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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Series Three: Colonial Fiction, 1650-1914

Part 3: General Works and Fiction from India from the British Library, London

One of the greatest problems facing courses in colonial and post-colonial literature is the scarcity of source materials.  This project seeks to remedy that problem.

Series Three, Parts 1-3 are devoted to the literature of India. Part 3 will cover a further c100 titles, dating from 1811 to 1920. 

  • Once again there are many rare imprints from Allahabad, Benares, Bombay, Calcutta, Lahore, Madras and Serampore.  These volumes were received by India Office Library and now form part of the British Library collections.
  • All manner of figures in Indian society are written about, from the Baboo to the Missionary, and from the unwilling wife to the exotic dancer.
  • There are accounts of life in the Zenana, mixed marriages, anarchist plots, imperial heroes and their Indian counterparts.
  • There is an especially rich collection of fiction and narratives describing the Indian 'Mutiny' - from both British and Indian writers.

Taken together these three parts form an incredible research library - providing nearly 300 works of poetry, fiction, drama, and history describing life in India from the 18th through to the 20th century.

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