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Manuscript Records of Traders, Travellers, Missionaries & Diplomats

Part 4: Manuscript Diaries and Papers from the China Records Project at Yale Divinity Library

RG08, Box 5: Martin Albert- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
The Story of Hope Hospital, 1871-1952.
RG08, Box 5: Irrenius Atwood- American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (henceforth ABCFM).
Material regarding Shansi Mission and the Boxer Rebellion, 1900-1913.
RG08, Box 5: John G H Baker- Church Missionary Society.
Letters from Canton & Shanghai, 1935-49; On the Study of Church History in China.
RG08, Box 20: Eugene Barnett- Young Men’s Christian Association (henceforth YMCA), Shanghai.
The Far East in the Summer of 1940; Memoirs, 1937-1968.
RG08, Box 20: Karl Beck- Reformed Church in the United States/ Reformed Church in America.
Memoir of Hsiang-Si Mission, 1914-1952.
RG08, Box 20: Wesley Bissonette- Methodist Episcopal Church.
The Siege and Battle of Kutien, 1934.

RG08, Box 28: Ruth A Brack- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Report on her internment by the Japanese in Shantung Province, 1942.
RG08, Box 35: Elizabeth Bruce- Reformed Church in America.
Memoirs concerning work in Siokhe, Amoy, Changchow and Hong Kong.
RG08, Box 35: Harry Brunger- Canton, China to Hong Kong, 1949-1950.
RG08, Box 35: Mina Van Cleave Buck - Foreign Christian Missionary Society.
Memoirs (Luchowfu, 1914-1916).
RG08, Box 39: Ruth Chester- Ginling College, Nanking.
Correspondence, 1927-1950, and reports on Impressions of Ginling in Nanking and Women in War-Time China.
RG08, Box 48: Douglas S Corpron- United Christian Missionary Society.
China Notes, 1949.
RG08, Box 48: O C Crawford- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Diary kept at Soochow, 1938-1939, during Japanese occupation.
RG08, Boxes 68-69: Courtenay Fenn- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Diary, 1899; Scrapbook on the Siege of Peking, 1900; photograph album.

RG08, Boxes 263-264: Ernest and Clarissa Forster- American Church Mission.
Scrapbooks and photographs of life in Nanking, 1937-1939, including details of Japanese occupation and atrocities.

RG08, Box 265: Ernest and Clarissa Forster
RG08, Box 70: Howard Galt- ABCFM, Peking.
The Internment Camp at Wei Hsien, 1943; and other writings.
RG08, Box 70: Sidney Gamble- YMCA, Peking.
Mimeographed letters, 1924-1927.
RG08, Box 73: Mary Porter Gamewell - Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of Methodist Episcopal Church.
Scrapbook history of Peking Station of WFMS, 1871-1926.

RG08, Box 91: Dorothy Grayson- Methodist Episcopal Church.
Memoir (Foochow, Kutien Fu), 1933-1949.
RG08, Box 250: Virginia Hebbert- American Church Mission, Anking, Anwhei.
Correspondence, 1947-1950; Writings; and Diary, 1949.

RG08, Box 96: Kate Hinman- ABCFM, Foochow.
Diaries, 1907-1932.

RG08, Box 97: Kate Hinman
Diaries, 1933 and 1937.

RG08, Box 103: Anna Jarvis- Methodist Episcopal Church.
Letters from Nanking, Peking and Foochow, 1920-1949, including material on the Japanese occupation of Nanking.
RG08, Box 107: Tracey Jones- YMCA/Methodist Episcopal Church.
The Girl Slavery System of Canton;Will China Have a Red Revolution?

RG08, Box 258: E F Knickerbocker- China Inland Mission, Ningpo, and American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Autobiography describing life in Ningpo, Chekiang Province, and diaries, 1909-10.

RG08, Box 258: E F Knickerbocker
Diaries, 1910-1913

RG08, Box 258: E F Knickerbocker
Diaries, 1913-1916

RG08, Box 113: Lucy Lee- American Church Mission, Anking.
An American Sojourn in China, 1902-27.
RG08, Box 113: Thomas Lee- Lutheran United Mission.
Mimeographed circular letters from Honan, 1947-1949, and Hong Kong, 1949-53 describing life in China before and after the Revolution.

RG08, Box 137: A W March- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Diary of a Prisoner of War under Japan, 1941-1942, China to Darrow.
RG08, Box 236: Margaret Marston- American Church Mission.
Correspondence and reports from members of the Women’s Missionary Service League of the Chinese Church (Wuhu), 1934-1940, and from indigenous clergy (Shensi, Kiangsu, Hupeh, Hunan, Anhwei) and other materials.
RG08, Box 137: Emma Martin- Methodist Episcopal Church.
Diary during Siege of Peking, 1900.
RG08, Boxes 138-139: Harold Matthews- ABCFM, Tehsien, Tientsin, Foochow.
Seventy-five years of the American Board in North China, 1860-1935, writings about Foochow Mission and Biographical details.

