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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 13: Chekiang Mission, 1885-1934

Part 13 focuses on the papers of the Chekiang Mission.

  • There are Letter Books for 1897-1934.
  • There are Original Papers for 1885-1905.
  • CMS work in Chekiang had begun in Shanghai in 1845 and Ningpo in 1848, before spreading to Hangchow in 1865, Shaohing in 1870, Taichow, and the Chuki district in 1892, and Tunglu in 1913.  The developments from 1885 onwards are well recorded here.
  • These documents allow scholars to assess the impact of missionary work under Bishop G E Moule and Bishop H J Molony.  Material on Shanghai is very important as this city was the headquarters office for all CMS work in China.
  • The hub of educational work in Chekiang was Trinity College Ningpo.  Researchers can study the achievements of W S Moule who was College Principal for 27 years.
  • There are also records on the schools set up by CMS in Shanghai, Shaohing and Hangchow.
  • The CMS hospital at Hangchow was the pivot for medical work in Chekiang and the other hospitals at Ningpo and Taichow depended on it for staff and expertise.  These papers record the outstanding work done by Dr Duncan Main between 1882 and 1926 at Hangchow, including the establishment of a fine medical school.
  • There are Minutes of the Ningpo Native Church and a beautifully illustrated booklet on “The Causes of the Riots in the Yangtse Valley.”

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