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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 9: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1880-1957

Part 9 completes our coverage of the main segments of the CEZMS archive.

“This collection will be invaluable to scholars interested in the ideological and material culture of Western mission movements in the modern period.”
Dr Antoinette Burton
Department of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Part 9 starts with the Annual Reports and Statistical Returns from Missionaries, 1947-1956.
  • The Minutes of the Candidates Committee provide valuable information, which can be crosschecked against listings of successful CEZMS candidates dispatched to the mission field, located both in the CEZMS Annual Reports and in India’s Women.
  • Details of individual CEZMS missionaries can be found in the Rolls of Missionaries, the Register of New Missionaries, and the Register of Supported Missionaries.
  • Perhaps the most useful documents for researchers investigating CEZMS applicants are the “blue packets” of individual candidates’ papers.  These provide a wealth of important information, contained in application forms, letters of reference and the assessments of candidates.
  • Other significant documents include the papers of the Home Organisation Committee, 1896-1957, and the Home and Depot Committee, 1884-1957.

For the important CEZMS periodicals please see:

Church Missionary Society Archive: Section II: Missions to Women

Part 2India’s Women and China’s Daughters, 1880-1939, and Looking East at India’s Women and China’s Daughters, 1940-1957.

Part 3Homes of the East, 1910-1948 (including Torchbearer from 1914), Daybreak, 1889, 1893-1894 and 1906-1909, and The Indian Female Evangelist, 1872-1880.

Part 4The Indian Female Evangelist and successors, 1881-1956.

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