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Section IV: Africa Missions
Part 10: Nigeria - Niger, 1881-1934

This material focuses on the Niger Mission with Original Papers for 1880-1928 andLetter Books for 1882-1934.

  • There is a lot of material by Bishop Samuel Crowther describing his experiences and life in the mission. He compiled a lot of reports on the different mission areas which are included here.
  • Many documents give good descriptions of the native people, their language, lives and customs.
  • Bishop Crowther’s report on native marriages is featured as an article entitled Conditions of the Heathens.
  • Reports, sketches, newspaper cuttings and pamphlets also provide very good evidence on social conditions.
  • Other documents cover Crowther’s difficulties with J A Robinson who was appointed Secretary of the Niger Mission in 1887. As a result of disagreements, Dandeson, Archdeacon of the Delta, removed his churches from CMS control and established the Niger Delta Pastorate Church.
  • After Crowther’s death in 1891, the Niger Mission was united with the Yoruba Mission to form one diocese, Western Equatorial Africa, under Bishop J S Hill. From this point on, CMS authority was gradually handed over to the indigenous church. This process can be examined by studying the letters and reports from 1891 onwards.
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