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Manuscript Records of Traders, Travellers, Missionaries & Diplomats

Part 8: The Papers of Rewi Alley (1897-1987) from the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

REEL 124


Rewi Alley Papers, MS-Group-0809:

MS-Papers-6533-336                   Diary, 1951.
MS-Papers-6533-337                   Diary, 1951-1952.
MS-Papers-6533-338                   Diary, 1952.
MS-Papers-6533-339                   Diary, 1952.
MS-Papers-6533-340                   Diary, 1952-1955.
MS-Papers-6533-341                   Diary, 1977.

REEL 125

MS-Papers-6533-349              Diary, 1953-1960.

MSX-5268                             Diary, 1949.
MSX-5269                             Diary, 1950.
MSX-5271                             Diary, 15 November 1951-17 April 1952.
MSX-5272                             Diary, 1961.

REEL 126

MSX-5273                             Diary, 31 October 1966-15 January 1968.
MSX-5277                             Diary, 1968.
MSX-5278                             Diary, 1969-1970.
MSX-5279                             Diary, 1970.
MSX-5280                             Diary, 1971.
MSX-5281                             Travel Diary, 1971.
MSX-5282                             Diary, 1972.

REEL 127

MSX-5283                             Diary, 1973.
MSX-5284                             Diary, 1974.
MSX-5285                             Diary, 1975.
MSX-5287                             Diary, 1976.

REEL 128

MSX-5288                             Diary, 1979.
MSX-5289                             Diary, August 1980-January 1981.
MSX-5290                             Diary, 1981.

REEL 129

MSX-5291                             Diary, 1982.
MSX-5292                             Diary, 1983.
MSX-5293                             Diary, 1984.

REEL 130

MSX-5294                             Diary, 1985.             

Harold Winston Rhodes Papers, MS-Papers-0424:

MS-Papers-0424-07                     Diary, 18 October 1935-30 March 1936.
MS-Papers-0424-08                     Diary, March 1934, November-December 1938.

Diaries and Other Notes

Rewi Alley Papers, 74-047:

74-047-1/11                           Autobiographical notes and thoughts, c1962.
74-047-2/22                           Biographical notes and Indusco table, 1940-1952.
74-047-3/12                           Outward correspondence and loose-leaf diary, with                                                  article on Hwichow, and photographs, 1934-1936.

Travel Notes

Rewi Alley Papers, MS-Group-0809:

MS-Papers-6533-350                   Notes on Fukien Province, 1975.
MS-Papers-6533-351                   Notes on the northern borders and the Pohai                                                           Kingdom, c1969.
MS-Papers-6533-352                   Notes on Pinghsiang in Kiangsi, c1969.
MS-Papers-6533-353                   Notes on Mount Chang Bai Shan, c1969.
MS-Papers-6533-354                   Notes on Shantung Province, c1969.

REEL 131

MS-Papers-6533-355                   Notes on Tibet, c1969.
MS-Papers-6533-356                   Notes on Chengchow, Honan County, 1972.
MS-Papers-6533-357                   Notes on Yunnan, [c1969], 1958.
MS-Papers-6533-358                   Notes on Shansi Province, 1967.
MS-Papers-6533-359                   Notes on Kwantung Province, 1968-1974.
MS-Papers-6533-360                   Notes on Liaoning Province, c1972.
MS-Papers-6533-361                   Notes on Peking and environs, c1954-1972.
MS-Papers-6533-362                   Notes on Peking and environs, c1954-1972.
MS-Papers-6533-363                   Notes on Sichuan Province, c1969-1980.
MS-Papers-6533-364                   Notes on Ningxia Province, c1969-1973.
MS-Papers-6533-365                   Notes on Chekian Province, c1969-1973.
MS-Papers-6533-366                   Notes on Hubei Province, c1969-1980.
MS-Papers-6533-367                   Notes on Hainan Province, c1978-1983.
MS-Papers-6533-368                   Notes on Beidaihe, c1973-1985.
MS-Papers-6533-369                   Notes on Shansi Province, c1973-1985.
MS-Papers-6533-370                   Notes on Anhwei Province, c1969-1973.

