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Section VII: General Secretary's Papers

Part 2: Papers relating to Africa, 1873-1949


Catalogue to General Secretary’s Papers pp 1-14

G/Y Correspondence with Overseas

G/Y A5 Kenya

G/Y A5/1/1
Correspondence regarding the proposed formation for freed slaves at Mombasa
and letter regarding a proposed settlement for freed slaves in the Seychelles

G/Y A5/1/2

Correspondence regarding the appointment of A M Mackay and letter regarding the opening up of the interior of Central Africa 1875-1876, 1880

G/Y A5/1/3

Papers regarding the Royal Commission on fugitive slaves in East Africa 1876

G/Y A5/1/4

Correspondence regarding the East Africa bishopric 1878-1888, 1897

G/Y A5/1/5

Correspondence regarding J R Streeter 1877, 1881
J R Streeter was accused of mistreatment of Africans in order to maintain order at Frere Town. Included are the charges against him, correspondence from John Kirk and the Governor of Mombasa and letters from J R Streeter stating his case.

G/Y A5/1/6

Journal of Philip O’Flaherty 1880-1885
Philip O’Flaherty was accused of violence, lying and theft. Included is his account of events and letters to the General Secretary in his defence plus reports on the work of the mission.


G/Y A5/1/6

Correspondence regarding Philip O’Flaherty plus copy of his diary, 1879-1885 1879-1887
His diary is a description of a march in Ugogo with details on the local people he met, their living conditions and customs. He also describes the persecution of recent converts, the fighting between the different African groups and the problems between him and other missionaries.

G/Y A5/1/7

Letter from J W Handford advising William Harris against his return to Frere Town 1880

G/Y A5/1/8

Correspondence regarding J T Last 1881-1887
Letters are included from J Roscoe to the Secretary in London accusing J T Last of taking an African wife after his first wife died. Included also is a long account of the evidence against J T Last.

G/Y A5/1/9

Correspondence regarding J W Handford 1883-1886
J W Handford was accused of affairs with African women and letters are included from Bishop Hannington and Bishop Alan to this effect. J W Handford also gives his version of events in letters.

G/Y A5/1/10

Letters to Bishop Hannington received after his death Letters from R P Ashe,
A M Mackay and J C Price 1885

G/Y A5/1/11

Letter from Charles Stokes regarding his marriage to a native woman 1885

G/Y A5/1/12

Correspondence of E Cyril Gordon 1886-1887
Includes mostly letters to the Secretary in London concerning the murder of Bishop Hannington.

G/Y A5/1/13

Correspondence of Charles Hodder 1887-1888
Includes letters from C Hodder’s wife to the Secretary in London concerning the events of the 26th November 1887.

G/Y A5/1/14

Letter from J A Wray to Mr Holmwood, consul at Zanzibar 1887

G/Y A5/1/15

Letters to J Roscoe from Wigram and Handley Moule 1887, 1890

G/Y A5/1/16

Report by Dr Garfield H Williams on educational work 1925

G/Y A5/1/17

Speech by Sir Philip Mitchell at the Caledonian Society of Kenya 1946

G/Y A5/1/18

Mission Annual Report No 9 1946

G/Y A5/1/19

Letter from Emin Pasha to General Gordon 1878


G/Y A5/1/20

Correspondence, plans, specifications, tenders and papers regarding the
“Highland Lassie” steamer 1882-1883

G/Y A5/1/21

Correspondence from Dr Ludwig Krapf 1876-1879
Letters mostly concern translations of the New Testament and a Swahili dictionary with information on the Swahili language.

G/Y A5/1/22

Copy of a memorial to the Sultan of Zanzibar regarding the suppression of the slave
trade, together with his answer Correspondence with Sir John Kirk 1875-1881

G/Y A5/1/23

Letter from Bartle Frere regarding his journey round the East African coast 1873

G/Y A5/2

General correspondence 1920, 1926-1933
Contents include: native forced labour; the mission secretaryship; the gold question in Kavirondo


G/Y A5/2

General correspondence 1936-1949
Contents include: church union; juvenile labour; theological questions;
the appointment of the provost of Nairobi cathedral; annual reports of the Mombasa mission; lists of pastoral workers, educationists and medical workers; plans for a new divinity school; extracts of letters from Miss Mabel Shaw regarding the situation at the mission in Nairobi , Kampala and Toro; minutes of the first meeting of the Kenya Mission Hospitals Management Board Commission; report of the Alliance High School, Kikuyu, 1948 by W H Carey; the future policy of the mission after WW II written by David G C Symonds.


