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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 5: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1880-1957

Part 5 continues our coverage of the CEZMS archive.

  • These are the papers of the Medical Committee, 1903-1925, and Annual Reports, 1880-1936.
  • The box of correspondence regarding possible publications contains an eclectic variety of items, ranging from draft articles for India’s Women, testimonials from Indian women converts, and letters and reminiscences from both Indian and English women workers.
  • The box labelled “Miscellaneous overseas items” also turns out to be another veritable treasure trove.  It contains letters, notes and reminiscences of missionaries, many from the pre-1920 period.  A particularly fascinating example is the diary of Ada C Smith (CEZ/G EA. 4/1 – Reel 89) featuring accounts of her life and work in India in the mid-1870’s.
  • CEZMS activity in Bengal, Punjab and Sind, Central Provinces, Mysore, Tinnevelly, Cochin and South India is well covered.
  • The Annual Reports also have good material on China, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaya.
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