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Manuscript Records of Traders, Travellers, Missionaries & Diplomats, 1792-1942

Part 5: Manuscript Diaries and Papers from the China Records Project at Yale Divinity Library

This project offers the diaries, journals, letters, photographs and scrapbooks of a host of businessmen, tourists, scholars, missionaries, doctors, journalists and diplomats from the first British mission to China in 1792-1794 through to the mid 20th century.   All are in English and they are an ideal group of sources for student project work.

Parts 4 & 5 are drawn from the China Records Project archives at Yale Divinity School Library. These cover many aspects of life in China, 1871-1951: historical, political, cultural and religious.

Part 5 covers five substantial collections.  These are:

  • Robert Bartlett’s  unpublished manuscripts of Chinese Revolutionaries, and Jimmy Yen - Humanitarian of the Century, written c1985.
  • The letters, diaries and writings of Willard and Ellen Beard, who served the YMCA in Fukien province, 1905-1910.
  • The 17 volume diary of Arthur Judson Brown (1856-1963) who surveyed Presbyterian missions in Asia following the Boxer Rebellion, 1901-02 & 1909, in his capacity as General Secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions.  We also include his correspondence regarding missions, 1906-28.
  • The remarkable Campbell family archive, documenting two generations of missionaries in China from 1880 to 1951. This material is especially strong for South China.
  • The records of Elsie Clark Krug, a faculty member at Hwa Nan College, Foochow, 1912-1918.


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