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Series One: The Papers of William Stanley Jevons, 1835-1882, from the John Rylands University Library of Manchester

"William Stanley Jevons was one of the central figures in what has come to be known as 'The Marginal Revolution', a watershed in the history of nineteenth century economic thought, marking the close of classical political economy and the beginning of modern marginalist economics.  But he was much more than that.  He was also an important philosopher of science, a pioneer in the theory of index numbers, a forerunner of the modern theory of real business cycles, an historian and a stalwart defender of mathematical economics and a brilliant economist whose forecast of the decline of Britain's industrial leadership and the rise of economic power has lessons to teach even today".           
Mark Blaug, Consultant Editor

A British economist who produced much of his most important work during a five year period in Sydney, Australia (1853-1858), Jevons merits study as one of the pivotal figures of Victorian social science. This collection covers all aspects of his polymathic interests and includes his Diaries and Notebooks, 1845-1862, Research Files and Letters.

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