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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Following the success of Eighteenth Century Journals II, we are responding to customer demand and enlarging the series by digitising our popular microfilm collection Eighteenth Century Journals I. It is enriched with a dozen further titles which have been requested by scholars. For the first time, readers will be able to carry out full-text searches on all of these journals, revolutionizing access to the poems, essays, reviews and ideas that they contain.

This is drawn from the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. It brings together 76 rare journals printed between 1714 and 1799. The collection combines well-known publications with more minor works, offering users a wide-ranging view of eighteenth century publishing culture.

Authors represented include Joseph Addison, Henry Fielding, Horace Walpole, Richard Steele, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas Chatterton. Topics covered include law and policing; British colonial possessions; the South Sea Bubble, religion, female dress and the American and French revolutions; politics, marriage, and morality. A particular strength is eighteenth century drama, with over 19 titles relating to the theatre.

The collection offers students and scholars of the eighteenth century an opportunity to examine a variety of topical issues, and to compare a range of perspectives on the debates of the day. Accessible and easy to use, it will prove an invaluable addition to any library supporting studies of the eighteenth century.

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