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Section III: Central Records

Part 17 continues the publication of the CMS Minutes contained in Section III, Parts 7 to 9. It covers Minutes, 1876-1898, and also Indexes to the Minutes from 1875-1907.

The Minutes of the various committees are entered in chronological order and cover:

  • Children's Home Visitors
  • Clerical
  • Correspondence (including the text of letters from major figures outside of the CMS)
  • Finance
  • Funds
  • Home Organisation
  • General
  • Islington College Visitors
  • Patronage

The early volumes provide a summary of the reports, letters and other items coming before the committees, also recording the decisions taken. The Minutes are all handwritten but for the most part are in copperplate and therefore very legible.

The Indexes featured here cover the years 1875-1907 and contain names and subjects. The entries for each letter are chronological and therefore not strictly alphabetical.

Both the Minutes and the Indexes are a crucial source for those wishing to understand the working of the CMS at home and in the mission field.

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