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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 1: Japan, 1869-1949 (including Loochoo Naval Mission, 1843-1861)

Part 1 focuses on mission work in Japan from 1869 to 1934.  It also includes the archive of the Loochoo Naval Mission, 1843-1861, with the important journals of Dr Bernard Bettelheim and Rev G H Morton, describing their missionary activities.  Osaka, Tokyo and Hakodate were the main centres of CMS work in Japan.

  • Researchers can study the papers relating to the main educational centre in Osaka, where the famous CMS school for girls was opened in 1879 and developed under the guidance of Miss Katherine Tristram between 1888 and 1925.
  • There is also good material on the work of Rev John Batchelor amongst the Ainu on the island of Yezu.
  • Scholars can follow developments in Japan from 1883 when Rev A W Poole of the CMS was established as the first Bishop of Japan.
  • Relations between CMS and the Japan Holy Catholic Church, the Nippon Sei Ko Kai, formed in 1887, are well covered in these papers.

This is an important resource for anyone studying the role of women missionaries in Japan, CMS work in the nineteenth century once the Treaty Ports had been opened up to Westerners, and the challenges of evangelical work in a society dominated by different cultural values and customs.

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