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Section III: Central Records
Part 13: CMS Collection of Lives of Missionaries held at the Church Mission Society Library

This is the first of two parts which provide the Collection of Lives of CMS Missionaries held in the Max Warren Collection of the Church Mission Society Library in London.

These are excellent biographical details on key figures such as:

  • Albert Ruskin Cook (a medical missionary in Uganda).
  • Samuel Adjai Crowther (Bishop of the Niger).
  • William Jackson Elmslie (a medical missionary in Kashmir).
  • Rev David Fenn (CMS secretary in Madras).
  • Rev Henry Watson Fox (missionary to the Telegu people, South India).
  • John Horden (missionary bishop on the shores of Hudson’s Bay).
  • Susanna Francis Latham (Memories of Zenana Mission Life).

Part 13 covers missionaries with surnames A-L and comprises over 50 biographies.  These cover all regions and give us a fascinating insight into CMS work and the lives of native populations.  There is lots of material on itineration in and around the missions, a strong emphasis on evangelical work, and much detail on local customs, traditions, homes, dress and religious practices.

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