REEL 132

MS-Papers-6533-371                   Notes on Tientsin, 1975.
MS-Papers-6533-372                   Notes on Shanghai, 1934-1969.
MS-Papers-6533-373                   Notes on Shanghai, 1934-1973.
MS-Papers-6533-374                   Notes on Gansu, c1954-1973.
MS-Papers-6533-375                   Notes on Guangxi, 1968-1978.
MS-Papers-6533-376                   Notes on Sinkiang, 1973-1978.
MS-Papers-6533-377                   Notes on Jiangsu Province, c1967-1974.
MS-Papers-6533-378                   Notes on Hebei Province, c1969-1983.
MS-Papers-6533-379                   Notes on Hebei Province, c1969-1983.

MS-Papers-6533-390                   Pamphlet drafts - China's southwestern border,

MS-Papers-6533-391                   Pamphlet drafts - Vietnam, c1967.
MS-Papers-6533-392                   Pamphlet drafts - China's far western border,


REEL 133


Rewi Alley Papers, 74-047:

74-047-2/14                           Correspondence, 1927-1946. Inward                                                                     correspondence to Rewi Alley, mainly relating to                                                    official business. Includes 2 draft letters from Rewi                                                  Alley to Edgar Snow and an interesting letter to                                                     Mme Chiang Kai-Shek dated 8 November 1945.
74-047-3/04                           Correspondence, 1941-1953. This is mainly about                                                  the article in an American newspaper, written by                                                  Edgar Snow, discussing Rewi Alley's workin China,                                               which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on 8                                                  February 1941.
74-047-3/06                          Outward correspondence, 1926-1927. Mainly letters                                               from Rewi Alley to his parents with early impressions                                               of China.
74-047-3/07                          Outward correspondence, 1928. Mainly letters

                                            from Rewi Alley to his parents with early impressions

                                            of China.
74-047-3/08                           Outward correspondence, 1929. Mainly letters from

                                             Rewi Alley to his parents with early impressions of

74-047-3/09                           Correspondence, 1930.  Mainly letters by Rewi Alley

                                             to his mother and siblings. Also one letter from

                                             Chang Han Ling asking for assistance.
74-047-3/13                           Outward correspondence, 1935. Mainly letters from

                                             Rewi Alley to his familywith comments on the

                                             Japanese occupation.

Rewi Alley Papers, MS-Group-0809:

MS-Papers-6533-230                   Letters from Rewi Alley to Ida Pruitt, 1954-1964.
MS-Papers-6533-231                   Letters from Rewi Alley to Ida Pruitt, 1954-1964.

REEL 134

MS-Papers-6533-232                   Letters from Rewi Alley to Ida Pruitt, 1961-1971.
MS-Papers-6533-659                   Letters from Rewi Alley to Ida Pruitt, 1968-1969.
MS-Papers-6533-092                   Letters from Rewi Alley to Jack Ewen,1967-1978.

                                                  Some of these mention the “Gang of Four”.

Articles by and about Rewi Alley (published and unpublished)

Rewi Alley Papers, 74-047:

74-047-1/09                           Articles and propagandist writings about Indusco Inc,
                                             Co-operative management and Rewi Alley’s work                                                    for industrial revival in China, 1948. Publications                                                     include Shantan Bailie School 1948, New Defence, a                                                 journal of 30,000 industrial co-operatives                                                                movement of China (dated 1939), and an issue of                                                   China Monthly Review (January 1952).
74-047-1/10                           Newspaper extract, article and drawings about                                                       Industrial Co-operatives Movement and Rewi Alley’s                                                work for industrial revival in China, nd, 1947, and                                                  1936.
74-047-1/13                           Articles by Rewi Alley reprinted from the China                                                        Journal, 1935-1938.
74-047-1/14                           Articles by Rewi Alley reprinted from the China                                                      Journal, 1936-1938.
74-047-2/19                           Newspaper clippings, articles and reports about                                                     Indusco Inc, including inspection reports and one                                                    telegram, 1935-1948.

REEL 135
Rewi Alley Papers, MS-Group-0809:

MS-Papers-6533-380            Australians in Hainan during World War II, c1969-1983.
MS-Papers-6533-381            Addresses and messages to the New Zealand-China

                                          Society, 1970-1987.
MS-Papers-6533-382            Articles on prominent Chinese revolutionaries,

MS-Papers-6533-383            Articles on Americans in China, c1970-1987.
MS-Papers-6533-384            Articles on Dr B K Basu and Hans Mueller, c1986,

                                          concerning medical units and hospital work.
MS-Papers-6533-385            Speech notes for international conferences,

MS-Papers-6533-386            Articles describing international conferences,

MS-Papers-6533-387            Articles on children, c1962-1986.
MS-Papers-6533-388            Articles and stories on children, c1962-1986.
MS-Papers-6533-389            Pamphlet draft - Looking at Laos, c1968.
MS-Papers-6533-393            Draft article - People of the bear and fish, the Ainu of

                                          Japan, c1962-1968.
MS-Papers-6533-394            Draft article - Korea in the Summer of 1964, 1964.
MS-Papers-6533-395            Draft article - Three essays of Mao Tse Tung and their

                                          application to New Zealand, c1967.

