the Early Years 04/12/1911- 07/05/1929

PP 473.

6 booklets by JHT n.d.

PP 474.

5 signatures of CIM candidates cut from candidate forms 03/05/1897- 20/02/1912

PP 475.

Notes on the Keswick Convention 15-16/04/1914

PP 477.

Extract from China's Millions by D. J. Mills Jun. 1917

PP 478.

Notes by 'Mother Edith' Jan. 1918

PP 479.

Loose papers: 2 poems on family by Benjamin Hudson (JHT's uncle); sermon notes 9/11/1913; note on work of Pundita Ramabai in Poona; 2 Chinese paintings (fragile); cutting in Chinese about proportion of Christians in China; Chinese letter; Chinese school report; chart of Chinese symbols; note of meetings of the British and Foreign Bible Society with Mildred Cable and Francesca French



PP 480.

ALLEN, Rosie

Notebook containing copy letters from RA in Si-ch'uan to people at home, describing life. 2 May 1905 - 8 April 1907 1905-1907

Letters from China 1905-1907: the correspondence of Rosie Allen, ed. by Margaret F. White, n.d.

PP 482.

Appears on Reel 20 (following).

PP 483.

JUDD, Charles H. and BROUMTON, James

Diary of CHJ and JB (his brother in law), on their journey from Kweichow, Chung King to Wuchang Feb-March 1877

Photographs of the Judd family.

Album of CHJ containing photographs, drawings, autographs of Judd family and others.

Includes obituary of James Broumton who died 25 September 1910. 1890s-1920s

Notes on life of C. H. Judd. n.d.

PP 484.

LEGG, Mary L.

Notebook of devotional work and writings, with index. Compiled at St. Leonards on Sea, 1882. 1882

PP 485.


Journal of EM covering period 1890-1924
Includes several furloughs to Britain and description of work in China.
Photographs, press cuttings, list of dead Chinese people. 1890-1924


PP 482.


Transcript copy of GHT's private notebooks kept during her last visit to China.
(Compiler states private material has been weeded). 1919-1923

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