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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 20: Uganda, 1898-1934

This begins with coverage of the papers for the Uganda Mission. The material featured in Part 20 goes up to 1934. It includes Letter Books, 1898-1934, and Original Papers, 1898-1909. The remaining Original Papers (from 1910-1934) and the Precis Books will be included in Part 22. The papers from 1935-1949 will be in Part 23.

The Letter Books, 1898-1934, contain copies of outgoing correspondence from the Secretaries at headquarters in London to the missionaries and others concerned with mission affairs. They are all indexed thoroughly and contain letters, reports and circulars on a variety of subjects. Examples of just some of the topics discussed here include:

  • The Sudanese revolt and death of G L Pilkington in 1898
  • The proposed constitution of the Church of Buganda
  • A report on the conference of the European missionaries on church organisation in Uganda
  • Instructions to new missionaries
  • A copy of a royal warrant for new boundaries for the dioceses of Uganda and Mombasa

The Original Papers, 1898-1909, consist of incoming papers sent by the missionaries and mission secretary to headquarters in London. They include letters, journals, some Annual Letters, reports and minutes, giving and excellent overview of the work in the mission, the experiences of the missionaries and the customs of the local people.

The letters are from missionaries based in the field and cover all manner of mission matters. Included here is a letter from Kahaya, King of Ankole, from the King of Toro, and from King Davidi Kasagama, King of Toro, all of which have been translated. There are also letters discussing slavery, both to and from the Governor of British East Africa, J Hayes Sadler. Letters on educational work and on the constitution of the Church in Uganda, from Bishop Tucker to the Governor, are also included.

The journals describe local events, customs, work and itinerations made around the mission whilst the reports address a wide range of issues - from health to education, conferences to visits by the Bishop. Some of the highlights of this part are:

  • -A report on the progress of the Mombasa-Victoria Railway with a map of the railway
  • A report on the famine in the mission area by J Roscoe
  • Notes on the Nandi Tribe by H O Savile
  • Missionary probation reports

As well as the minutes and the Annual letters there is also a number of miscellaneous items, including:

  • Newscuttings regarding the political situation in Uganda
  • A description of the revolt in Uganda and the murder of Mr Pilkington, January 1898
  • A newscutting on the African labour problem together with official papers
  • Photographs of local people
  • Plans, estimates and photographs of missionary houses
  • Statistics for the invaliding out and death of missionaries for 1897-1907
  • A description of the celebrations in Hoima for the accession of Kabaka Andareya in 1903
  • A pamphlet on education in Africa and a draft of the educational scheme for Uganda
  • Pamphlets on the Bantu languages and on the Constitution of the Church of Uganda
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