REEL 136

MS-Papers-6533-396            Draft articles on the relationship of New Zealand with

                                          China and Asia in general, c1967.
MS-Papers-6533-397            Draft articles on the international situation, c1962-1967.
MS-Papers-6533-400            Draft articles on Chinese national minorities,

MS-Papers-6533-404            Articles on Chinese life and culture, c1955-1980.
MS-Papers-6533-405            Peking letters, 1954-1964.
MS-Papers-6533-406            Articles on China, c1960-1978.
MS-Papers-6533-407            Articles on Chinese education, c1966-1970.
MS-Papers-6533-408            Articles on Chinese medicine, c1966-1970.
MS-Papers-6533-409            Article on Chinese literature, 1969.
MS-Papers-6533-410            Articles on Chinese food production, c1966-1970.
MS-Papers-6533-411            Articles on Chinese cartoons, 1953-1954.
MS-Papers-6533-412            Articles on the Opium Wars, c1960-1970.

REEL 137

MS-Papers-6533-413            Some aspects of internationalism in China's struggle,

MS-Papers-6533-414            Articles on the Foreign Languages Press, Beijing,

MS-Papers-6533-415            Articles on the Cultural Revolution, c1967-1969.
MS-Papers-6533-416            Articles on industrial development in China,

MS-Papers-6533-417            Articles on China, c1967-1969.
MS-Papers-6533-418            Speech on China, given at Christchurch, 1965.
MS-Papers-6533-420            Speech given in New Zealand on China, 1965.
                                          (This includes discussion of development along Yangtze

                                          River and the idea of economic development as a way 

                                          of “bringing people together”.)

James Bertram Papers, MS-Group-0216:

93-103-03                           Speech by Rewi Alley commemorating the death of

                                          Edgar Snow, 15 February 1982. This item also includes

                                          some letters and the programme for Rewi Alley's visit

                                          to New Zealand in 1960, four photographs of

                                          Rewi Alley, and four greetings photograph booklets,

                                          1979, 1981, 1983, 1985.

Memories and Reminiscences

Memories of Alley

MS-Papers-5792               Typescript manuscript by Rewi Alley’s adopted son Alan -

                                       Duan Si Mou. This was written in 1996 and is in two parts.

                                       It comprises reminiscences by Alan in which he describes

                                       the following:
                                       (i) his experiences the first time he visited New Zealand

                                       and met his Christchurch family (1932)
                                       (ii) his experiences in China during the time Rewi Alley

                                       was working in Shanghai (1930-1937).

Printed Articles

(just the pages specified to cover the Rewi Alley articles and poems; cover page and contents page of the relevant issues are also included to provide context for
Rewi Alley’s articles).

From Eastern Horizon:

Vol I No 3, 1960. pp37-38.
Vol I No 8, 1961. pp28-31.
Vol I No 13, 1961. p19.
Vol II No 2, 1962. pp24-25.
Vol II No 3, 1962. pp64-65.
Vol II No 5, 1962. pp20-28.
Vol II No 9, 1963. pp21-23.
Vol II No 11, 1963. pp38-45.
Vol II No 12, 1963. pp39-47.
Vol II No 14, 1963. pp26-28.
Vol III No 1, 1964. pp14-18.
Vol III No 3, 1964. pp29-35.
Vol III No 4, 1964. pp24-30.
Vol III No 5, 1964. pp38-39.
Vol III No 6, 1964. pp17-22.
Vol III No 8, 1964. pp11-22.
Vol III No 9, 1964. pp25-30.
Vol III No 12, 1964. pp6-13 and pp36-37.
Vol IV No 2, 1965. pp23-28.
Vol IV No 3, 1965. pp18-22 and pp65-66.
Vol IV No 4, 1965. pp21-28.
Vol IV No 5, 1965. pp14-20.
Vol IV No 6, 1965. pp29-31.
Vol IV No 7, 1965. pp33-38.
Vol IV No 9, 1965. pp13-16.
Vol IV No 11, 1965. pp38-43.
Vol IV No 12, 1965. pp5-8 and pp61-63.
Vol V No 2, 1966. pp37-45.
Vol V No 3, 1966. pp41-45.
Vol V No 4, 1966. pp13-25 and pp60-61.
Vol V No 5, 1966. pp6-20.
Vol V No 7, 1966. pp35-39.
Vol V No 8, 1966. pp19-28.
Vol V No 9, 1966. pp37-44.
Vol V No 10, 1966. pp25-30.
Vol V No 11, 1966. pp12-19.
Vol V No 12, 1966. pp30-33.