RG08, Box 266: Emily Case Mills- American Presbyterian Mission, North Ginling College, Nanking.
Correspondence and collected documents, 1925-1927, and writings. Much on Nanking Incident, 1927.
RG08, Box 141: Samuel Mills- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Autobiography describing life in Weihsien, Tengchow Sung, 1911-1933.
RG08, Box 281: Edward H Munson- YMCA, Foochow, Shanghai.
Correspondence and reports from YMCA representatives in China, 1937-1938. There is much on Nanking and Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese war including reports from Eugene Barnett, George Fitch, C W Petitt, John H D Rabe and S K Tien.
RG08, Box 144: Augustus Nasmith- American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society, Chekiang.
The Interesting Life of the Ordinary Missionary, 1912-1949.

RG08, Box 153: Martha Parker- Church of the Brethren Mission.
(Pingtingchow, Shansi and Tzechung, Szechuan).
The Story of the Church of the Brethren in China, 1932 to 1950 .
RG08, Box 159: Margaret Prentice- Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of Methodist Episcopal Church, Isabella Fisher Hospital, Tientsin, Hopei.
Unwelcome at the North East Gate - includes an account of her imprisonment and later internment at Weihsien, 1941-43.

RG08, Boxes 299-301: Alvin Pierson Parker- Methodist Episcopal Church South, Soochow, Shanghai.
Diaries, 1879, 1887-1894, 1896-1899.

RG08, Boxes 299-301: Alvin Pierson Parker
Diaries, 1900-1907.

RG08, Boxes 299-301: Alvin Pierson Parker
Diaries, 1908-1909, 1912-1915, 1917 and 1920.

RG08, Boxes 299-301: Alvin Pierson Parker
Diaries, 1921-1924; History of China; and biographical information.

RG08, Box 163: Alice Reed- ABCFM, Tehchow Sung.
Excerpts from correspondence, 1920-40.
RG08, Box 236: August Reinhard Houlding- South Chihli Mission (1904-18), Milton Stewart Evangelistic Funds (1920-1921, 1925-1934), independent missionary in Shanghai (1936-1940), Shanghai Hebrew Mission (1940-43).
RG08, Box 172: Olga Robinson- ABCFM, Lintsing, Tunghsien, 1926-1941. Autobiography.
RG08, Box 188: Ella Shaw - EFMS, Nanking.
History of her work in Nanking, 1887-1934.
RG08, Box 188: Ernest Shaw- ABCFM, Tunghsien, Peking, 1912-1951.
Letters from Peking and travel journal.
RG08, Box 188: Elizabeth Shrader- ABCFM, Foochow.
Writings and papers, 1929-1942, including: Canopy of Heaven; Baby & a Bamboo Chair; The Chinese Renaissance & the Christian Missionary and other items.
RG08, Box 188: Horace and Gertrude Sibley- China Inland Mission.
All the Days of Our Life. Describes work in Shae-ki-tien Ho. (1890), Laohokow Hup (1892-99, 1902) and Ku Cheng (1903-11).
RG08, Box 188: John A Silsby- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Letters and diary excerpts (1887-1890’s, 1913, 1926) describing life in Shanghai.

RG08, Box 195: Mabelle Smith- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Notes on missionary work in Ningpo, 1894-1936; Diaries, 1928-1942.

RG08, Box 195: Mabelle Smith
Diaries, 1944-1952
RG08, Box 200: Adelia Starrett- YMCA/Methodist Episcopal Church.
Writings and papers, 1933-34, including:Pioneering in West China; and an account of the Japanese attack on Hong Kong.
RG08, Box 203: David Tappan- American Presbyterian Mission, North.
Reminiscences of experiences at Canton Civil Assembly Centre, 1943.
RG08, Box 203: Mary Treudley- Ginling College, Nanking.
The Personal Experiences of C Stanley Smith During the Looting of the Foreign Sections of Nanking, 1927; and Realities in an unreal world.

RG08, Box 236: Jesse and Clara Wolfe- Methodist Episcopal Church/ABCFM.
Our China. Describes work in Takuhsien, Shansi (1912-1922), Tientsin, Chihli (1923- 1925), and at Cheloo University, Tsinan, Shantung (1928-1935) and Peking University (1936-1940).
RG08, Box 221: Harry and Zela Worley- Methodist Episcopal Church, Foochow.
Correspondence, 1931-1932; Correspondence, 1940-1945; Correspondence, 1946-1949; Correspondence, 1950-1953, 1955; Notes from my diary, 1941; Notes on reports of conferences with Premier Chou En-Lai regarding the church; Material on Methodist Centennial;One Hundred Years Planting; Anglo-Chinese College High School, 1934.
RG08, Box 222: Elizabeth Wright YMCA, Peking.
Memoirs of life in Peking, 1919-1948.


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