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Series Three: The Papers of Carl Menger, 1840-1921, from the William R Perkins Library, Duke University

Part 1: Notebooks, Notes on Economic Principles & Notes on Money

"Looking into the notebooks of 1867-68 one has the impression that Menger plunged deep into the heap of economic literature from the beginning with an idea, though still vague, of his own value theory in mind.  Most pages of the notebooks are occupied by excerpts and summaries made from a wide range of literature relating to the thory and concepts of economics.  However, Menger tried to formulate his own theoretical position in several places.  The first formulation of his value theory appeared in the second notebook dated September 18 [1867]."   Kiichiro Yagi, Kyoto University

Carl Menger was the founder of the Austrian school of marginal analysis and was a leading figure in intellectual life in Vienna from 1872 to 1903.  Part 1 of this project makes available 62 notebooks from 1867 to 1920, giving us profound insights into what was being read in this period (and his thoughts on it all) and the development of his economic ideas.

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