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Complete classes from the CAB & PREM series in the Public Record Office
Series One: PREM 3 - Papers concerning Defence & Operational Subjects, 1940-1945, Winston Churchill, Minister of Defence, Secretariat Papers

Part 10: PREM 3/404-450
(Subject files cover SOE [Special Operations Executive], Spain, Submarines and Anti-Submarine Warfare, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tanks, Telecommunications, Torch, Trident, Turkey and United Nations)

  • Part 10 continues our coverage of Churchill’s wartime subject files.  The most significant files are on SOE (Special Operations Executive), Submarines and Anti-Submarine Warfare, Syria, Tanks, the Terminal Berlin Conference, Torch (The Allied Landings in North-West Africa), Trident (Washington Conference), Turkey and the United Nations.
  • The files on Tolstoy cover the Moscow Conference, Anglo-Soviet discussions in October 1944.
  • The SOE files cover Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, and look at strategy and objectives in terms of subversion and sabotage.
  • The papers of the Anti-Submarine Warfare Committee relate primarily to the need to win the Battle of the Atlantic, covering strategy and the value of escort vessels and aircraft in the anti U-boat campaign.
  • The files on Symbol cover the Casablanca Conference, December 1942 - January 1943.
  • Over 40 files cover Tank Production and other Armoured Vehicles, including material on Anti-Tank devices, guns and flamethrowers.
  • This Part concludes with a series of files on experiments with UP Rocket weapons.

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