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Section II: Missions to Women

Part 2: India's Women and China's Daughters, 1880-1939, and Looking East at India's Women and China's Daughters, 1940-1957

Here we provide a complete run of the CEZMS periodical India’s Women and China’s Daughters, 1880-1939, renamed Looking East at India’s Women and China’s Daughters, 1940-1957.

  • It contains articles on CEZMS activities in India and China with lots of detail on missionary work, committee proceedings, daily life, customs and culture, the place of women and the interaction between local women and missionaries.
  • Some prominent writers featured include Charlotte Maria Tucker, Rachel Piggott, Evelyn Karney, Elizabeth Mary Newman, Mary Craven, Kheroth Mohiny Bose and Elizabeth Carter.
  • From Volume II there are indexes of names and subjects.  An index of illustrations is added from 1900 onwards.  All issues from 1884 include a list of mission stations and missionaries.

“These archives provide insights into developments in healthcare and medicine, women’s issues (including the rise of the women’s missionary movement from Britain), European knowledge and representation of India, and the role of missionaries in the construction of ‘Hinduism’.  The material not only tells us a great deal about the history and culture of the different countries and peoples involved, but is also a mirror of the missionaries themselves – men and women who had considerable influence in moulding European attitudes towards ‘the other’.”

Dr Geoffrey Oddie
Honorary Research Associate, Department of History, University of Sydney

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