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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Series One: Women, Travel & Empire, 1660-1914
Part 3: Women and the Orient

Parts 2 and 3 of Series One address the theme of Women and ‘The Orient’ and record women traveller's impressions of harem culture, life in the Middle East, and exotic experiences in China and Japan. They show clearly that there is not one 'orientalist' view but a whole range of overlapping views that need to be carefully examined.

This third part contains 69 works by 45 authors including Sarah Lushington, Harriet Martineau, Melek-Hanum, Ellen Miller, Judith Montefiore, Georgina Muller, Julia Pardoe, Mrs Pickersgill, Isabella Romer, Lady Hester Stanhope, Ella Sykes, Lady Catherine Tobin, Demetra Vaka, Mary Whately, Marianne Young and Amy Zwemer.

The works cover the period from 1822 to 1920 and describe life and society in Egypt, Syria, Iran (Persia), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, the Crimea, Greece, India, China, Japan, and Tibet.

Sample titles include 'Thirty Years in the Harem', 'Alone Through Syria', 'Domestic Life in Palestine', 'Among the huts in Egypt', 'Our Moslem Sisters', and 'Child life in China'.


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