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Section VI: Missions to India

Part 6: North India Mission, 1817-1880

Part 6 again focuses on Original Papers for the period 1817-1880. It continues the alphabetical sequence of letters, journals and papers of individual missionaries and catechists (started in Part 5) with those with surnames B-H (Mrs Annie Jane Briggs to Rev Christian Theophilus Hoernle).

These Original Papers contain a wide variety of information on mission work, schools and medical work. They are an excellent source for assessing the social conditions and views of the local indigenous populations. Examples of individuals covered are:

  • Rev John Mortlock Brown (Amritsar, 1861-1865, with journal and notes on work with the Punjab Pioneers, letters regarding the Persian Famine Relief Committee and religious persecution in Persia).
  • Rev Robert Clark (Chairman of the Punjab Native Church Council,
    1876-1878, with letters and papers regarding his work at Amritsar, Peshawar and Lahore, 1853-1875, as well as proposals on missionary activity in Kashmir and at Srinagar).
  • Rev Daniel Corrie (1815-1834, Archdeacon and later Bishop of Madras)
  • George Goring Cuthbert (Secretary of the Calcutta Corresponding Committee, 1847-1860, with significant correspondence relating to the Indian Mutiny of 1857).
  • Rev Brocklesby Davis (Allahabad and Benares, 1859-1880, with good journals for the post-Mutiny period).
  • Rev Thomas Dealtry (Archdeacon of Calcutta and Secretary of the Calcutta Corresponding Committee, 1833-1836).
  • Rev William James Deerr (Burdwan, Culna, Calcutta and Krishnaghur, with letters about schools and teaching methods, journal extracts and descriptions of journeys around Burdwan and visit to coal mines).
  • Samuel Dyson (Calcutta and Krishnaghur, 1855-1877).
  • Mrs Margaret Elmslie (Amritsar, 1873, 1875, 1877).
  • Rev Thomas Henry Fitzpatrick (Amritsar, Multan and Peshawar, 1851-1864).
  • Rev Thomas Valpy French (Secretary of the Agra Church Missionary Association and Principal of the Lahore Divinity School).
  • Rev Frederick Gmelin (Krishnaghur and Calcutta, 1860-1878).
  • Rev Samuel Hassell (especially his journals and reports for Calcutta).
  • J A Henry (Assistant Secretary to the Calcutta Corresponding Committee, 1836-1840).

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