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Section III: Central Records

Part 2: CMS Gleaner, 1841-1921 (also CMS Gleaner Pictorial Album, 1888 and CMS Missionary Atlas, 1879)

The Church Missionary Gleaner was the main periodical of the CMS.  Here we provide a complete run from 1841 to 1921.

  • When Eugene Stock joined the CMS staff in 1873 as Editorial Secretary, his first priority was to revamp and revitalise the Gleaner. The emphasis was on missionary news with some serial articles and stories.
  • Journals of tours by individuals, such as Bishop Bickersteth in India in 1882, or by headquarters staff such as the 1921-1922 Delegation to India were often printed in full.
  • The volumes of the magazine contain a map of information about all regions where the CMS was active. Much of this material is not recorded elsewhere in the Society’s archives.
  • Each volume contains its own individual index of contents divided into sections: index of articles, editorial notes, mission news, headquarters notes, etc.
  • Within each individual index relating to mission news the material is arranged by country.
  • The CMS Gleaner Pictorial Album for December 1887 to November 1888 is also included along with the CMS Missionary Atlas of 1896.
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