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Section VII: General Secretary's Papers

Part 3: Papers Relating to Japan and China, 1874-1952

Part 3 focuses on Japan, China and Korea and includes:


  • Correspondence about the setting up of the bishopric in Tokyo and the appointment of Bishop Bickersteth in 1885
  • Correspondence regarding the Kyushu, Osaka and Hokkaido bishoprics
  • Correspondence and papers relating to Ikebukuro College (Central Theological College), Tokyo
  • General correspondence and printed papers including CMS work in Nagoya and Toyohashi; the Federation of Japanese Christian Churches; annual reports and items concerning the earthquake in Tokyo in 1923


  • Papers covering 1937-1939 including a report of a visit to Korea by C Darby Fulton of the Committee of Foreign Missions and an article on the progress and development of Korean Christianity, 1938


  • List of missionary societies in China giving the number of stations and missionaries
  • Correspondence and papers covering the National Christian Council for China and CMS missions to South China, Chekiang, Western China, Fukien and Kwangsi-Hunan
  • Early correspondence from English, German and American missionaries
  • Correspondence and papers regarding Hangchow hospital
  • Papers on co-operation with other missions
  • Papers concerning the Foochow disturbances, 1878-1881
  • Papers regarding the Ku-cheng massacre of CMS and CEZMS women missionaries, 1895

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