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Section III: Central Records

Part 12: The CMS Juvenile Instructor, 1842-1890, Children's World, 1891-1900, and The Round World, 1901-1958

The periodical covered in Part 12 is The CMS Juvenile Instructor, 1842-1890, renamed Children’s World, 1891-1900, and then The Round World, 1901-1958.

  • The contents cover a wide variety of material for all regions where CMS worked.  There is lots of material on local issues, customs and rituals, as well as on education, mission schools and their pupils.
  • There is also significant material on medical work including CMS hospitals, leper colonies, nurses and doctors.
  • This periodical also has a strong focus on the work carried out at home by local CMS organisations and individual children to raise money for the missionary cause.
  • Excellent illustrations depicting local people, the missionaries, local customs and festivals are all a hallmark of this publication.
  • The contents page for each issue is subdivided by mission making it easy to get an overview of the topics covered.
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