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Section I: East Asia Missions

Part 20: East Asia General, 1935-1949, and Annual Letters for Japan, China and Canada, 1917-1949

Most of the material in Part 20 is devoted to alphabetical sequences of letters from missionaries in China.  These contain much evidence on the everyday life of people in China, the political situation, customs, hardships, problems and successes in different regions, as well as a record of individual missionary’s evangelical, medical or educational work.  The letters cover the period 1917–1949.

  • For instance, Rev G Allen documents work at the Union Theological College and in St Andrew’s Hostel from 1936 to 1938 in Canton.
  • Miss K M Andrews reporting from Kaosanshih Hospital in Foochow tells of the attacks on the town, the constant state of banditry and the difficulties of travel.
  • Dr Charlotte Bacon at the Kweilin hospital describes progress in the organisation of the inpatient department and the training of nurses, the value of home visits and successful vaccinations during a month’s itinerating. “Preaching and healing still go hand in hand,” she writes.
  • There are also letters from missionaries working in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Yokohama.
  • Many letters deal with the impact of the Sino-Japanese War and hostilities during the Second World War.
  • There is lots of material on Hong Kong, Chengtu, Funing, Kweilin, Limchow, Hangchow, Foochow, Ningpo, Mienchow and Pakhoi.
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