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Original Records of Western Traders, Travellers, Missionaries and Diplomats to 1852

Part 4: East India Company: Ship's logs, ledgers and receipt books, 1605-1701, from the British Library, London

Many researchers are very interested in the early history of the East India Company. In response to the need for archival sources in this area, this project makes available all the East India Company log books, ledgers and receipt books for 1605-1701 held by the British Library. There are 171 volumes covering voyages to the East Indies (usually Surat and Bantam), Japan, China and India.  They are all written in a very clear hand and are in very good condition. Some contain excellent topographical sketches and illustrations.

These ships' logs are a rich, under-used source, documenting the early hazardous voyages, the industry and audacity of the sailors and merchants involved, the types of cargoes carried and the pioneering contacts with far-flung trading communities.

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