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Section IX: Middle East Missions

Part 1: Palestine, 1935-1959, and Middle East General, 1935-1959

The Palestine mission material features reports from:

• Amman
• Gaza
• Jaffa
• Jerusalem
• Lydd
• Nablus
• Remleh
• Zerka

Central files cover the Palestine CMS Conference and Standing Committee, the Palestine Native Church Council and the dioceses of Jerusalem and Jordan, Syria and the Lebanon, including regulations of the Arab Evangelical Episcopal Community. Throughout the period after 1935, with the efforts of Rev Eric F F Bishop and others, education, medical work, mediation and local control, continued as the main priorities. Political and military events often intervened.

There are files on the CMS orphanage at Nazareth, the Girls’ School in Amman, the Bishop Gobat School and the Girls’ College in Jerusalem. The medical missions in Gaza, Jaffa, Nablus, Salt and Zerka are well covered.

The general material covers diaries of tours through the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iran, by Rev C Murray Rogers and Canon C S Milford, 1955-1956. There are also strong files on regional medical advice for Sudan, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan, 1951-1953, the Near East Christian Council, 1937-1959, as well as other items with a strong emphasis on education, training and refugee work.


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