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Section VIII: Home Papers

Part 1: Papers of the CMS Education Secretaries, 1902-1949

The Home Division of CMS was very important for the training of missionaries, policy making, the full range of UK activities, education initiatives and work with youth groups, publicity, the liaison role with other organizations, and for vital its contribution to committee work at the London headquarters. This new series starts by focusing on the work on the CMS Education Secretaries, Robert Howard, Frank Cragg, George Trench, Henry Vodden, Ronald Williams and John Drewett, who worked closely with the Home Secretary of CMS. Part 1 covers:

  • Reports on training schools for missionaries
  • Correspondence regarding the training of Area Secretaries, 1956-1959
  • Visits to schools, universities and youth organizations such as the Girl Guides and the Young People’ Union
  • Minutes of the Home Missionary Education Council
  • Minutes of the sub-committees on educational material, 1925-1927; Home Missionary Education Schools, 1924-1926 and Training Schools, 1924
  • the Adolescent Work Committee
  • Papers on the Swanwick Conferences on Evangelism
  • Papers on the Student Volunteer Missionary Union and the Student Christian Movement
  • Minutes and papers of the editorial board of “East and West Review”

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