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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 17: Fukien Mission, 1911-1934

This part concentrates on the Original Papers of the Fukien Mission for 1911-1929.

  • The Original Papers are packed with reports, minutes, pamphlets, letters, newspaper cuttings and other documents about the schools in the region, conferences, medical work, individual mission stations and the disturbances affecting the region.
  • Various documents cover the bombardment and burning of the eastern quarters of Foochow by the Revolutionaries in 1911.
  • There are a good series of letters describing the political situation in Fukien Province under Cantonese rule in 1927.
  • Personal diaries of missionaries cover the difficult conditions of violent disturbances, fighting, and the arrival of American, German, Japanese and English gunboats.

The records show that CMS work was widespread both in education and in medical provision.  There were hospitals with dispensaries in many places, the largest at Hinghwa.  In the education field the Fukien Mission was responsible for more schools and training institutions than any other of the CMS missions in China.

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