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Series Three: The Papers of Carl Menger, 1840-1921, from the William R Perkins Library, Duke University

Part 2: Lectures, Notes on Methodology, Correspondence, Biographical Materials, Miscellanea & Printed Matter (including the annotated Grundsätze)

"The founder of the Austrian school of marginal analysis whose international influence was wider than that of his co-discoverers .... He was also the initiator and a major participant in the 'Methodenstreit' with the German Historical School."   
Mark Blaug, writing in 'Who's Who in Economics'

Part 2 covers Menger's lectures, notes on methodology, correspondence and printed materials. 

  • The lectures, 1872-1894, give us the vicarious pleasure of attending his classes in late 19th century Vienna;
  • The Notes on Methodolgy are vital for understanding his rigorous, empirical approach;
  • The correspondence includes exchanges with colleagues such as Sax, Schumpeter, Wieser, Mises, Böhm-Bawerk, Morgenstern, Philippovich and von Hayek;
  • The printed materials include annotated versions of key works, a catalogue of his library, rare articles, news-clippings and records of student unrest.

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