G/Y A5/3

Correspondence regarding the Mombasa diocese, bishopric and cathedral 1913-1948
Details are included on the salary and expenses of the bishop; reports made by bishops on mission districts; the appointment of bishops; recruitment for the dicocese.


G/Y A5/4

Correspondence regarding the Mombasa diocesan constitution and diocesan matters 1924, 1933-1948


G/Y A7 Uganda

G/Y A7/1/1

Correspondence concerning an appeal for continued occupation of Uganda by the British and for funds for a CMS steamer for the Victoria Nyanza 1890- April 1892
An appeal for a steamer on the Victoria Nyanza to be used not only for mission purposes but also for the controlling of the slave trade by the police; an appeal by Bishop Tucker for the continued occupation of Uganda by the British East Africa Company and CMS.


G/Y A7/1/1

Correspondence concerning the Nyanza Steamer Funds including letters from subscribers May 1892- 1895

G/Y A7/1/2

Correspondence regarding the withdrawal of the British East Africa Company from Uganda 1892

G/Y A7/1/3

Correspondence regarding the resignation of R W Felkin 1881

G/Y A7/1/4

Letter from the Admiralty regarding a visit of Ugandan chiefs to England 1880

G/Y A7/1/5

Correspondence regarding the directorship of the mission 1897

G/Y A7/1/6

Correspondence of Miss Annie Emma Allen, missionary 1900-1903

Letters concerning her journey out to Africa and impressions of her time spent there.

G/Y A7/1/7

Memoranda, correspondence, printed papers and notes on church organisation and the constitution of the church of Uganda 1897-1910


G/Y A7/1/8

Papers regarding the division of the diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa into the dioceses of Uganda and Mombasa 1897, 1903, 1911-1912, 1920
Includes many letters from Bishop Alfred R Tucker to the CMS Secretary, H E Fox.

G/Y A7/1/9

Letters to G A King and letters from Bishop W G Peel and R G Bland and others 1911-1913
Reports on the work at Mboga by A T Schofield; memo on the teaching of Swahili in schools; report on the Uganda Medical Mission and on a visit to Toro mission by O Turton; papers regarding the division of the diocese; a letter from R H Freak at the Nyakasura School; survey of European staffing requirements, 1943.

G/Y A7/2

General correspondence covering topics such as education and the division of the diocese 1920-1922, 1925, 1931-1945


G/Y A7/2

General correspondence covering topics such as education and the division of the diocese 1946-1949
Annual Letters for 1948 from I Robinson at Mwiri, Rev W H A Butler at Kako, Rev R E Hopkins at Kampala; letter from Margaret Lane, 1947 concerning the leper mission at Teso; letter re the shortage of women educationalists; letter from the Bishop regarding closer cooperation between the CMS and the Native African Church; memo on a misunderstanding between the NAC Christians and the CMS bishop.

G/Y A7/3

Correspondence regarding the Uganda bishopric 1930-1932, 1942-1949


G/Y A7/4

Papers regarding the Uganda Seven- an evangelistic band working with African clergy 1937-1938
Memo on the proposal to send out seven young men to evangelise and a list of where they should be sent.

G/Y A7/5

Correspondence and papers concerning Mengo hospital 1914, 1934-1939, 1945-1947
Plans for the reconstruction of the hospital, 1937; memo on the future of the hospital; notes of a conference on the hospital, 1937; accounts of the hospital showing the grave position in 1934; memo on medical work in Uganda by
W Wilson Cash; report on the hospital by J Edward Cook.


