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Section III: Central Records

Part 14: CMS Collection of Lives of Missionaries held at the Church Mission Society Library, London

The lives of missionaries included in this part are from the Max Warren Library at the Church Mission Society Library, London. The books consist of biographical works on both male and female CMS missionaries. Part 14 covers missionaries L-Y whilst Part 13 addressed those missionaries whose initials began with A-L.

The books are for the majority written for adults, some of them by wives or husbands of missionaries and some by professional authors. There are also some small books written by the CMS themselves. There are also a few books written for the younger audience.

The contents of the books are mixed, some being merely a story of the life and work of the missionary, but others with interesting extracts from the missionary's letters and journals. A considerable number also contain photographs and maps.

The biographies give us a fascinating insight into the work of the missionaries and the lives of the people they worked among. There is much on itineration in the missions and the evangelical side of the work as well as details of local customs, traditions, homes, dress and religious practices.

Missionaries who worked in China, India, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Ceylon, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, British Guiana are all featured here.

Some of the missionaries included are:

- Joseph Lofthouse, Canada
- Alexander Mackay, Uganda
- Dr Duncan Main, Hangchow, China
- Right Rev Robert Milman, Bishop of Calcutta, India
- Right Rev George Evans Moule, Bishop in China
- Dr Arthur Neve, Head of Kashmir Medical Mission, India
- Rev William Oakley, Ceylon
- Rev E J Peck, Canada
- Dr Theodore Leighton Pennell, Bannu Medical Mission, North West Frontier, India
- Rev Pilkington, Uganda
- John Piper, Hong Kong and Japan
- Rev Josiah Pratt, Secretary of the CMS, 1846-1858
- Rev Thomas Gajetan Ragland, Madras and North Tinnevelly, South India
- Rev Edward Roper, Yoruba, Africa
- Right Rev William Armstrong Russell, Bishop in North China
- Rev William Haddow, Sudan
- Rev James Frederick Schon, Nigeria
- Rev A H Sheldon, Tinnevelly, South India
- Rev George Smith, Foochow, China
- Right Rev George Smith, Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong
- Right Rev John Taylor Smith, Bishop of Sierra Leone
- Rev William Smith, Benares, North India
- Vernon Harold Starr, Peshawar, India
- Rev Robert W and Mrs Louisa Stewart, Foochow, China
- Rev Henry Townsend, Sierra Leone and Abeokuta in Yoruba
- Rev J T Tucker, Tinnevelly, India
- Alfred Tucker, Uganda
- Mary Vaughan, Hangchow, China
- Edith Warner, Nigeria
- Rev John James Weitbrecht, Burdwan, Bengal, India
- Rev Michael Wilkinson, India
- Archdeacon Henry Williams, Waimate, New Zealand
- Frederick Wybrow, Calcutta, India
- Thomas Youd, British Guiana

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