REEL 138

From Eastern Horizon:

Vol VI No 1, 1967. pp16-26.
Vol VI No 2, 1967. pp6-13.
Vol VI No 3, 1967. pp25-40.
Vol VI No 4, 1967. pp6-17.
Vol VI No 5, 1967. pp6-18.
Vol VI No 6, 1967. pp33-40.
Vol VI No 7, 1967. pp32-44.
Vol VI No 8, 1967. pp29-43.
Vol VI No 9, 1967. pp10-21.
Vol VI No 10, 1967. pp5-17.
Vol VI No 11, 1967. pp6-20.
Vol VI No 12, 1967. pp22-36.
Vol VII No 1, 1968. pp40-41.
Vol VII No 2, 1968. pp5-19.
Vol VII No 3, 1968. pp26-41.
Vol VII No 4, 1968. pp6-21.
Vol VII No 5, 1968. pp7-22.
Vol VII No 6, 1968. pp6-18 and pp31-42.
Vol VIII No 1, 1969. pp17-33.
Vol VIII No 2, 1969. pp23-35.
Vol VIII No 3, 1969. pp8-22.
Vol VIII No 5, 1969. pp24-39.
Vol VIII No 6, 1969. pp16-32.
Vol IX No 1, 1970. pp12-28.
Vol IX No 2, 1970. pp7-38.
Vol IX No 3, 1970. pp45-55.
Vol IX No 4, 1970. pp36-45.
Vol IX No 5, 1970. pp18-28.
Vol IX No 6, 1970. pp9-33.
Vol X No 1, 1971. pp7-21.
Vol X No 2, 1971. pp37-48.
Vol X No 3, 1971. pp29-36.
Vol X No 4, 1971. pp17-26.
Vol X No 5, 1971. pp7-16.
Vol X No 6, 1971. pp23-35.
Vol XI No 1, 1972. pp6-20 and pp55-57.
Vol XI No 2, 1972. pp16-19 and pp39-47.
Vol XI No 3, 1972. pp27-33.
Vol XI No 4, 1972. pp32-45.
Vol XI No 5, 1972. pp11-24.
Vol XI No 6, 1972. pp7-30.
Vol XII No 2, 1973. pp15-32.
Vol XII No 3, 1973. pp18-30 and pp48-53.
Vol XII No 4, 1973. pp20-44.
Vol XII No 5, 1973. pp17-42.
Vol XII No 6, 1973. pp20-36.

From New Zealand Monthly Review:

Vol 1 No 1, May 1960. New Zealand Revisited. pp5-6.
Vol 1 No 2, June 1960. New Zealand Revisited. p14.
Vol 1 No 3, July 1960. New Zealand Revisited. p14.
Vol 1 No 4, August 1960. New Zealand Revisited. pp15-16.

From Voice of China:

Articles written under various different pen-names:
15 July 1936: pp11-13.
1 August 1936: pp15-17.
15 September 1936: pp12-13.
1 October 1936: pp8-9.
15 November 1936: pp8-9 and 18.
1 December 1936: pp8-9 and 17.
15 December 1936: pp3-4.

From New Zealand Potter:

Vol 6 No 2, December 1963. pp25-27.
Vol 7 No 2, February 1965. pp8-9.

From Here & Now:

Articles from the following issues: May 1952; September 1952; August 1953;
August 1954 and February/March 1955.

From Comment: A New Zealand Quarterly Review:

Vol 1 No 4, Winter 1960. China’s Economic Revolution. pp21-24.

From New Zealand Magazine: A Quarterly Journal  devoted to New Zealand Life and Current Topics:

Autumn 1949. Gung Ho: The Work and Thoughts of Rewi Alley. pp29-31.

From Landfall:

Vol 10 No 1, March 1956. Yangtze Gorges (poem). pp33-34.


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