G/Y A8 Tanganyika

G/Y A8/2

General correspondence mostly covering the constitution of the diocese of Central Tanganyika 1925-1927, 1929-1932
Other topics included are: education; finances of the mission with statistics; details of grants received, money spent on maintenance, equipment and staff of government aided schools at Kongwa, Dodoma, Moumi and Berega; extracts from the minutes of the Executive Committee of the mission.


G/Y A8/2

General correspondence including papers on the constitution of the Christian Council of Tanganyika 1934-1949

Included are: a report on a visit to the mission by Max Warren in November 1949; minutes of the first meeting of the Christian Council, December 1948; minutes of the Synod of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, January 1948 and minutes of the meeting of the Diocesan Council, 1942; notes on the CMS and German missions in Tanganyika; a printed copy of “The Central Tanganyika Diocesan Letter”, 1943; report of the Convention, Synod, Ordination, Conference and Diocesan Council, Dodoma, August 1936.

G/Y A8/3

Correspondence regarding the appointment of the bishop of Central Tanganyika,
W Wynn Jones 1946-1947

G/Y A8/4

Correspondence regarding the appointment of the assistant Bishop of Central Tanganyika, W Wynn Jones 1938-1943

G/Y A8/5

Correspondence concerning German missions in Central Tanganyika 1943-1944


G/Y A9 Northern Nigeria

G/Y A9/2

General correspondence including memoranda on mission policy and letters on the situation in Northern Nigeria 1912, 1916, 1927-1929, 1932, 1937-1949

Included are: correspondence regarding the problems with the medical mission and the lack of educationalists; report on a visit to the mission detailing the problems with the hospital and the school at Wusasa; a proposal for a United Elementary Training Centre at Kudet, Ibadan; circular letter from the Bishop of Northern Nigeria, N Sherwood Jones; memo on missionary work in the mission; report on CMS policy and work in Nigeria, 1927 by Rev A G Fraser; memo on mission policy by Max Warren; report on difficulties with the Nigeria government.

G/Y A9/3

Correspondence concerning Wusasa middle school 1948

G/Y A10 Upper Nile

G/Y A10/2

General correspondence including the appointment of L C Usher-Wilson as bishop 1936-1938, 1940, 1942, 1944-1949


G/Y A10/3

Correspondence regarding the boundary of the Upper Nile diocese 1920-1922,
1926-1929, 1932-1936

G/Y A11 Ruanda

G/Y A11/2

Minutes of the Ruanda Council, correspondence and papers 1926-1935
Included are: letter from Dr A C Stanley Smith to Dr Oldham, Secretary of the International Conference of Missionary Societies regarding the history of CMS in Ruanda; correspondence with the Belgian government with regard to church schools in Ruanda-Urundi; statement on education in the mission by Rev P J Brazier; minutes of the first annual conference of the Ruanda mission, Kabale, January 1934; report of a visit of Rev A St John Thorpe to the mission, September-October 1933; report of a visit to Usumbura by Dr A C Stanley Smith and Dr J E Church.


G/Y A11/2

Minutes of the Ruanda Council, correspondence and papers 1936-1944

Included also are: a memo on clergy and evangelist training; minutes of the Executive Committee; report to the Home Council, 1936 by the Ruanda Secretary, W Arthur Pitt Pitts; report on the mission by W Arthur Pitt Pitts.


G/Y A11/2

Minutes of the Ruanda Council, correspondence and papers 1945-1949
Included also are: minutes of the Standing Committee, of the Executive Committee and of the Ruanda Consultative Committee; report on Kigezi educational work; memos on the United Church by Dr A C Stanley Smith, Dr L E S Sharp and Rev J J Willis; notes on the characteristics of the Ruanda Revival Fellowship; notes on the Mutaho convention, June 1945 held to discuss the future of the mission; correspondence regarding the Ruanda constitution; report of a tour of Ruanda-Urundi by Rev B R Isaac, 1948; reports on the Ruanda General and Medical Mission; minutes of the Missionaries Conference 1947; report of a Sub-Committee to consider the financial position of the mission.

