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Complete classes from the CAB & PREM series in the Public Record Office
Series Three: CAB 128 & CAB 129 - Cabinet Conclusions &
Cabinet Memoranda, 1945 and following

Part 7: The Heath Government, June 1970 - March 1974
(CAB 128/47-53 and CAB 129/150-174)

This final part of Series Three brings together all the Cabinet minutes and memoranda of the Heath Government, June 1970-March 1974.

  • There are important papers on the Miners’ strike of 1972 and the resulting three-day week.
  • Material on Northern Ireland includes Bloody Sunday and William Whitelaw’s period as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
  • Other documents cover the difficulties in Anglo-American relations and the effects of the Yom Kippur War and the ensuing crisis in oil supplies.
  • There is much material on industrial unrest, the deterioration of the balance of payments in 1973, and the various stages of Heath’s counter-inflation policy, including the creation of the Price Commission and Pay Board.
  • The National Health Service Reorganisation Bill, controversial changes on immigration policy, the Icelandic Fisheries dispute, the Channel Tunnel project, the situation in Rhodesia, the fiasco over Concorde, the Robens Report on Health and Safety at Work and the revised Defence Estimates of 1973 are all well covered.

This microfilm set allows researchers to make a full assessment of the policies pursued by the Heath Government.

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