G/Y A11/3

Correspondence concerning the possibility of a separate Ruanda diocese and appointment of a bishop 1934-1948

G/Y A11/4

Correspondence concerning the training of Ruanda candidates at CMS training colleges 1935-1936, 1939, 1945


G/Y S Southern Sudan

G/Y S2

General correspondence including that for Northern Sudan 1925-1944
Included are: minutes of the Standing Committee for Northern Sudan at Khartoum; minutes of the Governor-General’s Council, Khartoum; reports on CMS Girls’ Schools, 1927 in Northern Sudan by Mabel C Warburton; notes by Dr Lloyd, 1926 on the enforcement by the Sudan government of regulations relating to mission schools; notes on the educational system in Sudan; notes on cooperation with the government in Southern Sudan with respect to educational work; notes on the opening of stations among the Nuer, 1930 and the development of Dr Fraser’s work among the Moru; statistics of the mission funds showing the contrast between 1932 and 1937; notes on the dispute between the Roman Catholics and the CMS in Southern Sudan; correspondence regarding the system of zones; notes on the type of new personnel required; notes on plans to open a leprosy settlement; translation of the Mufti’s Fetwa concerning female circumcision; report on the education of girls in Southern Sudan.


G/Y S2

General correspondence including that for Northern Sudan 1945-1949
Included are: correspondence regarding the introduction of vernacular teacher training ; notes on the practical implications of mission educational policy; minutes of a conference at Yei, 1948; correspondence concerning the realignment scheme of Southern Sudan mission together with a report of the realignment committee; memo on Christian leadership in Southern Sudan; minutes of meeting of the Standing Committee.

G/Y S3

Correspondence concerning the Sudan assistant bishopric 1936-1948


G/Y SN Northern Sudan


General correspondence including Northern Sudan CMS Standing Committee minutes 1919, 1928-1936, 1939, 1941, 1945, 1947-1949
Included are: Impressions of the Nuba mountains area by Oliver C Allison, assistant bishop in the Sudan, 1949; notes on CMS mission policy in the Northern Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by J S Trimingham, 1945; reports read at a general conference in 1933 – general report, medical report, report on the Atbara school, the Wad Medani girls’ school, the Omdurman girls’s school and the Omdurman medical mission and dispensary; memo on the missionary situation in Sudan; report on the history of medical work in the mission; reports on women’s education by Mabel C Warburton; report of the Omdurman hospital, 1938; report on American mission work in Omdurman and Khartoum.


Correspondence concerning the Nuba mountains 1932-1939, 1942-1944, 1947
Included are: an agreement concerning CMS educational work in the Nuba mountains area; letter from the mission secretary, J S Trimingham to
H D Hooper, General Secretary, 1942 regarding educational policy in the Nuba mountains; notes on mission finances; notes on the position and future policy of educational work in the Nuba mountains by C F L Bertram; letters from missionaries and others on their arrival in the Nuba mountains.


Correspondence regarding the Sudan United Mission 1935, 1949

G/Y E Egypt

G/Y E2

General correspondence 1925-1926, 1930-1933
Report of the CMS conference in Cairo, 1933; report on the Old Cairo medical mission; report and balance sheet of the English School, Cairo, 1926.


G/Y E2

General correspondence including reports on CMS Schools 1934-1949
Minutes of meetings of the Egypt mission Standing Committee; report on CMS schools in Egypt; list of converts baptised since 1882; a long report of a visit to Egypt, Sudan and Palestine by W Wilson Cash, 1933; minutes of the Egypt and Sudan Diocesan Council, 1940; notes on the diocese of Egypt and the Sudan, 1938 by Llewellyn Gwynne, bishop of Egypt and the Sudan; plan for the more effective occupation of the Giza and Menoufia provinces, 1938 by S A Morrison; memo on the future policy of the Old Cairo medical mission, 1946.


G/Y E3

Correspondence, minutes and reports concerning the Egypt Mission Property Trust 1926-1937

G/Y E4

Correspondence regarding the appointment of the bishop 1946-1947

G/Y E5

Correspondence, memoranda and papers regarding the Menouf medical mission 1931-1939
Included are: a report on the hospital at Menouf, 1934 by W Wilson Cash; report of a meeting to discuss the future of the hospital.

G/Y E6

Correspondence regarding religious liberty and freedom of worship 1939

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